Jackson-Milton PTA provides elementary students, teachers with free school supplies
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Jackson-Milton PTA provides elementary students, teachers with free school supplies

For the Parent Teacher Association it is a year long process, that involves raising money to buy school supplies. 27 First News Reporter Briana Ray-Turner talked to P-T-A members and learned why efforts like this are so important. ABBEY FISHTORN, PTA PRESIDENT: “HUNDREDS OF BINDERS OVER THERE. HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF GLUE STICKS. THOUSANDS OF PENCILS. WE HAVE OVER SEVEN THOUSAND PENCILS.” Jackson Milton Elementary students are going to be set for the school year. Today members of the Parent Teacher Association were distributing supplies to classrooms. This is the first year they are doing grades Kindergarten through Fifth. FISHTORN:”THIS IS THE FIRST YEAR THAT NOW WE HAD A COUPLE TRIAL RUNS OF JUST DOING KINDERGARTEN AND FIRST AND NOW WE’RE ABLE TO EXTEND IT TO THE WHOLE K-5 AND GET THE PTA’S HELP WITH HELPING WITH THE COST.” And school supplies can be pricey. According to the latest numbers from the National Retail federation the average household will spend close to 700 dollars. And that includes school supplies, clothing, accessories, shoes, and even electronics. Fishtorn says this project is important for many reasons. ABBEY FISHTORN, PTA PRESIDENT: “ONE IT HELPS THE PARENTS. I KNOW PARENTS ARE SCRAMBLING AT BACK TO SCHOOL TIME TRYING TO GET THESE LIST FULFILLED AND MAKING SURE THEY HAVE EVERYTHING. BUT ALSO THE TEACHERS WE MAKE SURE THE TEACHERS GET EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED.” Second Grade Teacher, Amanda Lacusky says she is very thankful for the program. AMANDA LACUSKY, TEACHER: “ITS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL THAT THE PTA CAN GO OUT AND GET ALL THE SUPPLIES FOR US.” Fishtorn says the PTA takes donations all year long. She says her goal is to do this project for years to come. FISHTORN: “THIS YEAR IS REALLY JUST TO SEE HOW IT WORKS. SEE HOW MUCH WE ACTUALLY NEED AND MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE. SO ANYTIME TEACHERS RUN OUT THEY CAN GO IN THE SUPPLY CLOSET AND THERE’S MORE…IT ISN’T JUST TODAY THIS IS GOING TO BE ALL YEAR LONG.” IN YOUNGSTOWN, BRIANA RAY-

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