Kanye West: The Making of The College Dropout
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Kanye West: The Making of The College Dropout

The making of the college dropout is brought to you by Skillshare the first 500 people to sign up will receive two months for free at the link in the description Eyes drooping barely being able to see Kanye was awoken by the sound of crashing glass Twisting metal and his jaw being broken and shoved into the back of his mouth. It was between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m And it was on his way from the studio. He fell asleep at the Confirmation Connie had just begun to get his big break before it all seemed to shatter in front of him It looked like it was all ending in just a few seconds today. I will hit him like in the jaw Crack all this man and his jaw was broken in three places. He was barely Conscious and he’s kept Sam. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry, but he knew if he could survive this accident hip-hop wouldn’t be the same again Everyone knows what Kanye ended up becoming and the riches that came with it But sometimes it’s hard to understand why in his early days very few believed in Kanye West It was a different time in hip-hop It was easier to make it if you had a story filled with drug dealing violence and everything that Kanye wasn’t he was just a normal guy trying to show the world that normal people had a voice – I was always rapping and It just so happened that really really phenomenal rappers got the rap on my B’s before I got a chance to People were here to stuff and I’d be like yo, um, do you have to rap on that one? if you don’t eyes his body from Having worked on jay-z’s The Blueprint album many wondered why Kanye couldn’t settle down and enjoy his spoils as a sought-after Producer his soul samples were taking the industry by storm But it wasn’t enough Kanye had a message to communicate a message of self empowerment. No, that’s my whole claim to fame. I was mr. H today, though It’s kind of but a person is competent is beaten. Have you claimed a family based on someone else’s name? Is that a isn’t that where I want to be for my entire life for people? Yo niggas I say what more could you want in life you I mean your producer you produce for the number one artist in the world? What more could you want I want to be honest If you can see them like busts out laughing Just to make it to the playoffs I’m trying to leave with the trophy I Was just always trying to figure out a way for me to be able to express myself a rap was the best way to express What was on your mind? me and my father sit up and talk about a lot of issues that need to be brought up but a lot of people that Have that instilled in them don’t know how to word it in a way where the public is receptive No matter how many people he showcased his music to? He would face rejection at every turn the constant resistance that he would face would bring tears of frustration to his eyes Gives you about to rap about I’ll be a man Later Scarface. I mean I just grab them out with the people in here. I Displayed it Connie I had a 15 track demo that he never hesitated to play for anyone. He crossed paths with in the industry Every second he got he plays them up in a rap about you. Never sold crack. Got your house They gonna be like these Came from the shop Kanye got the type of arrogance and ego That can point out flaws in your if you uncomfortable about yourself You’re gonna be mad at Kanye if you uncomfortable within yourself and not comfortable with the type of person you are when you see him boy It’s gonna make you mad cuz it makes you feel bad about yourself Cuz you wish that you could be that passionate about anything in your life as he has about his music you see that you like I Wish I could be that passionate but I can’t because I’m just a sucker. I didn’t pay attention to him Evan I think that he was About to be a producer. We just want some hot beats at the time be honest with you They’re like stick to making beats. Don’t nobody want to hear you rap. We just want your beat you gotta Find me a producer my beaches back and one fuck dog. I wonder the only heaven happy I’ve learned how to make hot beats I’m focusing on rapping that I’m beautiful Best and I’m talking with these and I got a 1-up because I just hear my feets verse he believed Much that he was gonna get a record deal He dropped out of school total my finish school and I started my home bitch They say oh you graduate, you know, I decided I was finished. Let’s turn this class clown shit to crazy. Jeez I told my mom I think he bipolar I had a didi Connie would seem to be getting his big break when he was in talks for a deal with Capitol Records But his brazen confidence and his in-your-face persona made them hesitant He gets flown out to Columbia Records. He meets with the executive Michael Mauldin. He wouldn’t act like Jermaine Dupri person he was talking about was Michael’s son, and he didn’t know it I told The NRA I was like, yo, man, I’ll be bigger than Michael Jackson. I’m be bigger than tomato pre needless to say Kanye didn’t get the deal like Capital and said yo capital pull it on the deal. You used to feel like I call. Ji-hye severe you think we can still get that deal rockefeller behind a desk No mo is what’s us cuz you can’t dress no mo after losing his chance with capital Kanye stopped going out Hunkered down and got to work. It was the only way to get past being rejected by creating opportunities I played a hand. I was Dale I changed my cause I kinda used to say things to me too I used to be like this out of his mind But then three years later it came true and I didn’t know what I was talking like. He would say like I’m the best-dressed Rapper I’m about to start this fashion line. I’m like you need to get a deal for us Like used to be like yeah, I’ll keep my second album late registration after I dropped this college dropout, Troy I might do just hey mama song that’s gonna be the single and I’m just like second album Eventually like when I came out I started hanging around dead prez minutes to do the one thing about music when they hit you feel no pain and they showed me how to put It that I knew in my heart and my rest they still make it sound cool Right because I never knew how to make it sound cool I already know how to make I got a lot of jury out figure of sound cool And I was able to bring more of myself because I had a lotta instilled in behind I found myself rapping more in that vein. Well, that’s why I kind of found my reps down And okay now She was be calling me a backpack forever, but it ain’t the most folks It’s the white folks the part is over here with boats and tank votes with get it was outside It’s because the Kings get rid of us. They selling a crack kiss open and follow me to time I feel my dream is subtitles sake things that mean things behind me club titles Kanye wanted to send a message But he didn’t want to be put in the box of being a conscious backpack rapper either. I guess they classified There’s being a backpack on I was thought there like they was like hater rappers Is a wreck it’s grating the dumb Punk later fails to be a backpacker town’ fat Kanye showed how he was able to unify street and conscious hip-hop one of the best showcases of how this worked out was two words Featuring mos def and freeway. I feel like most helped me get my record deal Like I did a song with him, which is my first single and it’s a two-word joint. That’s crazy It’s me hemming and freeway and I had a bunch of crazy songs would but when Dame heard that he was like Yo who changed one ways to gets wrong? Call 20 planks Buffay Give me that I am limelight blueprint five mics go get his rhyme Like it should’ve been signed twice most imitated grammy-nominated Hotel accommodated cheerleader prom dated your barbershop play Every demographic like man, hopefully I get the girls the little kids to older people to on the streets backpackers all that, you know It’s okay You trying to tell me because most def and quality. Don’t buy jewelry That they are more hip-hop than jay-z or what’s quote-unquote real hip-hop. I feel like I’m a bridge the gap I’m gonna be one of the people that help bridge the gap with hip-hop I’m the gap like Banana Republic an old maybe I forget just one thought I don’t believe in psychic as he came to me He’s like kill your job in life is to go out to find new things Like going out and doing it so For many it would be surprising to see Kanye soon become a shining beacon for the Rockefeller family He was almost there it always never seemed like I could be at the rock because Of my subject matter and everything and he’s not in the same exact vein as the rappers that Shaw used to him But now we expand and Young said the only person who was really kanya lyrically was like 3/8 from capitalist atomic they never really see his vision as an artist at But when he would come in a studio rap and he would rap all night and all day, but the rats would be done Sometimes they be too much like too much about fashion to women sometimes but they would always dope Always don’t like it’s like I could see why people didn’t think he could wrap Dame – was another one of the few who began to truly realize Kanye’s value at this time He ended up becoming Kanye’s advocate and eventually got him signed to Rockefeller Showing the world that this artist was more than a producer one day. I’m playing this stuff I just I just want to play some songs of a baseline and cameras in the studio Just to see like man is if my stuff worthy of playing at around these people yet. I played it damn her He was like no don’t it’s that evil wack. It’s that way. It’s kind of dope. Actually. It’s kinda odd Is it James wheels were turning and he began thinking about how Wes could fit into the world of the rock? Like y’all on China you need to be okay. Anyway, he wants to let our little good beats Get away He’s cold product like a star just going into the rest of what my career is about to be right now Kanye finally got his deal and this piece right here. Yeah. I mean y’all know what this is me. I’ve seen it so this specific one is the L shit right here with Yellow diamonds the Canaries and I was in Chicago and in Hope just brought me out after harder city city oh, you got to make it announcement and I just grabbed the mic and I said When the train was put on him he transformed It’s gonna get me like they got big cuz I moved up doctor City you got big That’s the poison that runs through the veins and the text. They stolen just stop the Tamara It’s talking so much bit about me of barbershops. They forget to get their hair cut Cuz the hip-hop G the blueprint and then I’m over here with the opportunity to Get my music out which is what I wanted since third grade young say it was his belief in himself and his Independent vision that drew and others to embrace his movement. I Look to somebody else Don’t know other men. Oh no other man For granted something from no me It was thought that Kanye would produce a compilation album filled with contributions from the entire roster at least That’s what Dame thought but Kanye spent a lot of time making his own album He fought hard not to be put into a box, and he wasn’t going to give up now Now what if Michael doing the SATA stick to baseball and jay-z decided to stick to crap? Just Blaze SATA stick to edge there and it kinda never decided to bet but I Was gonna deal on the hottest weapon little brown. Anyone talking about coking Birds was morally smoked where something is burning, please Kanye was certain that his debut album would make the world to fall in love with him He just has a feeling and you know He runs with that feeling but that’s the same energy that created a college dropout college dropout drop stuff out. It was released February 10 2004 Kanye’s debut album the college dropout was a spirited project promoting the philosophy of believing in yourself against all odds and Refusing to conform to society’s standards. What what what college dropout? Why name your album. Kylie’s grandpa You gotta follow what’s in your heart, right? You know, my mother was head of the English department. So it was really Do they drop out of college right? You know what Says, hey, you’re not working. You’re not making any money. You said you’d look at my decrees and you look at my life Yeah to show, you know about focus I could I could make a better way for myself. Sometimes delving into more serious subject matter Kanye would have lyrics speaking highly of the revolutionary values that his father and mother represented I come from a family where you know mom grandfather was the first to drive a car in the Martha I came from a military family the political activity was all about making sure that whatever it was not just became just We blow up very aware of racism in this country And I was even arrested at the tender age of six for sitting in demonstrating at a lunch counter at Oklahoma City Where white folks ain’t wanted The college dropout was an album that featured every aspect of West’s personality all of the duality and contradictions He was talking about as well as his social messages were mixed into this soulful blend of hip-hop That was a breath of fresh air for many listeners Always said if I rap I say something significant But now I’m talking about money hoes and rims again like I want to do what’s right. Yo Sam But I’m a human being like okay, I guess I was like Jesus walks with me Jesus walks was one of the earliest tracks that Kanye would showcase that ended up on the college dropout Do you know what the Midwest is Jean Kim restless Restless? Jesus walk was on him the resident a mile Every I know You can’t rap about Jesus can have that you know in your song Nobody wants to hear that people are jesus walks as is then pass one signing him Pass blatantly pass Kanye would even get laughed at for performing Jesus walks for other artists behind his back of course, but then I got songs That’s like I need to know you down to do whatever down to get topless, baby I need yo, I’m saying like I’m a man I’m a human being people feel like an artist they be like yo If you were artists you can only rap about this one subject. You just popped I’m confused as a black man. A lot of times artists come into the aspect that they that confused about who they are Whatever and then you always hear about man, I love the album, but she a hypocrite or he’s a hypocrite I know that is more than one side to me There was one song that became one of the most important milestones in Kanye’s life It was one of those kind of moments that defines a person’s character and worldview, but that song had to be birthed out of pain He has several surgeries his face Was like way way out here when I walked into that hospital room. I wouldn’t have even known my own son had he not said His face was so swollen the doctors. They wired his mouth shut. I was like, well, that’s far as wrapping He was barely talking no matter how grim his reality looked Connie refused to let his injuries Take away his shot at success. The accident was like one of those life-changing Events you were there throughout all that time as well when the accident happened, you know I got to call it high antioxidant bullying on my floor So I called his mom and when we talking and then next thing I know Kanye called me I’m like doing you strange they wired up but look what he like this thankful. You know, I got this song Oh, you got this song. They started wrapping the to the wire to me. I said Oh slowly I’ll make sure that you didn’t broke your drug. You like very strong images wrapping it. I’m like this dude is crazy Westwood brainstorm ideas for his album on his hospital bed to nearly lose your life to literally lose your mouth Your voice is a career as a rapper You hold your face that bright look at it thinks it’s normal but I feel very self-conscious about certain things looking out my mouth like it looks like He can’t even see my bottom teeth or I’ll talk ladies only you always see the top and that’s not how it used to be Especially if I’m wrong I got to get like Michael Jackson and bring my own writing text Because I just see the but the second is able to speak your according through the wires I recorded the song through the wire two weeks later with my mouth still wired shut I felt like even if the song didn’t blow up that once other songs did blow up which I knew they would People would just look back and say man, do you miss first saw you recorded it what is now fly it shut In shield the desert somebody order pancakes I’d the dip the scissor it sounded like it hurt when he rapped Thank God for the situation and I’m in you know It’s like we turned the worst thing it to the best thing through why I seem like is the worst thing that could have possibly happened to me and now It’s obviously the best thing the kind of exploded and it made people kid and made people realize that I was a human being Inspired and full of music Connie. I worked on releasing a mixtape to build hype for his upcoming album The college dropout wasn’t finished yet and Kanye needed a time to heal Don See when Kanye and Jon put together a mixtape It was called get well soon and it had through the wire along with various different songs. He’d actually produced It was sick cake Kanye’s inventive music video for through the wire Visually told the story of his recovery through a Polaroid like aesthetic do the Wyatt who came up with the concept for the video I can’t hold the concert for the video, right? You’re very proud of that video. It sounds like dude Let’s put ours in Polaroid and not to be you know, that’d be ear you like right? Let’s do a whole video like that So I went into this editor and this first Kanye came in he was like, dude This is crazy. And it was just the edit and then we just you know placed our placing the pieces in the Polaroid we realized this is the best way to do is to build the boy take a picture of it and they have Scanned in and that’s how we did the cool Kinda put up 40 grand out of his pocket and we shot a video I was proud of you know, because it was something I would’ve did and ya know at the time no one was listening so he did what he had to do music video budgets would be much easier to get in Kanye’s future his visual taste would only Grow as he would develop some of the most memorable music videos of his generation definitely force Rockefellers hand. I think they all Acknowledged that they had a real superstar through the wire would not be the only hit with listeners Of course many more would soon follow the Kanye loved collaboration and found something in actor Jamie Foxx Who had displayed his singing skills? Occasionally throughout his career at Lotus party and a kid walks in backpack on JA little swollen At my house party and this was a different kind of different wait, listen, nobody knows it right. Nobody knows this guy I say yo they say you rap man. Just do do a freestyle that kills everything. It was good I said, oh my god you incredible. How come you’re not doing? Music? Hah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m trying to I Got a song for you I said for me Light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson got it. Dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson house. What got a studio in the back He says the song go like this. She says she want some Marvin Gaye some evangelist I think I got it Kanye. He doesn’t anybody know yet She say she won’t some man. I’m doing all you might be something. You know, he was Kanye he went Don’t do it. I said what he said I said, but you know, I got the thing. Oh, yeah, but he’s odd It’s hip. I just just just follow me. So in my mind, I’m thinking I’m thinking this song is wack He’s never gonna make it I’ll do the song Anyway, I leave I do a bad movie for six weeks I come back So I come back and they said you remember that song sail away. It’s me And that’s how I got in the music He was playing me college dropout songs that he had been working on up to and they were only like two weeks left in production before the deadline for it to turn in and Spaceships came on and I’m just casually I’m driving and I just start riffing on top of spaceships He said stop that cuz running back do that again, and I just start ripping over it. He’s like that’s what I’ve been one That’s it. He said next Monday. I’m gonna bring you out to LA we go to the studio I need you to do what you just did in the studio on this song So the following week we were in the studio working on spaceships. We finished that and then he’s like Let’s see what else you can do. And so I remember how that part with All falls down was an enduring song that Kanye has continued to perform live and it was actually written in 15 minutes after Kanye received a burst of inspiration from dead prez He was perfecting the whole concept of how to write a cool song with a message All falls down was titled self conscious in its early stages When one of the hip-hop artists ever make a song called self conscious, you know I’m saying she like and I just stay down her and do hair cuz that’s enough money to buy her a few pairs of new s cuz The baby daddy don’t really care. She’s so precious with the peer pressure couldn’t afford a car. So she named her daughter Alexis That lie was just too good that I was too good that I was too good Way out of jail, but we can’t buy freedom. It’s not a regular producer Rob. I told you that before man It initially contained a sample from Lauryn Hill’s mystery of iniquity But things got a little complicated when it came time to clear the sample now on the on the most bootleg joint in a minute It’s a song with Lauryn Hill Is it on now? Well, she cleared the publishing for it and she never said no to clean her voice But just when it was time to master albums, she hadn’t said yes and enough time I only want to play with that right, you know, so we get a Syleena Johnson from Chicago I know people like oh no Nora, but Selena Selena did a thing on it I’m very happy Selena version is so loud. I went back and read my verses Yeah, I think it takes a song to even a whole nother level 12 Dilla by John crackhead bike rack and the white man get paid An equality album needs a quality album cover and a perfectionist like Kanye I didn’t need to be reminded of that Kanye needed something more expressive than just having a picture of his face I felt like this said the college dropout in itself, you know a Mascot were to say then. You usually see mascots jumping up and down hyped up. So you see a mascot like salt y’all never Finish with this sure with this right and then like I put the Angels on here because Even before the accident was especially after actually, you know, I say the song feel like I must have an angel right, you know I really got into angels are start tattooing on my body Slow gems became an instant number-one record And just like Kanye knew it would that song that everyone turned down Jesus walks became a smash hit and one of the most memorable songs of the 2000s. He was certified platinum The album went multi-platinum it was Kanye West pandemonium. He instantly became the number one talked about thing in music That’s his hip-hop. But in music and when he played me dead college dropout or The Electric Circus tour common I will tell anybody willing to listen, I’d be like Kanye West got the next classic Remember when you first heard the deal about it remember when you first heard? Oh nice town, you gonna feel like that about Kanye West people would be like really Make these oh and was outrageous it was outrageous Groundbreaking was nominated for 10 grands the accolades the numbers simply pointed to the obvious the college dropout Was everything Kanye said it would be and more but it spoke to so many different people across the world a young man Who told the underdog story of reaching independence? Achieving his creative aspirations and speaking up for the common man was what hip-hop needed But at the same time they got a brazenly confident man who loved fashion love spending money and loved women He felt like he passed a certain part of The test he felt vindicated because a lot of people said that he’d never do it. He pulled the wrong the grab he goes to the college dropout Kanye West The entire world now acknowledged that Kanye was far from just a producer he was a soulful addition to hip-hop that clearly showed He wasn’t leaving anytime soon When I had my accident, I found out at that moment. Nothing in life is promises of death We had the opportunity to play this game of life you need to appreciate every moment A lot of people don’t appreciate their moment until it’s passed and our plans I’m planning to celebrate. I plan to celebrate and scream and pop champagne every chance I get Everybody asks me the question they want to know I knew he’s gonna call out and he’s gonna do something crazy everybody wants to know what I would do if I didn’t win I Guess we’ll never know America yeah, I had to see me Jenna had to get used to this face don’t hate that whatever I say delete it He used to meet and y’all see him next year is it? Thank you for watching as a creative I like to learn about new skills and techniques and that’s why I found skill star to be so useful They’re premium membership gives you unlimited High-quality classes from experts working in their fields so you can improve your skills unlock new opportunities and do the type of work that you love if you’re into music production and mixing like I am Then you’ll love young gurus classes on mixing and mastering Young guru is a grammy-nominated Engineer most known for his work with jay-z if you’re into learning about how to get the right mix in your music Young guru has you covered If you want to learn how to record rap vocals or singing vocals Young guru has classes on that as well, or if you want to learn how to make videos like me There’s a good amount of classes about video editing and motion graphics from beginner to advanced levels Skillshare is more affordable than most learning platforms out there an annual membership with Skillshare cost less than $10 a month the first 500 people to sign up using the link in the description will receive a two month free trial to Skillshare It’s a great deal that will give you plenty of time to learn and discover a new passion you

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