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48 thoughts on “Introduction to singular and plural nouns | Grammar | Khan Academy

  1. In fact, singular and plural are misnomers in English. Single things are indeed singular, and when there's more than one, it's plural. But what about zero? You don't have zero apple, but zero apples, plural, even though it's less than one. You have half an apple, which is singular, even though it's less than one apple (but it's exactly one half), but you also have 0.333… apples, even though it's less than one (and it's exactly one third).

  2. Can someone please tell the whole setup (software, hardware etc.) that can be used to create a similar style video? The font is really cleanly written, thank you

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  5. This stuff revolutionized doing my homework. I used to dread doing my homework but now? its my favorite part of the day. Thank's david.

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