International Education Week Chancellor Message
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International Education Week Chancellor Message

International Education Week Message from
Chancellor Gearhart Thank you for your interest and support of
International Education Week. The University of Arkansas is committed to international
education, whether it is providing a platform to send students and faculty abroad, or welcoming
international students and scholars from around the world to our campus.
We are the home of The Honorable J. William Fulbright. He was president of the university
of Arkansas, and later, as a United States Senator, he created the Fulbright International
Exchange Program, one of the most prestigious international programs for students and scholars
in the world. Senator Fulbright recognized that international cooperation and understanding
were essential to our success as a nation. The University of Arkansas is dedicated to
carrying his message forward. Last year, we sent 733 students abroad, and it is our goal
that half of all graduating students will have had an international experience.
Currently, there are almost 1,400 international students and 300 international scholars on
campus, representing 116 countries. They are undergraduate and graduate students, visiting
or degree seeking. They contribute to every college, whether it is attending classes,
teaching courses, or conducting research. They add immeasurably to the diversity, cultural
richness, and intellectual rigor of our campus. I hope you will take advantage of the wonderful
opportunities available to you this week, whether it is participating in the international
bazaar or attending the Taste of Africa dinner. The folks at the Graduate School and International
Education and our international community have put together a tremendous week of festivities.
I hope you have fun and participate in as many events and activities as your schedule
allows during international education week, thank you.

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