Joran Mandik: Exchange Student | RMIT University
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Joran Mandik: Exchange Student | RMIT University

(Background ambient music and birds twittering) Being creative, I think is, for me, anyway, a lot to do with restrictions, like the more restrictions kind of the more creative I get. Yeah, my name’s Joran Mandik and I’ve moved to Melbourne to go on exchange and I study Urban and Regional Planning. Yeah, for like similarities between furniture making and urban design and planning ’cause it is also about creating spaces and creating stuff. If there’s a table, it’s not nice to sit at because you bang your knees on it or something; it’s a crappy table even though it might look cool, it needs to fulfil the needs of the people. (Background music) Good urban planning is being sensible. A good street is a street that answers to people’s needs and wants. (Sound of helmet and lock hitting bike wheel) A good example is actually Fed Square which I think is a fantastic space. People go there to hang out which is ideal for an urban space, a public space. RMIT campus is really cool because it’s in the middle of the city so it’s like a busy space, you know, and I like being there. I just feel like being at RMIT studying, I don’t feel like I’m just in this isolated study bubble. I like when there’s stuff happening, yeah and that makes me feel cradled in a way (chuckling). Some subjects were pretty hands-on. I did a subject called Natural Resource Management where we used geographic information systems to manipulate geospatial data. You can make maps out of it. You can build beautiful neighbourhoods that people enjoy being in. (Background music) As an exchange student, you can experiment and broaden your horizons which is kind of what you do being on exchange anyway; learning a new culture or getting to know new places, people. Just those moments of fun that we have whatever that might mean for you, for anyone else. (Background music and ping pong ball bounce sound) Just try to make … create as many of those as possible. That’s a happy life. (Background music) What I love about Melbourne is that I can actually cycle to the beach. The other day I had an exam and I just went to the beach afterwards and hung out on the beach for a little bit before I cycled home. And that’s something (chuckling) I can’t do in Berlin because there’s no ocean. Yeah, just all these trips you can do outside the city. You’re in paradise. (Background music – crescendo) (Background music – fading to quiet) This is definitely like my second home now. (Background music fades out and sounds of waves tumbling on the shore)

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