International Education Week – Ibtihal Aboussad
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International Education Week – Ibtihal Aboussad

(Peace be unto you) My name is Ibtihal Aboussad and I’m a high school student from Morocco. Last summer I participated in the US State Department’s TechGirls program for three weeks and it really changed my life. First the exchange experience allowed me to learn more about a field I’m so passionate about, which is technology. So through visiting some tech companies and engineering labs and meeting tech leaders. I was able to get a clear insight about the doors being a STEM woman would open to me and it made me even more certain that is the field that I want to impact and that is the part I want to take. And it also gave me many different ideas about ways I could make a change in my community using my knowledge in this area from now on. For example, the initiative in which another Moroccan TechGirl and I teach some needy girls computer basics and one particular event that shaped me during the program is our cultural sharing day it was a day during which girls from each country had to give a presentation about their habits, traditions, food, music and so much more. And I loved this event because it allowed me to broaden my knowledge about six different nations and it made me even more eager to travel the world starting from these countries I learned about. And finally the other. advantage I got from being an international exchange student is the ability to break down the stereotypes people had about my own country and to show them how we live. And that’s why I encourage you to host an international exchange student, if you can, so that you can change their life or to participate in a program yourself, and you can start by visiting To have more information about the US State Department’s sponsored programs and how you can participate. Thank you for watching (Peace be unto you)!

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