Inside the College for Budding Weed Entrepreneurs
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Inside the College for Budding Weed Entrepreneurs

All right: you made it to week 14. How we doing? Congratulations! Good morning, Oak-sterdam! Alright. Fantastic. Remember: the plant — survives off glucoses and sugars… And so — we start to just… I like to work from the bottoms of the flowers… And then — work your way up, to reveal: what’s going on within the flower? Well, there — are now a handful of universities (that teach classes about weed). “Oak-sterdam” — is the first all-inclusive Cannabis college in America. After prop 64 has passed — what is… the legal landscape in California? It’s — not an accredited university. But for fifteen hundred and ninety five dollars — Oaksterdam offers a 14 week semester: where students take business, law, politics, and history classes — just like they would at a regular college. But it’s all focused around Cannabis. And better — that it has this color, but what’s the downside of making a purple or blue? Those lectures — are mixed in: with more Hands-on labs (like Horti-Culture). And even — an infused cooking class: with professor Sandy. I brought some… tacos — because they’re kind of “quick”. So; what is the… “dosage”, in… one taco? Interesting, to figure out; I’m learning (actually) — about “how to figure out doses”… Alright. There’s — our taco. Cheers. Taco. Cheers — to you! Working out here — I thought: I knew *everything* (about marijuana). Well; it turns out — that I didn’t… Class — typically starts off, with… a morning welcome and introduction; and we — will have a typical lecture… Okay? After every lecture — is either a demonstration, or — an actual lab; and… there’s — homework. There’s — exams… So: we take it really seriously… I have high school graduates — sitting next — to neuro-surgeons; sitting next — to grand-mothers; sitting next to… politicians, and policy makers. It’s — quite amazing!… So today — is (actually) the last day of classes; and one of the main subjects they’re studying — is horti-culture… So (as part of the final exam) students — are going to get to harvest the weed (they’ve been growing all year). The first step — would be just simply breaking away the large families, and all these — going to be… usable for… wax making. Not so much. More — for food or butter making. But a little bit. So — at this point: after I’ve removed the big fan leaves (which weren’t so many) — I’ve revealed a little bit of the bud, right? You can see a little bit more. It’s — kind of there. Why are they called “sugar leaves”? Mainly — because the trichomes are present. Well; how did you find yourself a student here — at Oaksterdam? I have reached a point in my life — where I knew: I wasn’t… doing what I wanted to be doing; — and… knew: I wanted to do something I love. What were you doing before this? I was actually in commercial production. Commercial production? Oh man. No wonder: you wanted to get out of it. The money — ‘s good. Why Cannabis? I suffer (personally) from… severe anxiety, attention deficit disorder, a bit of depression (at times); — and… and Marijuana — is one of the few things, that… actually helped! When you… tell your friends and family, that you are… going to… graduate from “weed college” — what do they say? That’s the thing; there’s a lot of people, that’s their first… “instinct” — to be like: “Oh, you’re going to pot college?” But (I mean — after some explanation)… You can let them know: how… serious this is! This — is a real education; and it can be very hard to find… information — on… how to do this, and how to handle this. Okay… Speaking of… “help”. Oh. Okay. We’re ready. All right. Well… First thing we’re going to do — start to take off the families. The families — would be… any leaf, that’s not… actually connected… to … one of the flowers. I usually don’t get it in *this* form; usually — it’s in a zip-loc bag. Well; now — you know the work, that goes into… those beautiful things you get in the zip-loc bag? Doesn’t this beat biology and like the dead pig? How did you end up being the chancellor of a “weed college”? In my former life — I was a manager, an entrepreneur, and a corporate trainer… And so — I recognized immediately, that there needed to be some type of training; for the Cannabis industry. And especially — for patients, and also — for doctors (quite frankly); — and it just didn’t exist! How is this whole thing legal? Because we teach in California. We — ‘re able to do hands-on; and we — ‘re the only hands-on lab in the world (where you can do — what you did down-stairs). The difference is — between (say) California and New York (or when we go to Las Vegas) — is whether (or — not) we can be hands-on; with the students? So oftentimes — we do things like video (when we go out of town), or — we’ll use alternative plants (like Lavender; or RoseMary). By the time you get through — (and graduate — from Oaksterdam university) — you can walk in to nearly any environment, and it’s guaranteed: you’re going to know more, than they do… Hello, fellow graduates. What can you tell me — about this? I’m — like a total Newbie; so — pretend, that I don’t know anything… So; I mean, like if you never smoked before — I would absolutely say, like you want to start with something that’s not too potent… Okay. And — it’s not in this section. …pre-loaded wax cartridges — which has like pure CO2 extract, which is Cannabinoids basically. What do you guys want to do? — You want to be …? You want to… change the world and the policy is what; … — What’s up? I want to employ massive amounts of people — that are going to know, what they’re talking about; but I want to start a business. Business? Yeah. I got aspirations to do big things. Cool. Anything, that’s like… this — is giving you a good foundation? Yeah, absolutely. At least — for now. Yeah; this school? — 100%. Oh, man! One of the big things (that we try to teach our students here) — is to continue to advocate, once they graduate. And that means: advocating up — talking to elected officials, talking to people in power; coming out — as cannabis consumers, or cannabis advocates — because you don’t have to smoke it — to advocate for it! What’s remarkable about education — is: you need it — every time there’s a change. You’ve got a group of people — working on Cannabis policy reform. And then — you’ve got a group of people: coming in as investors and entrepreneurs, that have no idea — of the very history they’re stepping into. Especially — with president Trump. There — are… a lot of unknowns. And — it’s still important, that we honor, what the previous administration have put into place.

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100 thoughts on “Inside the College for Budding Weed Entrepreneurs

  1. so someone figured out a way how to have people pay to trim their weed for them. brilliant.

  2. Hmm. Where do I get an application to teach.. I'll cover turf and soil sciences. Got a BS in that very subject from Boston University Amherst. And I grow dank dank.

  3. Enviromental science degree = become a real botanist! You'll get paid more and know you'll know what the fuck your talking about.

  4. Ye i enjoyed growing weed …. but after a lifetime of smoking and using and observing my friends I would say that weed is a double edged sword and is being glorified out of all proportion….. and the money that's being made just shows how well it's being abused …. granted it has medicinal properties but the cost of a bottle of CBD is enough to give you anxiety….. growing up in the 70' s and the 80's the propaganda was all ways that weed and coke were non addictive……. well that's a myth , once again the expense is frightful… 2/3 spliffs a day …. is an ounce a month / 250/300 bucks /3600 a year … fuck that

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  7. if your grown up you already should know all this i was 15 years old growing the shit out of weed in mangrove swamps in south florida in the 80s use to put them in big ass buckets cuz of brackish water we use to get alot of weed from the islands and south america so they grow like weeds in the swamps i had one that was 9 foot tall dont get me wrong many do this in cali but for me being only 15 years old with 15 plants all 5 to 9 foot i was very happy when i did harvest and shit was that sense. fuck your college we are heading down the wrong road with bud no one should have to pay to learn about weed and uncle sam needs just let weed alone there should be no control over a plant if we really free

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  9. lol, imagine really paying money to go to a college to learn how to grow weed…. only to harvest some bogus ass mids lol.. all the information is available to you online for FREE people! take that 1500 and get some lights, a tent, carbon filter, then put that 800 left over in a savings!!! this is legal robbery lmao

  10. I couldn't do this.
    Growing is easy.
    I would just steal buds. And because it's all weighed. I would be cought.
    I couldn't do it because I couldn't help myself. Thers def cameras too.
    Damn this is like bait car. Its unfare.
    Not saying I wouldn't break in with a mask and gloves and leave with everything. Still crime. But instead of stealing a little and be expelled, jailed, aka no drugs to do.
    Might as well go all in, even killing someone is worth it to get away with whatever $$$$ you stole. (killing is fine if the persons trying to stop you. So cops are def targets)
    Just gotta be a smart criminal. Getting caught basically means death. So have plans.
    Chase with cops? Try too blow up a bridge? Hard but possible. A wooden one is ideal. But you can also just block a road.
    Heli? Well we dont have rpgs. So find a ditch location and ggo to another car

  11. like why bother with this course i know its cheap course for average person who want to grow personal use or learn basics only got 14 weeks you get a diploma. your not going to know more than some one with medical plant chemistry degree they will know about the genetics of the plant and how to make the other product cbd rich oil which requires specialised equipment.

  12. How about getting the poison out of it! Are they teaching that? I seriously doubt it. I am ready to advocate making it illegal again. Corporate mentality is gonna ruin weed.

  13. The stereotype of stoners changed, now stoners are sophisticated people who are scholars and knowledgeable about many different things.

  14. Betapa hebatnya tanaman ini :'(
    Semoga Indonesia cepat terbuka pikirannya !

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  16. If this is a recruitment video they could’ve at least included a link to the college website or something that had to do with the shool

  17. Police cops cops police police cops cops 👮🏻 police cops cops police police cops 👮🏻 police cops cops police police cops police police cops cops police police

  18. Hahahahhahhahahahahahahhahaha .. best money grab since the carpool lane .. and the teacher who is learning about dosages?! Bitch needs to take course …this is laughable

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