Introducing Khan Lab School!
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Introducing Khan Lab School!

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit with a
mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. We have
big ambitions here at Khan Academy. We reach hundreds of millions, if not
billions, of students around the world and literally give them the resources so
that they can empower themselves learning the things that they need to
learn. But with that said, we have a bit of a broader ambition of
challenging the assumptions of the traditional school architecture – and so
the point of the Lab School is let’s create a real physical place with
real kids where some of these traditional artifacts are questioned. Do you
have to separate kids by perceived ability level? Or do you have to even separate them by age? Can you get back to a world where older kids can mentor
younger kids and younger kids can get that mentorship, older kids feel that
sense of responsibility… We really are a one room schoolhouse. We have all of our ages
together. Right now, we’re 5 to 13. And it’s a very powerful thing that I see even
with my own children at the Lab School where you know my son is now six and
there’s a twelve-year-old who will hold his hand and who will talk to him about how
he might want to think about a certain type of problem or why he might not want
to give up. And its oftentimes that twelve-year-old’s intervention or that
ten-year-old’s intervention that means much more to my son than anything I
could say or that anything any other adult could say so we started implementing
this mentorship program particularly in math larger right i right the mentorship program because it helps
me understand what these kids are thinking and its really hold them and
let us know that I can help so what khanacademy is all about and
this is core to the lab school well is mastery based learning
unfortunate what happened to the traditional system is that it’s very
time-bound you have 55 minutes to get things done we’re set of artificially constraining
when how long you have to do something do it the other way around what’s fixes that we have the expertise
that everyone should be mastered the concept everyone should be going to the
a-level and what becomes variable is when and how long they have to work on
your mat everyone in our class or not group is doing a different mission and
Matt so some of us are going back in mastering the early concepts that like
first grade second grade third big not that some of us are way up there doing
pre calculus before I was really bad at mac now I’m going to levels ahead of my
last level when you walk into comics cool i think the nice thing about it is
that it feels alive kids are talking with each other kids are moving around
the space there’s a lot of freedom it’s also unique because you know you
walk into a traditional school and everyone is facing the same way the
teachers definitely at the center but when you walk into con lab school I
think you’ll see the students at the center of their learning so maybe groups
of students who are standing over a project together so i think you would
feel the energy and excitement around learning and that’s always a real buzz
when you walk into the school yeah our daughter does not want to leave
like if i say 520 she’ll say okay I can spy 25 like you know feel bargain for
five minutes everything here is that the kids are
doing this for a large part of their own volition and they’re doing it because
they want to do it i think it’s the creativity and the and the fact that the
kids are basically allowed to do everything that they want to do my group that I was mentoring decided
they wanted to make a hovercraft and that certainly came from them because
teachers men wasn’t had experience with that and we’re looking at it thinking
galley ok that’s a beautiful idea how are we
going to support this and in conversation and talking to and finding
internet resources we successfully built a hovercraft and I say we but they
successfully built a hovercraft they had taught them how to use tools and they
they really figured it out that blew my mind they had it done on a quick prayer it
was really incredible here student ownership of learning is really
important students we expect them to see that learning is it’s not something they
do for somebody else is something they do for themselves and for their future
to realize their own dreams and their own wishes for their lives and maybe the
most powerful thing you do i do love my job I has a passionate about teaching
and to be in place that really supports that and supports needed try new things it just feels so on it feels really feel like we’re
supporting students the best we can without getting hung up on anything else yeah 23 a lot of work ahead for us to school and
a lot of work ahead process can be but already when somebody comes to school
out they look at community meeting and collectively kids to use their learning
the kids you can see that they understand that it’s all for them and
that everyone in charge they understand that the responsibilities on them and I
think that’s a that’s something that is a true accomplishment

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7 thoughts on “Introducing Khan Lab School!

  1. hy i am from khanewal punjab pakistan i want to have khan lab school in my village where childrens knows only punjabi and lilttle bit urdu so can you help me

  2. This was one of my education ideas, but kids were supposed to choose an epic project and work on it together, learning skills and teamwork

  3. My favorite part about the Khan Lab School is that it is working to change the architecture of the school and the classroom to center around activating student ownership and motivation. Well done. We’d love to hear how we could grow our school and contribute our model to this process if you’d ever like to see a truly remarkable forest kindergarten in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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