International Charter School of Atlanta Feb 2018 final
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International Charter School of Atlanta Feb 2018 final

Ruby was born 1954. She and her family lived in the South. What was the South like? When Ruby was young, some laws in the South were not fair. Children read about Ruby Bridges to learn about her life. In the German program on the French and the Spanish
program they also learned about Ruby Bridges and one of our German students
actually gave a great explanation about who she is. We are learning about Presidents and now we are learning about Ruby Bridges. She was the first African American to visit the all-white school. (William Frantz Elementary in 1960) Part of the social studies
standards is to learn about different famous people in American history. In first grade our dual language immersion program is an 80/20 immersion program
that means the students are in the language for 80% of the time so they’re
learning math, science, social studies, and language in Spanish or in French or
Chinese or in German. Student reading and teacher say, “Remember when you see a period, so we’re gonna pause.” Pourquoi Walking into a classroom when you’re
doing an evaluation on a teacher and you see students speaking and communicating
back and forth with their teacher in Chinese or a French, who else gets to
experience that I actually when I walk into classrooms even in elementary
setting I’m learning. I feel like I can learn four different
languages along with the children so it’s a great perspective

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