Is the iPad Pro Worth it for Students? IT CHANGED MY COLLEGE EXPERIENCE
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Is the iPad Pro Worth it for Students? IT CHANGED MY COLLEGE EXPERIENCE

Hi everyone it’s KJ the MiTechGuy here with
another review. If you have been watching my vlogs you might
have noticed that I use my iPad Pro a lot. This hasn’t always been the case. I was one of those students that loved taking
notes on actual paper with different colored pens, but the original iPad Pro intrigued
me because its screen was almost the size of an actual piece of paper, and I didn’t
have to carry around multiple notebooks. Fast-forward to 2018 with the release of the
new iPad Pros, and it just might be my favorite piece of tech that I own. In this video, I’m not going to really talk
about specs at all, instead, I’m going to talk about how the iPad Pro changed my entire
college experience. Let’s get right into it. I want to first start this review off by saying
that if you just plan on using the iPad Pro as a glorified media consumption device for
Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, there are many less expensive tablets out there with high
quality screens that can do just that. The iPad Pro excels in being able to do a
bunch of the little things extremely well, which starts to differentiate itself from
the other tech products I use. First off, the iPad Pro has a 120 Hz Pro Motion
display. If you haven’t experienced 120 Hz on a mobile
device before, you’ll definitely notice how fluid and responsive everything feels. From scrolling through webpages to multitasking
between applications, everything is simply fluid. It makes its multitasking features and all
animations seem much more fluid than any other laptop or tablet I’ve ever used. And when you match this with the responsiveness
of the Apple Pencil, there is virtually no lag when it comes to writing on the screen
when taking notes. The reason why I had been against taking digital
notes in the past was because there was always a noticeable lag. And this lag always outweighed any of the
other benefits for having digital notes. Now since there is no lag, and since there
are apps out there like Notability that allow me to organize and interact with my notes
in a seamless way, I can’t see myself taking notes any other way at this point. Being able to download lecture slides, mark
them up and add my own notes to them during class has been great. Now I know I can go to my iPad and all of
my notes will be right there. And because I also have an iPhone, MacBook
Pro and iMac Pro, I am able to pull up all of my notes on whatever device I am closest
to at the moment. Aside from just the simple note-taking, actually
doing and completing assignments on my iPad has been really convenient, especially when
all of my classes use online submissions. I can just download the problem sets into
Notability, mark them up directly, and then save and upload them to the respective assignment
portals. And little things like being able to copy
and paste the actual question details, or being able to automatically draw straight
lines or boxes are things that I really appreciate and have grown to truly value. I even use my iPad when I quickly need to
visualize a coding concept. So yeah, for a lot of people, the note taking
and assignment writing aspects alone may be reasons enough to purchase an iPad. But why go Pro? What makes the Pro version stand out? First off the new iPad Pros have this new
design with minimal bezels and no true right orientation. Apple intended for you to just pick up your
iPad and any orientation should feel correct. Because of this, the bezels are symmetric
all around, and FaceID works even if the sensor is at the bottom. With those reduced bezels comes the fact that
even the 12.9 inch model is not that big anymore. I’m able to fit the iPad and its keyboard
case in a compartment in my backpack that isn’t meant for laptops, so it really doesn’t
add much bulk at all, and I end up taking my iPad just about everywhere with me. The new design also uses USB C and no longer
lighting cables. This has made the experience a lot better
because I am able to charge my iPad with my laptop charger, and I am also able to use
my various USB c accessories with the iPad as well. Another new and improved feature that they
give the pros is this new pencil. Any of the other Apple Pencil supporting iPads
require you to plug it into the iPad whenever you need to charge. With the new iPad Pros, you just need to magnetically
attach the Apple Pencil to the side of the iPad and it charges the pencil to the point
where I no longer ever run into the situation where it ever gets discharged. Also because the pencils are now touch sensitive
also, I’m able to quickly switch between the pen and eraser modes. I used to have to go to the top and select
the eraser tool, which was one of my biggest gripes with my old iPad. I use the touch gesture so much that I have
found myself double-tapping actual pencils and pens many times, so take that as you will. Now with the new iPadOS updates and this Apple
keyboard that I have, the iPad is the device I pick up for a majority of the things that
I ever want to do. If I want to look something up, I’m using
the iPad. If I need to check and respond to some emails,
I’m using the iPad. Something that I have always really liked
doing with the iPad Pro is edit pictures, and now with the iPadOS update, I can import
pictures directly to the iPad and just edit right away. Previously I had to upload the pictures to
my laptop’s Lightroom app so that I can edit them on my iPad. Now that middle step is taken away and again
makes my iPad even more essential to what I do on a day-to-day basis. Also, the fact that some Adobe apps like Lightroom
are so well-developed for the iPad make editing pictures such a great experience on the iPad. The iPad has the horsepower to show me what
my edits look like instantly, and exporting the fully edited RAW images takes little time
at all. At this point, the only things that I find
myself absolutely needing my laptop or iMac to do are editing videos because of Final
Cut Pro, and coding, because up until this point I still feel most comfortable coding
on my laptop. Honestly, the iPad Pros have a lot of power
onboard them and I feel as if the only reason Apple hasn’t developed an iPad compatible
Final Cut Pro app is because it might cannibalize MacBook sales. The iPad Pro is a device that has all of my
textbooks and normal books in it so I don’t have to carry around multiple books in my
backpack. It has all of notes in one place so I don’t
have to carry around multiple notebooks, and because it is synced with iCloud, it also
has my important files at all times. On a daily basis, I know that if I could only
take one device other than my phone, it’s going to be my iPad Pro just about every time
because it just does everything it can do very well. Yes the iPad is fundamentally limited due
to the fact that it cannot run a laptop operating system like MacOS. However, the fact that iPadOS is tailored
so perfectly for the iPad makes me appreciate the fact that everything works so smoothly
more than I would appreciate the marginal productivity improvements a full computer
operating system would provide. A lot of manufacturers try to straddle the
line of tablet and computer, but by Apple committing to the fact that the iPad Pro is
not a full computer, they are able to make a device that is so very close to perfect
in all of the things it is advertised to do. But of course the iPad isn’t absolutely perfect,
there are certain gripes I still have about it. First off, Apple needs to do a better job
with its official smart cases. I have the Apple smart keyboard, but it is
not that secure at all, and the keyboard is not that satisfying to type on. It also costs an outrageous $200. However, I use it on a daily basis because
the convenience of having a keyboard that always just instantly works without Bluetooth
is incredibly valuable to me. The second gripe is a very minor one because
of the fact that it is 120 Hz, but I wish the iPad Pro had an OLED display. I will say that the iPad has a very very high
quality LCD display with great colors and clarity. I just know the types of screens that are
possible and would hope that a product that has the word Pro in its name has the very
best hardware. All this being said, you probably know where
I stand with the iPad Pro. It is a device that I almost always have with
me because it does almost everything so well. As a student, it is my everything device that
allows me to access and edit all of my notes, assignments and textbooks. The iPad Pro has greatly reduced the things
that I have to bring on a daily basis in my backpack. Yes, the iPad Pro probably has too much power
for most of the things you’d want to do with it, and yes it costs a lot of money. But for a device that I use throughout the
day almost every day, the cost seems a lot more justifiable, especially for the fact
that everything that you’d want to do on it, it does very well. That’s all for this video, I hope it helped
if you were on the verge of purchasing an iPad. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter
to see what I am up to. I am posting videos a lot more consistently
now, so make sure you’re subscribed and have the notification bell clicked to stay up to
date on my latest videos. As always, thanks for watching and I will
see you in the next video.

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100 thoughts on “Is the iPad Pro Worth it for Students? IT CHANGED MY COLLEGE EXPERIENCE

  1. This has been a highly requested review so I hope it is helpful! Make sure to follow me on Insta @MiTechGuy to see what I’m up to 😊. Let me know what other videos you’d want to see, here in the comments!

  2. I’ve seen many students in my classes with iPad pro and I’ve personally tried it. Its great for students. I wish I was able to get one but as Im graduating next semester, it doesnt make sense to get one. But Id definitely recommend it for college students

  3. Thanks so much for making this review! For an avid student like me, I think that this might just be the piece of tech that I'm missing that might just change my life in a way.

  4. This was truly one of the best reviews/views on iPad Pro. I totally agree with everything from the positives to the negatives (I wish they would’ve incorporated an OLED panel as well). This being said, I love my iPad Pro 12.9 and use it for nearly everything to the point that I haven’t opened my MacBook Pro in weeks! Great video! 👌

  5. All i can do is watch reviews about ipad pro, because I can’t afford it 😅 but I’m content with just watching 😊

  6. The thing you mentioned about double tapping with actual pencils happens with me all too often these days even though I have just been using my ipad Pro 11 for about 1.5 months. This device just rocks!

  7. Do you think the ipad air is an okay substitute for the ipad pro? The pro is almost twice as expensive as the air and I'm double thinking about buying it because i can do so much with that aditional money if i just bought the ipad air

  8. Are you experiencing heat on the left hand side, on portrait position, of the iPad Pro 2018,12.9 whether the background refresh is disabled or not.

  9. Love the way you share info 😍 Unfortunately I only have the cheaper 2018 iPad and the 1st gen pencil. Can you also make a video about it and some tips on taking notes

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  11. FYI. 11 inch model is better for longer handheld use. N 64gb is not a enough space. Playing apple arcade game with ps4 controller is such a satisfaction. Just by holding an ipad pro in ur hand makes u feel u r in the future. Never doubt an ipad pro, its an absolute beast. If u want a cheaper device go for galaxy tab s6, but it will never beat an ipad pro.

  12. I was thinking of buying a laptop but ios 13 just compelled me to buy the iPad! It's the best thing to take notes via camera, read pdfs, make PowerPoint presentations, it's drag and drop function is unmatched and most of all, now i can attach my HDDs and ssd to it via USB c port. 64gbipad+ i have 2 2TB hard drives with all my videos and everythiiinnnngggg.

  13. I see Peak Design, I like!

    (Also on a more serious note – I am also in the same camp, converting from sheaves of A4 to iPad.)

  14. Wait, you have an iphone, imac pro and a macbook pro? Dude, who's paying for all of this tech, and do you really need it? Kudos to your folks who are underwriting it, but this isn't how most people live. I hope you know that.

  15. It's good for taking notes until your pencil runs out of battery. I also hate when the square does not show up or the circle after making the gesture.

  16. Why are all the vids about the ipad pro for students? The pro is so expensive… you would expect a student ipad would be the normal one or air.

  17. HELLA FIRE video, i have a 12.9 inch ipad pro 2018 as well, best investment for a college student. If you are a college student and have to choose between an ipad pro and food for a month, choose the ipad pro.

  18. I don't know anymore. The iPad is a great lightweight media consumption device. I really wanted it to work and be my everything device – but:

    1. Web applications don't function too well in it – devs still seem to create with laptops in mind. I've had this problem with an online school portal from some edX course involving watching videos and submitting assignments / taking tests – and nothing works seamlessly on iPadOS Safari, and even though resolution is high, not everything is visible on one screen. Same story with a website that teaches coding by showing videos in one tiny area and coding in another.
    2. Typing isn't satisfactory like you've mentioned. The shoulder hunch becomes quite annoying even on a 12.9" after a while – this is actually my biggest complaint – I just couldn't get myself to be okay with squinting at the screen and hunch-back typing just to get stuff done.

    So it's just not a good enough daily driver for me. BUT, it's still such a fantastic device to binge watch stuff in bed, and a FANTASTIC device to "passively" read eBooks on (while annotating) – AND the drawing / note-taking experience is on point. For me, pairing it with a 16" MacBook was inevitable – and incredible. I feel so lucky and grateful to have these devices helping me along.

    PS: The reading experience breaks down if you're reading material that also requires you to pause & write and take notes frequently. Another great use case for the laptop + iPad combo – read on the bigger more comfy screen, and write on the gorgeous iPad display.

  19. Hey! Im a highschool student, my school is pretty traditional so i cant use the ipad in class, however i want to learn to code and i draw in my free time… Should i get an ipad pro or a macbook pro??

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