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28 thoughts on “Introduction to the cell | Cells | High school biology | Khan Academy

  1. You are awesome man!. I wish I would have all this stuff when I was a school going kid.
    I had a phobia for learning in front of the teacher and had to say yes even if I don't understand what the teacher is saying.
    When I was in the school I even disliked the way some of the teachers were teaching which was one of the reason for me not performing well in those subjects.

  2. You mentioned that red blood cells dont have any dna ANYMORE so does that imply that at some point we did have red blood cells with dna?

  3. is it possible to say, extract say e.g. a nuclius out of one cell and exchange it with a neucleus from another (without collapsing)…. and at least in theory function..?

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