International Connections Academy Teachers Share How Virtual Learning Works
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International Connections Academy Teachers Share How Virtual Learning Works

My name is Cristen Jones and I am a secondary
math teacher. I’ve been a teacher at International Connections
Academy for seven and a half years. My name is Jodi Mallia and I’m a secondary
science teacher at International Connections Academy. This is my first year at International Connections
Academy, but I have worked for Connections for the last four years before that, as a
substitute. At International Connections Academy, we are
now in over 50 countries. My students range anywhere from Mexico to
Indonesia. We are encouraged to keep a set of core hours,
we do want to make sure that, as teachers, we are available to our students during the
time where they are most online. At International Connections Academy we are
very flexible, so the teachers are flexible, so that they can talk to their students all
over the world. We also work other hours to beat the needs
of our students across the country and across the world. At International Connections Academy, we have
very good relationships with our families. We get to know our families in the beginning
of the year, or the beginning of the semester. Some families like to speak with us on a weekly
basis or couple times a week. Other families, they’re with us for the flexibility
and they might want to talk with us less frequently, but we still have good communication with
them. A live lesson is a time for the students to
come in, spend time with their teachers and explore their curriculum. It’s not necessarily just a lecture or, “Hey,
let’s work through this sets of problems.” We, as teachers, get excited about live lesson. We like to dive into the material. We love to explore the material with the students. Say we are learning about the greenhouse effect,
I will pull up a simulation and I’ll show you how the greenhouse effect works. I feel that I get to see students from all
walks of life. I get to see students from all over the country
and all over the world. It’s exciting because I get to go on a field
trip every day.

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