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100 thoughts on “Joshua Bassett – When There Was Me and You (HSMTMTS | Disney+)

  1. y’all can at me, but i don’t like ricky and gina. i feel like nini should have a second chance. i think she’ll treat him much better than last time. like nini is going through heartbreaks because of EJ and ricky. like ricky technically broke up with nini when literally nini WROTE A SONG for him and then he broke her heart. like- boyy. it kinda his fault. he didn’t make it clear for her and she was like HEARTBROKEN for weeks! she didn’t know at all that he wanted a break so that’s why she moved on. i feel like nini should just be loved by someone (ricky). she is an amazing girl and tries to care for everybody. i think nini should get a second chance. if it doesn’t work out, he can go for gina i guess. i just won’t watch the show again. 🙂

  2. Tea: I think Gina is trying to make Nini jealous by flirting with Ricky, and Nini is gonna get sad and Ricky is gonna fall for Gina

  3. Joshua Basset is Cute… too bad I can’t be crushing on someone younger than me bro


    WHO WAS GONNA TELL ME WE ARE THE SAME AGE WTF I WAS LIKE “he is definitely younger right?? Like I mean… he has to be right??” I WAS FUCKING WRONG 😭🥺

  4. Come on y'all can't say that gina and ricky would be a cute couple like they get each other and nini can't get mad a ricky for moving on like she did

  5. No fuck Poor Nini she now likes him but that damn Gina i really dont like her she lies to ricky and nini she was trying to cut nini out the play when ricky find out i will be so happy then he will spend time with nini and they will get together again and this time ricky better say I LOVE YOU

  6. I'm lowkey glad Nini saw Ricky singing for Gina. It made her understand how he felt when he saw her and EJ in the cafeteria.

    But that shit still sad. At first I wanted Ricky to get with Nini and fix all the issues over the summer, but seeing this, I want to see Ricky and Gina do something.

    Moral of the Comment: Ricky and Gina should get together on god

  7. I don’t like his singing voice it’s pretty pitchy, strained and still immature. In a few years with lots of vocal training and practice he could be really good! He’s still young

  8. I feel like they are gonna get into a real relationship and then he will find out about her plan, and he will freak out. It’s predictable

  9. When I first saw it I was like omg I bet this is going to be Nini and Rickey sharing a moment and he’s going singing to her…well I couldn’t be more wrong!😕😢😭

  10. 💙P E R F E C T I O N 💚
    Dont have any words
    Joshua is pure perfection
    Ship them 100%
    I hope to be in that show someday

  11. ugh i hate how ricky and nini are gonna be endgame- even though ricky and gina are clearly better developed. they have things in common like them both being outsiders, and gina actually lets her guard down around ricky and is so genuine with him. like seriously, these two are actually on-screen BONDING.when did we ever see that with ricky and nini? they've just been constant with their drama with no progress

  12. Gina and Ricky isn’t the best couple but I don’t think they have much chemistry. Nini and Ricky in the other hand have much more chemistry are cute together in the show and in real life. Quote this is my opinion don’t criticise me

  13. OMG i didnt watch epi6 yet and tHiS cOmEs Up like-

    I GOT SOOO SHOOK WHEN HE WAS SINGING FOR GINA!!! what happened to ricky and nini??

  14. I scrolled down to read the comments and found out that most of the comments said "am I the only one ship Ricky and Gina?". But it turns out many people ship Ricky and Gina and I'm the only one ship Ricky and Nini😭💔 I mean I know there's a few people here also ship Ricky and Nini but it feels like I'm the only one

  15. Everyone's about Rini and Rina, but let's ship the MOST unlikely ship to be contrary… RJ…
    runs and hides to see the pandemonium started from this one comment

  16. I’m betting Ricky doesn’t know Gina likes him. He’s an oblivious teenage boy and he thinks she’s just being nice and hanging out with him

  17. I feel like mini doesn’t deserve to have Ricky back since she broke up with him and only now that EJ is out of the picture she wants Ricky it’s not right or fair he deserves someone better and no its Gina they make each other better 🧡😊

  18. Never expected to realistically like this show. Hell, I didn’t even like the movies that much. But damn, this show is a gem.

  19. Am I the only person who thinks nini should end up alone and strong? Like the female lead in a Disney show not ending up with a boyfriend and still being happy? That would be a plot twist

  20. My prediction: Ricky and Gina are gonna get together at the end of season 1, and Nini is going to work on loving herself, but in episode 9 Ricky and Nini are going to realise they both still like each other, but doesn’t want to mess up what they have going on now, so they leave it for season 2, where they maybe finally ready to get together, and it breaks Gina’s heart which leads to her crying scene

  21. im so confused
    when after all this time ricky is finally starting to move on from nini yall want him to go back to her
    like make it make sense

    Esses dois tão construindo uma amizade tão legal, eles entendem os problemas um do outro, ela apoia ele e quando eu vi ele dançando em Truth, Justice and Songs in Our key…. eu quis chorar e abraçar a Gina porque ela que cutucou ele pra isso.
    Eu quero MUITO que eles continuem construindo essa amizade e talvez fiquem juntos porque eu não AGUENTO MAIS a Nini desse jeito. Foi só ela ver que EJ é um bosta que ela falou "Ah, amo Ricky, quero ficar com ele de novo", MAS AMIGA TU TEM QUE SE AMAR.
    O Ricky anda sofrendo com a família e Nini não ta ajudando em nada. Gina maior e melhor!

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