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100 thoughts on “James Taylor – American Standard: Teach Me Tonight (Official Music Video)

  1. You are my hero. How could anyone measure up to your solid sound and years of practice… I’m so happy your music is present here and now

  2. Sir, my first album of yours was Mud Slide Slim, one that still holds a very special place in my soul. Got to see you at Red Rocks in Colorado in 1976, still one of my favorite shows of all time. How glad I am to know that you're still here and still doing great music. I've been a player for about 50 years, now, and lots of my style of guitar comes from you and Mississippi John Hurt. Thanks for the ever high quality of what you do.

    I love how every song you do becomes a JT song. Every Day, How Sweet It Is, this one, ALL of them. Keep at it, keep doing what you do, and thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Thank you James for your music and for your honesty and professionalism. My life has been always connected to your songs and melodies….

  4. When I was 4 years old I used to carry around your cassette tape and tell people that you were my boyfriend. I’m now 52 and grateful for your music and the role it has played in my life. You are a comfort source. Thank you.

  5. Stunning song with the usual virtuoso picking and gorgeous chord changes. But James, get a log splitter. Your hands a too important, not to mention your back!

  6. So, I think people are so blown away by this that they forget to hit the like button. (stunning!) I almost forgot, but then did. Thank you JT! So awesome.

  7. So comforting. So glad his music has been in my life for 45 years or so. Always nice to hear his voice and this LP is going to be played a lot at my house!

  8. It's great to see James Taylor still at it and sounding great. James, just knowing your out there still writing and recording makes everything alright. It's like as long as mom and dad are OK the worlds OK. Take care of yourself and read your Bible more if you can. Listen to me assuming you have one.

  9. WOW – WOW WOW — I came across this recording of James Taylor and his amazing God given gift. I couldn't understand why this version of 'Teach Me Tonight' touched me so deeply. I knew this standard, usually heard it performed with a 12/8 feel, enjoyed the 'wink' of the lyrics… so why the reaction? Aside from the exquisite timbre of James' voice, his unique, melodic guitar picking and spot on, Latin-groove arrangement, there was something deeper. What was it? I finally realized it's because throughout my entire career in the music business, I have worked alongside Philadelphia's finest Jazz musicians, each of whom could have easily sat in any chair in this clip. This arrangement is just delicious. Just had to share my thoughts. (Also, being in the film business, too, the edit is fantastic)

  10. I love James Taylor, but if you listen to this Sammy Cahn lyric by Diana Washington it is much more sexual in nature and sounds a more true Jazz song.

  11. JT was always great though he has just gotten better and better over the years. Can't wait for this album. It'll be an instant classic, for sure. Thank you Mr T and well done over all these years, bringing us all so much pleasure; sometimes in our darkest hours when we needed you most. God bless

  12. I remember Eddie Vedder once said in an interview… "This guy's voice is like musical butter. The best ever." I agree.

  13. If u havent seen this living legend live….treat urself. The only mellow musician that can somehow hold the attention of enormous shed crowds. Truly amazing.

  14. James Taylor’s been my ABC and XYZ musically from the start! Love to see live someday, not had the opportunity unfortunately! The Midas voice!

  15. First heard James Taylor on my car radio while driving at night in downtown Nashville – Fire and Rain. I was blown away. His music has a way of making me smile. Keep going, my friend!

  16. I have pre-ordered the new album from Amazon so should receive it February 28th. James never records a poor album so can’t wait for this one.

  17. I’ve loved your music James, from the first moment I heard your incredible voice, your guitar picking, your lyrical and musical talent, and your intelligence. You are a force to reckon with. You’ve never stopped creating and recording your genius, even with the turmoil life has brought to you. Thank you for giving us so much over your lifetime.

  18. Dear James, I'm nearly 60, and I've been in love with your music, and you, to be honest, from my teenage years and since. I'm at that time where one often considers one's life and mortality. Please don't go before I do! I'd be broken.

  19. James Taylor, my first concert. I believe it was Avery Fisher Hall, NYC. It was my older sisters birthday and my dad had gotten her 4 tickets. One of her friends took ill that day and could not attend. My dad said "take your brother" which she begrudgingly did. I was 12 or 13. I'll never forget it. Among the memories is his bringing out Carly, with her nearly debilitating stage fright. I think they sang Mockingbird? Maybe? I'm 61 now, so…I"ve never stopped listening to him and my wife and I used "That's Why I'm here" for our wedding song. And so it goes…

  20. A one of a kind treasure and a talent beyond measure, James Taylor !!! A day does not go by that I don't sit and play my guitar or bass along with his incredible video and musical library !!!

  21. No one blends a voice and an acoustic guitar (perfectly tuned mind you) as well as James Taylor….ain't gonna see that again folks

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