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International School of Luxembourg

Luxembourg: a vibrant city full of history and culture situated at the heart of Europe. The International School in Luxembourg serves both the international and the local communities. With students from over 40 different nations, we are focused on developing an
international and multicultural perspective. We value respect, understanding and interdependence. As a school, ISL is diverse and demanding. We teach students as young as age 3 in our Early Years Programme, and through primary and secondary school, culminating with the International Baccalaureate Diploma. This school is absolutely student-centred. My eldest in Grade 2 had always been very shy, very withdrawn at school. He never liked school. He said every day he didn’t want to go to school and now, this year, it’s just completely different and
he’s happy, he’s grown in confidence. Each child learns at his own pace. We work creatively together to try and make sure that every child’s needs are met. Academically it’s one-of-a-kind. I’ve never had one day where they haven’t wanted to come in. You know, going home in the car in the
evening they’re buzzing and saying: So what do you want to ask me about school
today? ISL’s definitely very academically challenging. I always have quite a lot of homework but it definitely pays off and you feel really good whenever you get an assignment done. Before I came here I had no idea what the IB programme was but over time the
teachers have done a great job of getting me used to what is going to come. And I’m very excited for what I’m going to learn next year in IB. They show the children how to lead their lives well; how to respect each other; how to play nicely together, and they prepare them for life. Let’s have everybody sitting down so you can all see. Jasper, if you can put it across there. The first job is: Does it cross the
gap? You know something about vinegar and you know something about baking soda. Just experiment with it and see what happens. Partager son gâteau d’anniversaire. Qu’est-ce qu’il a dans la main? Les pièces! Combien? Why was the action socially responsible? Because there were political, economic, social, environmental, legal expectations… Start moving to the side of her keep her head in frame … now follow her
in. The core curriculum is inquiry-based and combines the subjects of Maths
language and literature, science and social studies with broad instruction
in visual and performing arts as well as physical education. The new Lower School with its state-of-the-art facilities offers an integrated approach to
learning for students from a wide range of language and
cultural backgrounds. We promote excitement for learning and an
increasing understanding of themselves and their world through active problem-solving, discovery and reflection. Students are encouraged to take initiative, be innovative and collaborative with others within a caring international environment. In the Upper School, our goal is to inspire each and every one of our students with the confidence to reach their
individual potential and to become compassionate and responsible young adults. Our teachers encourage our students to become lifelong learners and, as a
faculty, we all enjoy the chance to learn
together. We are closely involved with similar schools around the world to identify and apply
the best practices in education. The most widely known
example of this is the International Baccalaureate Organization. The IB Diploma is a prestigious credential recognized by universities around the
world. The strong IB results achieved by ISL graduates in recent years illustrates their
academic success. Our IB Diploma pass rates are at or near 100 percent. Our students consistently surpass the global averages. We are preparing our students to meet
the challenges of a University education and adult life as responsible
participants in a global society. Our language classes are taught from novice to mother tongue. We also provide assistance
for English language learners through English as an Additional Language classes along with in-class support so that
students can integrate fully into their studies and enjoy the social
life of the school. Our students travel through Europe and the rest of the world to participate
in sporting competitions, field trips, academic competitions, music honors programs, community service tours and Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. ISL’s excellent facilities are a testament to
the support of our host country. The Upper School includes fully networked classrooms, libraries, science labs, art studios, a Drama Studio, music rooms, gymnasiums, a fitness centre, cafeterias, an
auditorium, a full-sized football field and several
spacious playgrounds. Our brand new Lower School was
inaugurated in 2013. It includes homerooms, from pre-school to
Grade 5, arranged in eight clusters throughout
the building; EAL or modern languagerooms, a sizeable Sports Hall, a state-of-the-art
auditorium, an extensive library, a media room, a multipurpose gym, a large cafeteria, a science room, cooking room, music rooms, art rooms and external outdoor spaces
for sports and recess. ISL shares 25-metre and 50-metre Olympic swimming pools with our
neighbouring schools on campus. Our teachers represent more than 20
nationalities and provide a wealth of knowledge and
experience. Through their own international exposure, they understand the importance of creating a learning environment that is responsive to the students’
cultural diversity. Our students are encouraged to become
independent thinkers, effective communicators and to develop
responsibility for their own learning. Teachers work together to integrate
technology seamlessly into the curriculum, enabling our students to grow up as
thinking, adaptable people capable of taking
their place in a changing society. We value the connection between family,
school and community. We recognize the need to establish a network of support that extends beyond the classroom. We host a wealth of extra-curricular, academic and social activities for children and adults in addition to our regular programmes. Our doors remain open to students and parents alike outside school hours.

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  2. I am a teacher from Nigeria and I will like to teach here to contribute my knowledge and experience to the overall development of this school.

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