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International Students Living in Exeter

I think Exeter as a city is a nice mix between a town and a city It’s a small enough city that you can still get to know people… …you still see people you recognise in town but it’s large enough that you don’t get bored I feel glad that I chose Exeter as my uni because it’s a really friendly place… …and one that really cares about your education It’s very beautiful and safe so I am very happy to stay here in Exeter What I expected when I pictured Exeter before I came was really small… …but when I came I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that there’s actually a lot you can do in this small city I expected it to be busy and crowded but actually it’s not It’s really nice and quiet, and it’s really safe too In the city I like to go explore cafes, I really enjoy Boston Tea Party I do like going down to the Quay Going and seeing the cathedral is actually really nice to see and really beautiful It is an easy city to get around because it’s very small… …and everything you need is placed in a very convenient location Exeter definitely feels like a very central city There are buses and trains to most of the surrounding cities… …but it’s only about two hours to get to London by train The train station and bus station they are all in the city centre and it’s really convenient There are two University of Exeter campuses There’s Streatham campus which is where I have my classes… …and there’s also the Saint Luke’s campus where the indoor swimming pool is… …and some of the sport science facilities Generally I have met quite a lot of international students from all over the world… …and it’s actually really nice to see that there’s quite a lot of diversity here in Exeter It’s really nice, I feel really at home here When I was first here I had no friends but when I attended a class… …I made friends so living in Exeter made me very happy I feel like the accommodations are really safe because everyone looks out for each other They make sure you’re feeling ok I do feel safe night There are a lot of street lights in the city so it’s very bright out all the time… …and I’ve never not felt safe walking around at night The campus is even safer than the city centre I can always see the security car driving around The Estate Patrol are the security on campus which are available 24/7 if you need it Just the availability of that service is actually very comforting It’s a really surprising campus There’s a lot to go do academically but also socially It’s a large campus and a large city but it also feels very small… …because the community is just very kind and welcoming For me I feel like what charmed me the most was how much there was to do… …and how much you can get involved at the university Exeter is a beautiful place to stay with your family… …so I recommend you come here and study what you want I would definitely recommend this university to other students Before I came here I had really high expectations of it… …and I can only say that they have outperformed them, I’ve been having a really good time

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