Is Your Student Debt Worth It?
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Is Your Student Debt Worth It?

– As of today, it is $35,932.32. (energetic music) – I have about 20,000 dollars in debt. – Roughly 30,000 dollars in student debt. – Between 65,000 and 70,000. (energetic music) – I struggle with that. – Would I say that I think people should pay the amount of money that I paid? Absolutely not. – It’s stigmatized if you’re
not going to school anymore. – People are kind of scared to say that because it makes it seem like you don’t really value education. – If college experience
was worth the student debt? – I got to meet a lot of people, who opened new paths for me. – The education that I
got was worth it only because I’m working in
my respective field. – My school really sort
of taught me how to think and how to be a functioning adult. – I think it’s a case of
like how hard you work, not like the degree. – An education can and I think probably should be free. – Don’t get a degree because you assume something magical will happen as soon as you get out of college. I say get it because you want it and do it for yourself. – I don’t know how many times I have to tell you to
apply to scholarships. It’s so important. – Save. Save money. (energetic music)

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11 thoughts on “Is Your Student Debt Worth It?

  1. 1. Can some one please define what "the college experience" really is ? Is it to live in a dorm ? Is it to go to a party and getting drunk ? I went to college and I still don't know.
    2. Please explain Why "the college experience" is worth the money.

  2. Imagine having over 10,000 USD in student loans when your currency exchange rate is currently 135 Dollars to 1 USD.

  3. It's an absolute scam. The Public and Private colleges are loaded w cash and should not be receiving one dollar of our taxes as they are a 501c3.

  4. it's not worth it at all if you're stuck doing barista work and living with your parents. It doesn't matter what experience you had or the people you met in college. These people are clueless.

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