International Education Week 2016: Global Delight
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International Education Week 2016: Global Delight

(upbeat piano music) – Global Delights is a station that we created to meet the needs and the wants of our diverse McMaster
community and population. – What Global Delight to me, it means a little beauty from every part of the world. That’s how I would explain it. – The importance of having a
station like Global Delights, it’s an opportunity for us to recognize the diverse population that we have in our community on campus. – You see the interaction between different people from different cultures. Now they are getting to know new or different food and they love it. They enjoy it, it’s good. – We also have the chance to give students that are away from home familiar tastes and flavors that will help to make them feel a
little bit more comfortable. – There are a lot of international
students at McMaster and it’s a way for them to kind of like feel home away from home because McMaster is basically their home for the next four, five, whatever years. So it’s good to have that,
to know that McMaster can make you feel welcome, make you feel homely in a different country. So I feel like it’s a
very key thing to have. – I’m just used to doing the
typical North American cooking, so reading the recipe and
figuring out the flavors that I’ve never, ever tasted before and then figuring out what
it would taste in my head cooking it and then at the end tasting it, comparing it to with some of the students and them having it being something that they
actually would enjoy back home, that was the most rewarding
thing out of everything. – Literally, it’s like walking
into a restaurant in Nigeria and like, having a taste of
the food right here in Canada. – Having her say that it tasted just like something that you get in
a restaurant back home, that is exactly what we look for and that’s what we live
for every single day. – It’s so wonderful to serve them, to see the smile on their faces. And not only that, they feel at home. They feel at home which is the best part.

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