Inspiring Teacher Wins Massive Prize with Million Dollar May
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Inspiring Teacher Wins Massive Prize with Million Dollar May

You know, I really
wanted to come out here today and talk about why
American steel stocks have plummeted in the past year. But then I realized that
there are only three days left in May. So let’s do Million Dollar May. [MUSIC PLAYING] My friends at Walmart
gave me $1 million to give away to
deserving people. And today, I was
thinking, maybe, I could help a teacher
from El Paso, Texas– one who works at Title I
Middle School and motivates, supports, and
inspires his students to prepare for college. Ricky Ramirez,
come on down here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my gosh. Hi! Hi! Hi, Ricky! All right, tell me about
the program that you run. So I teach AVID, which is a
college readiness program. And it’s actually to prepare
students for college. And I have a unique
situation, where I teach kids in the
same neighborhood that I grew up in at the
same school I went to. And I want to show them that
if I can do it, they can do it. And you recently found out
that your school district cut the AVID program,
during the budget cut. So what does that mean for you? So that means that I
need to find a job. And I can either
throw a pity party, or I can be optimistic
and positive. And what I’m doing
right now is I’m trying to apply for a college
readiness coordinator position to show kids in a
high school that there are options to pay for college. Because when I was in high
school, I didn’t believe I was smart enough for college. So I went right to the military. But I want to show them
that there’s other ways. And again, if I can
do it, they can do it. Ricky, that’s fantastic. All right, well, Walmart
and I want to help you. So today, we’re going
to play Holy Roller. And to help us
with today’s game, we have the million
dollar man, Kevin. [MUSIC PLAYING] You’re going to be over here. Oh, all right, Kevin, here. You’re going to stand this
way and face the audience. Thank you. All right, and Kevin,
tell us what’s happening. Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to give
you a chance to win some money playing Holy Roller. But you’re going to have to
earn your balls by answering some questions, OK? All right. Luckily, we’re going to
put Ellen on your team, because she’s very smart. So if you don’t know
something, I can help you. And good luck. All right, thanks dear OK. Here’s your first question. Ricky spent four
years in the Marines and was deployed in Iraq. What’s Ellen’s
favorite marine animal? The beluga whale. Is that’s your final answer? Sure. Oh, you got it. Thank you. Congratulations, all right,
you earned this ball. But first, Ellen’s going to
show you how easy it is– Oh, that’s right. To holy roll it. Yeah, so you’ll stand here. What you do is
you aim real good. And then, you just roll it. Uh-oh, wrong way. All right, so sometimes
it’s not easy. All right. All right. Your turn, but you
already got the ball. Are you ready? First, let’s show you how
much this role is worth. Look over here. [CROWD CHEERING] Wow! This could be a $75,000 ball. Wow, wow. Good luck, Ricky. All right. Do better than me. I went that way. Can you blow it? Can you blow on it? [FAKE BLOWS] Do I stand on here? You kind of do. $75,000, Ricky. Ah, you followed me. You followed me. That’s all right! There’s more choices. More balls, more choices. Luckily, you get
three questions. Here’s your next one. All right. Ellen, Ricky
encourages his students to be more confident by
practicing their handshake. Ellen, who’s the last
person whose hand you shook? That would probably be– well, there’s usually
hugs involved, so can you say a hug instead? I’m going to have to
say Milo Ventimiglia. Oh, we’ll accept. All right, OK, good. All right, let’s see how much
this ball is worth, Ricky. OK, $50,000– that’s
still pretty good. That’s still pretty good. It’s going down. Now, you can decide who’s
going to roll if one of you is feeling more lucky. Really? I trust you. Oh, Lord. All right. All right, to make it
a little more dramatic, let’s hit the lights, Tina. Tina– Tina still works here? Tina’s here. And we’ve got Turner on music. OK, Turner’s on music? Tina and Turner. OK, all right. $50,000, Ellen. All right. No, the wrong way again! God! All right, that
was a bad choice. That’s so sorry. All right. That’s OK. All right. Come on. There’s one more ball. And you’re going
to have to roll it. OK. Ball three, Ricky. Ricky, who also coached
football and track. For the last row
of the game, what did Ellen have for breakfast. She had oatmeal. Oatmeal. That’s it! Yes! All right, the last
question– missing it cost you a little bit. Let’s see how much
of this one’s worth. $100,000. Here’s your lucky color. You’re rolling that. I’m not rolling that one. All right, Ricky. OK. Quiet please. Come on, don’t
let me blow on it. Because I– Come on! Let’s hear the lights. Here’s the music. Tina! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Like a bowling ball? I think so. This is your last chance, Ricky. Yeah, we both went
the wrong way. So just really think
about going straight in. Here we go. Let’s see what I’m aiming for. You can do it. Think about it. [CROWD CHEERING] Oh my god! Ah! [GROANS] Shoot. That was so close. So close. I feel like– I’m so sorry. I feel like if he had one
more shot, because now he got the hang of it. I’m out of balls. Yeah. I have to take my little
stand and go home. No, but I’ll get another ball. Let’s give him one more chance. One more chance? One more chance. All right, all
right, OK, does he– And he can have the bumper. Really? If you want. I want to give you the most
advantage I can give you, OK? OK. All right, let’s help him out. What are you going to do? Bring something out to help him. This is unheard of. [CROWD CHEERING] OK, good luck. Ricky. Oh my god! Good luck, Ricky! Oh my gosh! Tina, Turner– for
$100,000, Ricky– $100,000! [CROWD CHEERING] Oh my god! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my god! $100,000, Ricky. Oh my gosh! I love you so much. Thank you so much. I love you too. You’re a good guy. All right, you take that. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel, so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer,
and also some videos of Ellen and other
celebrities if you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMING] God [BLEEP].

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