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Ivy College Beauty Workshops

The workshops are amazing because you learn so much. You’re talking to somebody and you’re doing it at the same time. You’ve got your theory work and then we come away and do the practical side of it. That’s what the workshops are about. We have the trainers walking around the whole time helping us if we weren’t sure about the way to do something, they’d tell us The best I can say is it sinks in straight away because you’re there, you’re doing it and you’ve got your Study Coach all in one room! We’re able to observe, ask questions, perform the waxing treatments on each other. With the Trainers readily available to help if we get stuck or make a mistake. I love the Trainers. I met some great new friends already. I feel like it’s a great building block for relationships with other potential Beauty Therapists for later on in the industry. So we all get to know each other and hopefully at some stage down the road we might ask each other for help or referrals.

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