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100 thoughts on “Invisible Waifu Love – My Hero Academia – What’s in an OP?

  1. 13:45
    im pretty sure bakugo crashing through todorokis ice shows that todoroki kept "getting in the way" of bakugo when he was fighting along side him.

  2. Odd Future is an awful opening don’t @ me. The music is subpar and it doesn’t match the visuals at all.

  3. Yeah, nah, Peace Sign still best OP waifu. Still though your analysis is strong as always and I appreciate your impeccable breakdown of themes, motifs, and subtle character developments. Have you considered doing episode/arc analysis? I know you do What’s in a Scene/Fight but some long form analysis would be great to compare notes with.

  4. Yo im that one person that just stares at jirou and kaminari every time they are on screen togheter hunting for Kamijirou-

  5. One thing that you didn’t mention was that the way Camie posed for the camera was very similar to the way Toga did in OP 4.

  6. 16:31 It's probably electro swing boi that's the traitor. He's standing at the highest point, looking off to an unknown location, showing that his intentions are up in the air (unintended pun).

  7. 14:00 ish. also. super on the nose. but it may also be that they are both in half of the shadow because both embody half of what the symbol of peace is. winning fights, no matter at the cost to ones self. as well as constant cheerfulness, always wearing a smile, and empowering others to act.
    *from the scene of bakugo and midoriya fighting in the season 1 Hero VS villains lesson

  8. I thought toru putting her hands together like that was her using her ultimate move but since deku's there it's implying has the one who shines the most since her ability is a huge flashbang

  9. the three mystery characters is actually power loader, the teacher in charge of the support part of ua. he usually has a tractor claw covering his face tho so you can’t really tell what his face actually looks like but it’s him. he links into the season bc of mei hatsume

  10. Ah deku’s arch nemesis itachi and unicorn man both being foreshadowed…VeRy CoOl StUiO bOnEs, VeRy CoOl

  11. Huh
    I always wondered why my TV dimmed at the cool explosions
    Thought it maybe was a style choice
    Nice to know the real reason

  12. Possibe theory.

    Toga’s the traitor, she was just disguised as one of the U.A. student. Possibly why Tohru seems shady. It’s most likely because she is actually Toga in disguise. There may even be a real Tohru.

  13. Aomama is my favorite boy character next to todoroki. I mean COME on he is legit funny in every sean he is in. ( Except for the thing he did during the licence test that made me sad. And I only read the manga.) Tohru? The U.A TRADER?!? W-W-WHAT?!? Stop trying to give me a heart attack. Bakugo is a great character and I like him a lot but never as much as todoroki senpai. He is just misunderstood like his mom said.he is a good hero and very powerful just that mood of his needs to be fixed. WHO IS EXCITED FOR SEASON 4?!?

  14. Isn't the moving backround of the title card the same desert place that Deku began running in during the previous OP? Could that affirm the stance that he is moving forward on his path to become the number one hero. Or maybe I am just reading too much into this…

  15. 3:10 this could also mean his new fight strategy with the kick thing,because all might told him he wants to be all might too much and should focus on being himself and stuff ya know

  16. It bothers me how he said Present Mic as in “I PRESENT you…” instead of “Here’s a PRESENT for…”

    Is that just me?

  17. At the begining when dekus mask came off i think it represents the introduction of shoot style and how its meant to be different than all might because dekus costume was originally designed to mimic all might

  18. Because of this op I figured out the result of the provisional license exams.

    Todoroki and bakugo fail.
    It is not bad but I got a damn spoiler.

  19. 15:45 I'm gonna argue this slightly. Both Kaminari and Aoyama (Which is surprising because he normally looks directly at the camera) are looking upwards towards the sky because both of them get their first big moment during this arc.

  20. 12:45 IMO there actually is a meaning in that sequence – despite having the common goal, Todoroki and Bakugo get in each other's way, just like bakugo breaking Todoroki's icewave cause it was in his trajectory and, consequently, making some problems for Todoroki

  21. 10:20 I think this is a reference to the part where she says she will put her feelings for deku away so she could grow stronger.

  22. In the last scene Momo is looking up at Deku which symbolize when Deku said, "I cant help but thinking of saving him" then Momo saved Tsuyu. Bam I am good at this too, lmao.

  23. …is toru REALLY that desrving of "waifu material"? I mean i don't hate her, but i don't see why she's so popular when compared to Tsu or Uraraka (who are waifu material). Al i see is that she's acharacter who solely exists as a constant joke with a super hero outfit that is BASICALLY SELF-ASSASINATION to her own power and is under aged with huge oppais so that they could get away with a sexually attractive underage high school girl being naked on a sunday morning airing with no personal growth or major impact on the plot. It's kinda like Sakura vs Hinata (ACTUAL BEST GIRL).

  24. Listen I don’t care if Toga is evil or wants to kill everyone she is a hot girl! She can murder me or do what every to me

  25. I like toshinori more than all might yes I know they're the same person but all might is kinda a persona toshinori puts and he's actually more a of a reserved person honestly I always hated to see all might on screen and got happy when I saw toshinori

    But I did get sad when I saw all mights last battle but only because it affected toshinori :p

  26. Hey Geoff. I love your videos man and you did a great job with this one. I know first hand that these videos can take a while, but now that Season 4 has been out for a couple of months, do you have any plans to make an analysis of the new op?

  27. I think Iida reaching down to help is actually him helping Aoyama in his self-appointed mission to help the stragglers towards the end of the first round in the exam in an effort to be like his brother as he stated during their interaction. While the rubble around him is from the rescue part, I think it makes more sense that it'd be referencing his interaction with Aoyama and his idea of what he should be doing as class rep since he really didn't do much in the rescue part so it wouldn't make sense for that. At least, given the other OPs putting emphasis on character interactions and development, this seems more likely to me. 😀

  28. Very much enjoyed these what’s in an op series been very entertaining and interesting . I did wonder why a scene got dimmed in a show the other day kinda took the emersion away but now I know why. Heroism isn’t said as hero – ism 🤦‍♀️ other than that fantastic work 😂😂

  29. you're missing one crucial detail: inasa once said that todoroki and his dad have the same eyes which is probably one of the other reasons why the shot is fixated on endeavor's eyes and then todoroki and is why they're in the same shot making the same face and expression, he's taking after his father

  30. Could you theorize who those 3 random people in this OP are? They haven’t appeared anywhere else in the manga or anime…

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