Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Student Stories || Jasmine (MSPH ’18)
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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Student Stories || Jasmine (MSPH ’18)

junior year of college, I finished my junior year,
and that summer my brother passed away. He was shot and
killed in Chicago, and it really
propelled me, and he was one of my really
big supporters to continue my education and
do what I can do right now. My name is Jasmine Walker. I’m getting my Master
in Science and Public Health and Health Policy. The Bloomberg School
of the Public Health pushes you, and exposes you
to different opportunities, and that was really
important to me. I also worked for MERIT,
which is a nonprofit that helps Baltimore City high school
students become health care leaders. Everybody doing
Towson (university) is working on this essay right
now for the next 30 minutes. I am helping them choose
their courses in high school, so that they’re prepared
for the college level work. And then also making sure this
is really what they want to do. Are you guys all applying
to the honors college? I get to give back
in a meaningful way, and get paid for it, so
I think it’s pretty cool. I am the first person in
my family to go to college. And so all through high
school and part of the way through college, I carried
the dreams of my family. Bloomberg definitely
has that shared passion of helping other people. That played a really big
role in me coming here. Baltimore is a
very unique place. I get to meet a lot
of really cool people doing all types of
things, and bringing all their different
skill sets together. My education definitely
prepared me for my future and for the big issues
that I want to tackle. Public health and my
education is not just another check mark for me. When you’re able to take that
education and make an impact, that’s what it’s all about. I appreciate my
educational journey, because it was a difficult path. It wasn’t easy. But at the end of
the day, I feel like it’s all worth it, because
I’m able to give back so much.

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