International student needs a Christmas miracle to get home
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International student needs a Christmas miracle to get home

If you are in Newfoundland and recently
purchased a duffel bag from winners and you may be able to make amends Christmas
miracle come true now this is the duffel bag in question and Leonard Mawora is a
St. John student from Zimbabwe he bought it as he was getting ready to
return home for the holidays he placed his passport inside before deciding that
he no longer needed the bag and then he returned the back to the store
forgetting that the passport was still inside. When he went back to winners the
bag was no longer there so we’ve got Leonard on the line now joining us from
St. John’s. Leonard where do you think your passport is right now? I still feel like the passport is still in the bag because I’ve searched I’ve been searching since Saturday last week and
I still haven’t found anything yet now Now, this is kind of an odd story but there’s
also a very significant reason why you need your passport back. Tell everyone at
home why you need to get back home. I need it to go for a funeral and I have a brother who’s also getting married and also needed spend time Christmas with my family. That’s another thing. So you’ve got a funeral to attend a sadly you’ve got a wedding to
attend and of course you’d like to spend Christmas with your family. Yeah. So, if
you don’t get that passport in the next couple of days what happens? If I don’t
get it now, it’s me against the time now because school is opening soon right so
that means if I don’t get it maybe before Christmas now another option
would be now I go to Ottawa and apply for another one which I don’t know how lond it’s going to take to get a new one. Right. Well, maybe they could
speed up the process for you considering what’s going on but in the meantime have
you had any calls any tips anybody coming forward? No one nothing yet
nothing yet I’m just still waiting I’m waiting maybe after Christmas to
see if maybe someone is gonna get that bag as a gift maybe there’ll realize
there’s a passport in there. Yeah and you know maybe they’re watching the story
right now. I hope they’ll remember it come Christmas Day. Yeah.
Leonard when you realized the passport was gone what went through your mind?
I, you know, like at that point I thought I was actually dreaming. At first I was like I searched that whole house. Then I
couldn’t find it then I had to go like two minutes and I’m thinking maybe the
bag is still there at Winners. Then when I came back that’s when I actually realized that yeah I don’t have this passport. I’m sure that passport is in that bag
and now I started panicking and I don’t know because I was about four hours to
board my flight so I didn’t know what to do. And when’s the flight? The
flight was last week Sunday so I miss now and I to to cancel like the ticket.
Did you get the money back? Yeah but with WestJet like I cancelled one one thousand two
hundred together they only gave me about $300. Oh man, it’s just one hit after the
next okay and when you told your family about
losing the passport what did they say? They were heartbroken because they really
wanted me to come. They were looking forward to spending Christmas with me
but you know the hardest part for them I guess was just accepting that I’m not
coming back home or maybe I only come back when I get this passport. But you’ve
got some celebrity on side helping you Rick Mercer has tweeted out your story
did that get more attention? Yeah, cause I was looking at his post. It got more attention. I saw a lot of people sharing it. And I really appreciate everyone who shared and everyone whose been trying to help.
If you don’t get that passport in time who are you gonna spend Christmas with? I don’t know yet because I’ve had like a few families inviting me for Christmas. Oh good. So I’m still I’m still to
decided where I’m gonna spend Christmas but this year is gonna be different.

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53 thoughts on “International student needs a Christmas miracle to get home

  1. One one the largest immigration scams to remain illegally. Contact your embassy and get emergency travel docs. Bye.

  2. I think this dud did that by purpose just to stay here in Canada who bring back a bag without checking if there is nothing in it lol 😂😂😂😂😂 what a joke

  3. smart businessman, hes going to start either a braiding (NOT BREEDING) company, or start a restaurant serving chinese food , of course. or , a deejay business. perhaps the RCMP will hire him for the missing handbags department at twice the regular salary ?

  4. I don’t get this. If anyone loses their passport, the first thing they would do is contact their embassy for consular services. The embassy can typically create a temporary permit to act as a passport. Nobody goes to the media first thing. I’m guessing this was done on purpose so he doesn’t have to go back. Perhaps relatives he doesn’t exactly want to visit or he wants to stay in Canada.

  5. I will give the phone number the company Remco that is the business that handles all winners homesente T J max and Marshall's

  6. You have to go the website Remco in your city see if you can find the phone number because this is where most of the inventory wines up at

  7. Short on content? You cant get an emergency passport from your embassy or consulate? Come on this story shouldn't of made the news

  8. We STILL have two Canadians detained in China btw…yet the CBC is reporting on this pointless story? A true waste of public spending

  9. Bunch of racists in the comment section. I feel really sorry for this person as we all want to spend Christmas with family.

  10. Why isn't CBC INTERVIEWING BLM? BLM barricaded PRIDE? BLM can barricade the Zimbabwe Embassy.

    This story is so TRUDEAUNIAN. This guy didn't know what to do when he lost his African passport when he knew exactly how to get from Africa to Canada? The real story here is why won't HIS Zimbabwe Embassy service HIS "heart wrenching" request? At least this VISA student has a roof over his head with heat and clean hot and cold water on demand while in Canada avoiding HIS Zimbabwe Embassy.

    I am wondering why CBC is NOT focused on Canadian homeless and First Nation CANADIAN citizens with no roof over their heads, no heat, no hot or cold, and ONLY polluted water on demand during CANADA'S Christian nation's Christmas season.

  11. Mate good luck getting home! Everyone makes mistakes in life, but everyone also deserves to spend Christmas time with loved ones.

    As a Canadian studying in the UK, I've not been able to go home for Christmas for the past 5 years. I hope this will be my last year of exile, and next Christmas I'll be able to be with my family once again.

    I'll cross my fingers for you!

  12. Is it that hard to simply request a replacement passport? seems inefficient to wait for people to tweet about you and make tv interviews just sitting home.

  13. I am hoping this man can get home, but Canadians have a terrible idea of what a Christmas story is supposed to be. There’s supposed to be a conclusion.

  14. What happens if he loses his pass port in Zimbabwe again and two of them ⚓️ ⚓️  come back to Canada just like the first time he lost his passport 👎🏻

  15. I have a question ! I’m 13 ok .i have Canadian citizenship from birth and passport can I move there to my aunts house and when I go to the airport can I be in the aiRpLaNe alOne

  16. Update: Leonard Mawora's passport has been found, and the person who found it has offered to pay for his ticket home. ^bb

  17. Good news. His passport has been found and returned. Now he can go back to africa and stay to help his fellow africans better themselves.

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