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Is College Worth It In 2018? – The BEST Alternative

(Is College Worth It 2018?) If you really sit down and think about
it college is in fact an investment right you’re investing a lot of time
four to eight years and a lot of money the average amount of debt students have
when they graduate in the u.s. is currently $32,000 according to the
Federal Reserve in the hopes that getting a college degree will help you
secure a good career but what if I told you that there’s actually a career path
that is far cheaper and requires much less time to get into yet pays better
provides you with more freedom as an even higher ceiling for growth and is
far more secure I’m talking about digital marketing and I know I know it
sounds kind of boring but it’s something that I’m actually extremely passionate
about because it’s given me the life of my dreams and in today’s video I’m gonna
show you exactly why this field is a much better alternative than going to
college let’s start off with what exactly is digital marketing well it’s a
huge field that covers just about everything business-related online this
includes things like sending emails growing a YouTube channel placing ads on
Facebook and even selling products on Amazon but if I were to sum it all up in
one sentence digital marketing is the ability to get people’s attention online
to get people to stop and listen to you your business and your message and this
is one of the most valuable skills in the world right now here are some fun
facts in 2005 only 16% of the planet had access to the Internet in 2010 30% and
just this year 2018 we passed the 50% threshold very soon the entire world
will be connected by the Internet this has caused huge changes in the way
business is currently being conducted around the world see in 2014 the total
amount of sales for e-commerce which is the buying and selling of products
online was 1.3 trillion dollars this year the total amount of sales will pass
2.8 trillion the amount of business being conducted online has more than
doubled in just four years every business owner that has any common
sense now realizes that there is an opportunity of a lifetime instead of
having to rely on foot traffic and word-of-mouth to make sales you can now
access the hundreds of millions of people around the world who use the
Internet every single day and their next thought is well damn I
need to find myself a good digital marketer someone who knows a thing or
two about the Internet someone who can help me build my business online and
it’s this realization that is causing digital marketing to become one of the
most in demand jobs right now in the entire
world here’s some proof to show you just how easy it is to find a job as a
digital marketer here’s a screenshot I took last year from LinkedIn there were
about 18,000 positions open in the US alone
here’s a screenshot I took yesterday with the exact same search query on
LinkedIn that the manage for digital marketers has tripled in just a year and
the reason this is happening is because literally every single business on this
planet that’s hundreds of millions of businesses are starting to realize that
they need a digital marketer if they want to stay relevant this means that
unlike the forty percent of recent college graduates who are currently
under employed which means they are working in jobs that don’t even require
college degrees if you study digital marketing and gain just a little bit of
experience you will have almost no trouble finding a job this is because
companies are having an extremely hard time finding people who have even an
ounce of experience in this field let me explain why see the thing about digital
marketing is that it’s not something you can learn in school you’ve seen it
yourself the internet under goals pretty significant changes every couple of
years this means colleges are having an
extremely hard time catching up if you look at most college courses nowadays
that quote-unquote specialize on the internet most of them are still focusing
on things like building websites which don’t get me wrong was extremely
important ten years ago but you’re not teaching you anything about YouTube or
Facebook or Amazon which is what’s most important right now
this means that companies are forced to look for just experience when hiring
digital marketers which means it’s entirely possible for an 18 year old to
get a digital marketing job in fact here’s one of our students Sean who
managed to land not one but two digital marketing jobs making $60,000 at the age
of just 18 years old isn’t that crazy that’s basically how
much people are making right now out of college and I’m gonna show you exactly
how you can do just that but before I do that let’s talk about
something that’s on everyone’s mind which is just how much money can you
make working in this field now there are three possible paths you can go down if
you choose to become a digital marketer let’s start off with the easiest path
which is to gain just enough experience to get hired for an entry-level position
and this is fairly easy to do there are a ton of free resources online that
cover the basics of digital marketing but I’d actually recommend you to check
out of video training series that my good
friend Saif and I put together for you which I will link to in the description
box below over there he goes into detail about the basics of digital marketing
what companies are looking for when they’re hiring and also step by step
what you need to do in order to land a digital marketing job in just a couple
of months that’s right we’ve had a ton of people go through the program who
landed a job in just a couple of months like for example ash who was a high
school dropout took our course and landed a job in just five months or Shin
who was a college dropout she managed to land a job in just two months her
husband went through the course along with her and also landed a job in
digital marketing soon after now the average pay for an
entry-level digital marketing job like this is currently anywhere from thirty
five to fifty thousand dollars which isn’t crazy high but keep in mind that
you don’t need to invest four years of your life getting a college degree to
land this sort of job on top of that there’s actually a huge potential for
growth Seth went from getting paid a $40,000 salary to getting paid over
$100,000 in just three years what justified this huge pay raise well
if you’re doing everything correctly you will start providing results for the
company that you’re working for which means that over time you become more and
more valuable for them because you’re the one that’s responsible for all of
their growth online you’re the one that’s making them more money which
means they’re gonna do everything in their power to keep you around you can
easily use this as leverage to get raises all you have to do is say hey I’m
making you more money so I deserve to get paid more now in addition to this
insane room for growth another benefit is that you can ask for remote work
which is the ability to work from home or while you travel
see most digital marketing work can be done with just a computer and an
internet connection so it’s very easy to ask your employer for remote work it
benefits them because it saves the money and office space and it benefits you
because it allows you to work from wherever you want you could stay at home
in your underwear or travel the world and work at the same time if you’ve so
pleased now working for someone else is the conventional route this is something
that’s perfect for any of you who enjoy making good money and having little
responsibilities of your own but if you’re someone who’s a bit more
ambitious and would like to make a lot more money or be their own boss let me
paint you a picture of what’s possible a couple of years down the line if you
choose to get into digital marketing the second path you can go down is to create
what’s called a digital marketing agency like my friend Anthony who recently
reached out to me about how he’s been able to replace his full-time income
with the money he’s now making from running an agency now let me explain how
this works see once you gain the experience and a good track record
working with other companies as a digital marketer you could easily go up
to other businesses and say hey I managed all of the digital marketing for
Bob’s mattress store for half a year I helped them grow their online presence
and their overall sales went up by 25% I can do the same thing for you all you
have to do is pay me X amount of money every single month and I’ll handle all
of it for you to give you an idea about just how powerful this is a friend of
mine actually runs an agency just like this he manages and creates Facebook
content for businesses in his area at the rate of $2,000 per month right now
he has contracts with 12 companies so if you do the math that’s about $24,000 per
month which comes out to almost $300,000 a year imagine how much money you can
make running an agency like this if you’re managing 25 or even 50 companies
all paying you $2,000 every single month you could become a millionaire if you so
wished that’s the power of running a digital marketing agency and finally
let’s talk about the last path that you can go down if you choose to become a
digital marketer it’s the path that I’m currently on right now which is to have
the business of your dreams to create a business around whatever it is that
you’re interested in and make it succeed by applying what you’ve learned over the
years doing digital marketing for other companies my business which includes
multiple streams of income coaching over the phone consulting for companies
affiliate commissions and getting paid for sponsorships are all possible
because of my ability to get people’s attention on YouTube which is a digital
marketing skill when I decided to start a YouTube business I didn’t just wing it
I actually had a clear plan in mind a plan that I knew had a very high chance
of succeeding because I already had close to two years of experience doing
digital marketing on other platforms Amazon and Google I spent about a year
building websites on Google and another year selling Kindle books on Amazon and
when I saw an opportunity to create a business on YouTube I took everything I
had learned all the strategies that worked for me all the mistakes that I
made over the two years and I applied it to the channel I stuck to my strategy
and the results are what you see today this was possible because the amazing
thing about digital marketing is that although every platform is a bit
different right YouTube is very different than safe
but there are certain strategies certain techniques that are universal to
everything online a video that does really well on YouTube is probably gonna
do very well on Facebook this third path is the path that I’ve chosen because
it’s given me complete freedom and control over my life I don’t have any
bosses that I have to listen to if one of my sponsors or clients is giving me
trouble I simply tell them that I’m no longer interested in working with them
all of the work is work that I’m actually genuinely interested in helping
people improve their lives has always been a passion of mine and on top of all
of that I make enough money to travel the world work whenever I want and
basically do whatever I feel like doing and it’s all because I decided to learn
more about digital marketing five years ago all right so at this point you’re
probably thinking improvement pill I’m interested but how exactly does one gain
experience as a digital marketer well there are two ways you could go about it
the first is via trial and error which is basically what I did I’m not gonna
lie I was pretty cocky when I first got started I attempted to build my online
business without any experience whatsoever and because of that I ended
up wasting thousands of dollars creating websites buying ads and buying software
without any sort of success the only reason I was able to eventually find
success was because I got myself a mentor someone who is already an expert
at digital marketing on Amazon Kindle who taught me everything I needed to
know and even then once I knew what I had to do I still had to spend thousands
of dollars creating the books and getting them ranked on Amazon I would
only recommend you to go down this path if you’re someone who has a lot of money
to burn and even then I feel like the alternative is less risky and has the
potential to get you better results the alternative is to gain the bare minimum
amount of experience needed to get hired as an entry-level digital marketer which
again can be done extremely easily by going through Steph’s course which I
will link to in the description box below and to use your employer’s money
to gain experience see when you get hired as a digital marketer your boss is
gonna give you a portion of their marketing budget to play around with
this is actually expected in the industry your boss gives you a little
bit of money to see how well you do before handing their entire budget over
to you it’s actually expected of you to show up to make mistakes and to
gradually learn and improve over time and over time you’re gonna figure out
what works and what doesn’t you’re gonna start producing better results for them
which means a pay raise for you but more importantly a larger budget for you to
play with because they have more faith in your skills and over the course of
many months or years you’re gonna get comfortable
enough with your digital marketing skills to go down whatever path you so
choose you could apply it to other companies as an expert digital marketer
and make six figures that way you can start your own digital marketing agency
and make millions of dollars if you put in the work or you can even start your
own business something that you’re passionate about and live life however
you please getting hired and using someone else’s
budget to learn digital marketing is a risk-free way of gaining experience
think of it as an internship that pays decently well with a lot of benefits and
the potential to have an amazing kick-ass career down the line I hope you
learned a lot from this video again I highly suggest you check out Seth’s
course which I will link to in the description box below it starts off with
a four-part video series that is completely free so there’s no harm in
checking it out and out of all of the programs that I’ve ever recommended on
this channel his is actually the one with the highest rate of success here
are just some of the thank-you messages we’ve received from his past students
besides that guys I wish you the best of luck and stay tuned

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100 thoughts on “Is College Worth It In 2018? – The BEST Alternative

  1. This is probably the first time many of you have heard about digital marketing.
    So I'm sure you guys have a ton of questions! Let me know what they are, in the comments below.
    For those of you interested in Seth's Free Course:

  2. Since the world is changing faster than ever, college is even worse than useless today. It can actually damage you if you sit in a classroom for 4 or 5 years learning useless and outdated information instead of actually learning how to make money and how to be happy in life. I would even say that having certain degrees today would look damaging on your resume and would get you laughed out of a room for wasting your years on that.

  3. I started my online business along with my college, now I have clients in Digital Marketing, have Business and a High Paying Job. Learn and apply, re learn and apply. That's how things work in DM. Everyone can do anything if you have will.

  4. To be heired by an American employer is it important to have American citizen ship or something like that??? I am from Asia so can I work from here for company which is geographically far away from me???

  5. I agree 100%. Made avideo about this too. Everything, or almost everything is accessible online so you can learn pretty much everything from home using a laptop and internet acces. Lots and lots of succesful people have dropped out of school or quit their education and you see this a lot. I am not saying that everything about school is BS but think twice and ask your self why yoy are there. Greatt vid👍

  6. I’m 18, going through my freshman year of college. I work minimum wage and have no time to do anything because when I’m not at work I’m studying. How much of a time commitment is it for me to start to educate myself and get into something like this? And how reliable of a market is it? This sounds extremely competitive for someone who would want to make over 60k

  7. College/Uni isn't just about the education ,debt and piece of paper that you get at the end , it's about networking , meeting new people and developing as a person , currently and sports science student who plays b ball for Uni and would recommend this route to anyone

  8. Yes and no. Some majors you don’t need a degree, some you absolutely need. If you can go to college and get out debt free, you absolutely should. If you’re smart, you can be successful on your own. There is no clear cut answer. That’s what life is about as an adult and you have to find your way through it.

  9. I’ve watched 4 min of the video and I’m pretty much 16 years old, year and half of graduating, and I’m really seeing a big opportunity in this 🤯

  10. @Improvement Pill
    I want to buy course but how to contact Seth hymes before buying for course? he is not responding at LinkedIn.

  11. Bro your breathing life back into me. I'm gonna checkout your video with Seth and your other videos to help me. Thanks so much. I'm gonna work hard bro and you got me motivated. Thank you

  12. I even had a scholarship but college still isn't worth it… You can succeed in freelancing or entrepreneurship faster than the 4 years and time after to get a job.

  13. Nope, they ain’t teaching you how to build websites. The web pack is constantly change with new library right and left, school can’t teach that.

  14. Sorry but this is easily my least favourite of your videos. The title makes it seem like the video would have been at least somewhat related to college and alternative progressions, not just "forget about college, it's pointless, because you could be a digital marketer…".

  15. My parents are paying for my college education and are forcing me to go. The thing is I don’t want to go, school has never been for me, and I don’t know what to do.

  16. Is this still going on? Kids paying thousands of dollars for a piece of paper. Wake up people, this isn't the 1960's.

  17. Not convinced. People all over the globe have figured the internet is a goldmine, and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much demand it will be for this VERY specific (and quite honestly low skilled job.) in the near future.

    If you get for example a nurse-degree, you will compete against the people with the same degree in a relevant geographic area.
    If you drop college and start working online, you are competing against the entire world. And since this is a lowskilled job, trust me there will be tons of competition in a 5-10 year perspective.

    Don’t get me wrong, i agree this is a great opportunity for the future. The internet is entering the golden era.

    What i can not agree with is going into the future with only a online crash course in digital marketing and no other certificated skills. It is a high risk investment. Unless you’re going to start your own business i would not recomend this strategy to life.

    Edit: (I’m norwegian, so my perspective on the topic may not be universal considering we have free college.)

  18. You all like talking about college being useless nowadays and that you can get any knowledge without it but let's be honest those who actually successfully educate themselves are super rare. It's really hard if you don't even know where to start. And, well, most of us are lazy, stupid and don't want to change that.

  19. It’s just how much you wanna put work in your self. You can know everything about digital marketing and be as lazy as it gets. This is not a go quit college video.

  20. I do not agree with this. It can work for some people. I feel college education is as important as it is. Will you go to a dropout doctor without a degree when you fall sick or for a surgery?? Will you appoint a dropout lawyer to bail you out or give you a legal advice?

    Digital marketing is a profession for the people who want to constantly be engaged to internet. People who enjoy being online and ignore the beautiful offline world.

    If you dropout college there will be no research activities in scientific areas like medicine, no new development in renewable energy, no smart cars and artificial intelligence, no space exploration, no new medicine to cure deadly disease, no smart gadgets and revolutionary breakthroughs electronics and communication technologies. Where do you think all this comes from ? Do dropouts invent this ? Obviously not. It is a result of college education, years and years of research and reading massive amounts of books and experimenting out the knowledge.

    This platform can be available only in a college and it is not possible for individual person to arrange and self fund R&D activities to bring in the next breakthrough.

  21. As a 15 year old, I'm not expecting much. I'll gladly take the course, though, and I'll look more into this. Is there any advice you have for someone like me in this field? I've been thinking and considering the importance and relevance of a degree and I came to the same conclusion as you, so I'm definitely on your side of prespective.

  22. I am a 19 year old software engineer. With no debt making 70k and I love my job. By the way I graduated highschool with all Ds.

  23. YES! Haha I made a video with this exact title almost recently .. and u summed it up! Ima digital nomad for 4+ years now, by selling on amazon ……. and now I’m a blogger because if it.. more on muh Chan 😎🤟🌴

  24. College as an institution is outdated at this point.. If you want to work for someone your whole life be my guest, but if you want to do what you really love you have to find your own path and with the internet all the knowledge you need is at your fingertips. Amazing times we are living in!

  25. honestly, wanted to become a scientist and in the final lapse of my masters right now, but I feel like it for some reason has been a waste of time… I don't think it will be easy for me to find a nice entry level job, I feel like I still lack proper skills (college or university is way to much structuredl ike school and in an economic kind of way… press as much information in the shortest time possible into students. Not the best learning concept) because practicals were really horrendous… either you get everything done for you, because teachers and professors don't want to bother with additional work, or they are unorganized and not mentored at all. both very bad. now, that might be just my experience, but right now I ask myself why I didn't just learn laborant or something like that, while already earning money instead of spending it on "education" ? I honestly felt sometimes during my work or lab practicals like I was a welcome, unpaid workforce. teach the students something? give them freedom to train critical thinking, dealing with blowback and taking responsibility? nah-ah. ain't nobody got time, money and resources for that.

  26. How sad that education has just become all about money and job. Sure, I love sweet money but look, education is just the process of giving or receiving knowledge systematically. Nothing less, nothing more.

  27. @Improvement Pill I'm very interested in Digital Marketing, but almost on every job offer, there's some kind of study required. Should I just gain experience at a job, where there is no study required and then apply for a job where a study is required?

  28. I have a quick question. Would you recommend doing something like this on the side as a sort of side income. I would still like to pursue my main career but it's not to say that I couldn't do some of this work on the side.

  29. I've done 4 years of research on the eduction bubble. So is college an investment or a gamble…..hmmmm.

  30. I’m a big fan of your channel man, I’m 17, a junior in hs and after watching some videos on digital marketing I think that’s what I want to do after high school, I’m not planning on going to college, so I should have more time to gain practical experience. When I graduate next year I’m thinking of taking a yoga teacher training course because I love meditation and spirituality and want to teach it(yoga) one day. The course is 10k, do you think it’s gonna be worth it? When I graduate next year I’m probably gonna move in with my mom and start learning about digital marketing so I could land a job and possibly turn yoga teaching into a career and become an entrepreneur. Any advice or things that I should consider? Or things I should be doing now?! By the way bro, your channel is life changing and never stop what you’re doing!

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    I enjoy studying & I don’t feel like Digital Marketing is my cup of tea – it bring more negativity than positivity, unfortunately…

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