India’s Engineers Problem | (Reality of Indian Engineering Education System)
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India’s Engineers Problem | (Reality of Indian Engineering Education System)

Has the great engineering dream died? India’s crisis of engineering education is now quite visible Indian engineers who used to dream of working in big offices driving luxury cars and living in large bungalows are now concerned about finding a promising job as they get into their final year at college several reports have pointed out low employability of engineering graduates except those from prestigious Institute’s most engineering colleges are unable to provide education to engineering students that would get them suitable jobs on top of that a huge number of engineering pass-outs which is more than the total number of engineers produced by the United States and China combined together with roughly 1.5 million engineering pass-outs each year there are not even 1/10 number of engineering jobs there’s a clear supply and demand gap for those who do end up getting a job after an engineering degree take up jobs which are well below their technical qualifications since their supply far outnumbers their demand they do not get jobs for which they are qualified or suitable jobs which makes the matters worse also entry-level salary is very low and has stagnated at that level for the last eight to nine years conversations with students faculty members and higher education experts suggest students don’t always sign up for engineering courses just to become engineers and to start designing new engines for cars extending the lifetime of a battery most of them simply want a job any job and given a choice a job with the government on top of that more threatening is the fact that the two key industries which hire engineers in India the IT and the manufacturing sector are also hiring a lesser number of them than before the IT industry in India which grew by as much as 30 percent up till five years ago has slowed down to a ten point two percent growth rate at present the demand for qualified professionals in the field has understandably gone down too the situation is grim er for tier two and Tier three colleges a huge disparity between the salary for top colleges and the not so highly sought after ones which has already been highly pronounced it’s expected to widen further while average start-up salary for an IIT pass-out is nine to ten lakh Indian rupees per year that the second grade college pass out is barely 1.8 to 2 lakh a year students who come from humble economic backgrounds and whose parents had to arrange student loans to be able to give their wards a decent education and ensure a bright future are worried too not surprisingly engineers are taking up jobs for which they are not qualified a large number of engineering graduates who fail to grab an employment in their respective field end up joining BPO or call centre units that could be disastrous for them in the future a McKinsey report had flagged the issue more than a decade ago when it said just a quarter of Engineers in India were actually employable the website named as the logic in Indian wrote about a mechanical engineer who is driving an auto rickshaw in New Delhi because he has hungry mouths to feed and a family to look after it is pertinent to point out that only a small percentage of those who pass out from engineering colleges do possess any skills with the name at all most of them are not employable or require a long-term training to do a job one of the major problem is the students opting for this course a large number of them were forced upon by parents and many of them were taken the course just because their friends were opting for engineering at the root of the problem is mushrooming of low-quality engineering colleges over the years as students from such colleges failed to get suitable jobs they faced decline in enrollment now a large number of these colleges are being shut down as students are now becoming more aware of the current situation there will be around 80 thousand less seats in engineering this year in the country this will lead to around three point one lakh seats less than four years according to all the India Council for technical education nearly 200 substandard engineering colleges have applied for this closure ai CTE wants to close down about 800 engineering colleges across India there are no takers for their seats and emissions are plunging in these colleges every year on the bright side the promising growth of the startup ecosystem in India is emerging as a rescuer for those who are hardworking and passionate about their field

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38 thoughts on “India’s Engineers Problem | (Reality of Indian Engineering Education System)

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  2. Engineering is not read by us just to get a job.. A true engineer won't worry about job, he creates the job of their own. We are the craftsman of a country!!

  3. Most engineering colleges don't have the faculty to create highly skilled engineering graduate.
    Engineering as a career has been forced upon the throats of the students in India.Instead of engineering degrees we need more skill development programme related to engineering.
    Engineering students need more practical teaching which can be imparted through skill development programme.
    E vehicles and solar industry are some of the areas where there is a huge dearth of skilled manpower. We Must find those sectors and redesign the curriculum to make these engineers employable.

  4. Here in every Engineering college
    Management is just trying to Complete the Syllabus.. Not teaching the Practical knowledge…

  5. I'm a mechanical engineering student from Chennai, India and i totally agree with everything! It sums up all the problems we're facing. I really hope only people who are passionate about engineering would choose to study it in the future.

  6. We live in county where education cost is higher for people who are in general category after that you have to go from quota system.. You are not indian here, you belong from quota.
    Even if you get your degree the company needs a person with 100% CGPA, 3 Olympics gold medals and supernatural powers to save their butts. Here a Civil engineer works in IT company and IT student works on entry level 🙌

  7. Engineering degree is expensive and salary is very low….

    Every city have more engineering college then general store in India…. Congress biggest scam is engineering colleges… 2006 ~ 2014 congress opened million of engineering college

  8. Overqualified Indians in IT? Can't wait to finally meet one. Half of the ones I met don't even know how to use a trash can. And the other half are overrated calculators. If you program them the way they are expected be programmed, you get fine results. Just describe what you need them to do and you can fortget about it. Good if you need repetitive no-brainer work done, but completely useless if a little bit of common sense is required. And no, I don't think that it is unfair to say so, after making the exact same experience with a few hundred expensive "specialists" in India, US and Europe. That's called a pattern.

  9. Actually most engineers (except my dad brought up from Sweden)from Indian are not engineers ! They are just science nerds who just mug up theories and calculations from books and know only how to score high grades in exams ,not innovate! Most engineers brought up from foreign keep innovating stuffs! That is why most automobile Industries around the work are far more developed than Indian automobile sectors,they just know how to buy technology from elsewhere and stick in their own bloody credit! Just like what Tata did to Land Rover!

  10. Lol ,in India ,engineers work for earning money,whereas in most first world countries,engineers do their job like hobby!

  11. Private universities added to troubles of Engineering Edications for providing sub-standard Engineering degree for a fee(much higher than those in decent institutions). This was provided by encouraging sub-standard bazaroo Bharwa type teachers. For example, GD Goenka University Gurgaon promoted one Sudeep Sharma first to full professorship and then made him dean even though he did not showed any academic aptitude but rather “extra academic abilities”! He was ultimately found to have faked his PhD degree. Students who graduate from private universities do get a degree but are mostly unemployable.

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