‘It’s Never a Pretty Situation’: A Student’s Controversial Arrest, Analyzed
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‘It’s Never a Pretty Situation’: A Student’s Controversial Arrest, Analyzed

[News footage plays] [Cellphone video plays] MO CANADY: As I’m watching the video, the first thing that comes to mind is what initiated the situation. [Cellphone video plays] I think the other thing, this officer appears to, you know, of course appears to be by himself. I don’t know who’s shooting this video, but the officer appears to be by himself and, if it is an interaction with a student, I kind of wonder, you know, why an administrator is not with him. [Cellphone video plays] We would prefer in most cases not to have to arrest a student and take them out of school. So for success in de- escalating that and letting the school administration then handle it as more of a discipline issue that’s a win. That’s a win all day long. [Cellphone video plays] [Cellphone video plays] It does not appear to me that the officer’s doing anything beyond the normal of dealing with a defendant that’s a little bit resistant. [Cellphone video plays] [Cellphone video plays] [Cellphone video plays] I’m assuming that adult must be an administrator, so now we have an administrator involved in the situation. And, you know, again, I find myself asking the question why were they not involved in the beginning. And there may be a logical explanation but because we’re missing that context, I just don’t know. Anytime that, as a former officer, that we have to arrest someone, put handcuffs on them, it’s never a pretty situation. We’re never going to make that look good even if we’re doing the right thing.

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