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100 thoughts on “Kamri’s DIY Double Dutch Wrap | Easy School Hair

  1. I died when she added an extra piece of hair and said " wait were did that come from?" 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I can’t do any braid on myself except an easy standard braid. I can do anything on other people.

  3. I’m going to do this hairstyle tomorrow. Because I have choir practice at 7:20 and I get up at 6 (really 7 tho). And I have school photos as well. So I don’t have that much time to do my hair

  4. My classmate dis this hairstyle a year ago and my teacher entered the class and saw her,made a really weird face and said "are you in a fashion show 🙄"
    Edit: she was in a competition with a girl on who had the best hairstyle (they're enemies), she was so embarrassed 😳

  5. Y do ppl call those hair things different things. Rubber band… It's not rlly made out of rubber. Hair tie is what I call it but u don't rlly tie it. Hair band is probably the one that makes the most sense. Some ppl call them pony tails. Interesting

  6. haha Hi kam My fam8ly actually went to the dutch town or village and what such a coincedince that you are doing a futch hairstyle

  7. i 100% agree, french braiding other people’s hair and dutch braiding your own hair definitely feels more natural

  8. 1. Yes. I do Dutch braids better on myself, but I do French braids better on other people. 2. Yes! My left side always looks worse than my right

    Also I don’t like pancaking my braids as much as you do bc it looks weird on me. I pull on my braids a little bit

  9. I can't braid well on my left side..they always end up crooked or not even close to looking the same as my right

  10. I can do both French and Dutch braids on myself, but I can’t really do it on other people ??

    I learned French first so it’s a little easier but neither are that hard for me idk
    And I love both French and Dutch especially cause I have short-ish hair so it’s a style I could do when I cut my hair ❤️❤️

  11. I am like you Kamri. I do Dutch in my hair and french in other people's but I can do Dutch in other people's.

  12. Same kamri i can always make the right things right and the left things wrong its like the right side is better than my left side

  13. Kamri does your hand hurt when doing dutch/French braids cuz it is up in the air for too long?
    Or is it just me🤔

  14. OMG girl same I feel like dutch braid is easier on me myself and I but the French braid is easier on other people

  15. When I Dutch braid my own hair it’s really easy but when I French braid my hair it’s really hard. But it is easier Dutch braid other peoples heads🤷‍♀️

  16. I tried to follow but at the beginning when your crossing the hair under the middle I can't see it cause you explain please?!?

  17. So true that doing Dutch braids in yourself is easier but doing French braids on other people is easier

  18. same i can only braid my right to side good but my left side ohhh it is sooooooooo bad by the way I LUV UR VIDS

  19. A Dutch braid is easier on yourself because it's behind you so you have to flip your arms behind you.

  20. omg kamri ,right I thought I was the only one who thought that doing a Dutch braid is easy on myself but not on other and doing a French braid is easy on other people and not me ,at first I thought it was just me who thought that but no that you have said it is have company and also I can braid the right better than the left ,we've got some similar fact😂😃😃😂❤Love you kamri❤❤❤❤❤

  21. When your hair is so thick and you have bangs;-; I tried it out and it didn’t work :c I get the concept of a Dutch braid it’s just my hairs too darn thick ;-c do you think you could do a tutorial on how to do a Dutch braid on thick hair? 👍 but other wise, the tutorial was awesome!

  22. I just cants do the left braid on me it's so hard glad. The only time I can do it if I keep practicing for ages

  23. This is sooo easy to do, i have been practising it before but now i can do this and the single french as well

  24. I’m the same, I’m terrible at braiding my left side, right side is always better and looks much neater 😩

  25. Anyone else think that Kamri looks so much like Brooklyn and Bailey as she’s getting older? Y’all are so pretty. Love the hairstyle so cute!

  26. Same kamri I can only French braid my right side better and when I go to the left side I get annoyed so then I end up doing 1 French braid like if you agree

  27. I have this same problem everything on my right side is always easier/better than my left. Hair, lashes and brows even makeup application lol so it's not just you.

  28. I agree with you about natural straightness in hair because that is how my hair is but my hair just will not curl but at least it gets a nice wave.

  29. How sweet of you to do this tutorial!! You did great! I feel the same way!🤣🤣🤣🤣I can truly relate!! I love the moving light.

  30. I've been trying SO HARD to figure out how to braid my own hair, but I still have yet to get it. 🙁 I would love to wear my hair like this

  31. I agree with you Kamri, I can do a Dutch on myself really well but I can’t do a French braid very well on my own.

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