ISI Kyoto: interview with a teacher
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ISI Kyoto: interview with a teacher

I try not to pay attention to the nationalities when I am teaching For Asian students there are many who come from countries where they use Kanji so they already understand Kanji but the western students are not used to that so when I teach Kanji and when we use a lot of Kanji I make sure they get more practice as well as make sure they can write it properly so they do not feel left behind There are two courses at our school. The advancement course (to higher education) and the other one is short term course. The students wanting to go for higher education and employment can go to famous universities in the Kansai area as wel And for the short term students, they can learn a lot about the Japanese culture, so for students who want to live in Kyoto and experience the culture, it is highly recommended. For students who go to higher education, depending on their path, they go to Masters, University or Vocational school Mainly they go to higher education institutes in Kansai, but also go to the Kanto region depending on their needs and path Students who go to work after graduating go to many companies and especially in Kyoto since there is a big tourism market, they go to hotels and the tourism area And making the most of what they learned in school, they make a bridge between their country and Japan and that is really good to see At least 4 times a year there are extracurricular lessons Such as sports festivals in which the activity changes depending on the year And they always have a lot of communication during the events We have speech contests as well Based on what they learn in class, they create a speech We also have Christmas parties and little trips to about one hour from the school by bus and everybody loves these activities Living in Kyoto is amazing You can experience Japanese culture directly and only by living here you can experience Japan. Live in Kyoto and learn with us in ISI, we look forward to seeing you here

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