InPACT Classroom Activity Program
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InPACT Classroom Activity Program

this is not recess this is not free play but this is an opportunity to recharge the brain with some physical activities we know that it’s very difficult for children to sit for hours on end so these activity breaks actually give them a few minutes to get up increase blood flow to the brain to help them refocus. five 4-minute activity breaks so that the students will accumulate 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity in the classroom over the last two years we have been able to go into four different schools in four school districts across the state of Michigan we’ve trained over 30 teachers to implement our classroom physical activity breaks doing the actual physical activity is easy and fun but things like how do we get 40 students up in a timely fashion how do we sit them back down we do professional development with teachers and we actually train them on how to implement physical activity breaks safely in their classrooms on average most teachers take about thirty Seconds to a minute to actually transition their students to an activity break if you add that up with the four minutes of physical activity it’s a small interruption that reaps great benefits we’ve only been in four schools our goal is to put this in every school in Michigan I love the fact that what we are doing is directly touching kids and changing kids lives to give them physical activity every single day it’s just a moment for kids to be kids and have fun and enjoy life

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