‘It was a good vibe’: Fort Mill’s new Catawba Ridge high school opens doors to students
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‘It was a good vibe’: Fort Mill’s new Catawba Ridge high school opens doors to students

The first day of school,
it was a good vibe. You could definitely tell walking in
that it was a different vibe than Nation Ford and Fort Mill. It was very chaotic at
first seeing everybody as soon as you came through the doors but
everybody seemed happy to be here. And I was very excited about
the new start to Southridge.>>I think it is going really great so
far. The school being opened. We have a great opportunity on our hands
to be something better than our competing highschools and I’m really excited for
the future of the Copperheads. It’s a beautiful place. I think a lot of the students when
they were walking in were shocked at our facilities and
everything we have here, and yeah. I think it was a great birthday
celebration for the Copperheads.>>It was really exciting. I definitely did not expect for it to be as chaotic as it was,
but it was chaotic in a good way. Everyone seemed really happy,
everyone seemed to kind of absorb what it was gonna be like coming here for
the next two, three or four years. I love it. I was used to having older buildings
because I’ve been here since around first grade. And so to have a new building,
new facility, new opportunities is really nice.>>It’s been incredibly exciting. The positive energy is
absolutely contagious. Yesterday afternoon I
heard kids coming down the hall saying this was the best
first day of school ever. And I absolutely agree with them. We have so many fun activities planned. We have this really great
opportunity to create something new. And I’m humbled and
delighted to be a part of it.

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