India Alert | Episode 315 | Kalyug Ki Teacher ( कलयुग की टीचर ) | Dangal TV Channel
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India Alert | Episode 315 | Kalyug Ki Teacher ( कलयुग की टीचर ) | Dangal TV Channel

Yes. Hello, Mrs. Sharma. This is Riya’s teacher speaking. Tara. No. No. There is no problem. Actually, extra classes are going on. So Riya might be an hour late. Mrs. Sharma,
I think she might be two hours late. You know how tough medical exams are. So I want Riya and my other
students to score good marks. Yes. Fine. Have you guys come here
only to stare at girls? Or will you choose someone too? Choose someone quickly. After two hours their families
will start calling me up. Did you understand? I…love crying girls. Why is she feeling shy? She is bound to feel shy, Ravi.
Poor girl is new. And it’s going to happen
with her for the first time. Oh! What is the need to be afraid? I am your professor. You are my student. It’s just one subject. Biology. If you perform in this,
I will make you a topper. Sir. Sir. Sir, please. Don’t do that with me. I have come here to study, sir. Sir, please. Hey! Such an adorable face. Look. Such an adorable face. Toil for an hour. I will make you a topper. Take her, Ravi. No. No! No, sir! -Why are you crying?
-No! Please! -The first time will be difficult.
-No! After that you will start enjoying it. Leave me. -Enjoy.
-Sir, please. Will I have to tell you separately? Choose someone quickly. What do I tell you, Tara? When I left from home,
I had decided to take Preeti with me. But she didn’t come today. Is that so? Can’t you adjust with
someone else for a day? There are so many beautiful girls here. Leaving these beauties,
you are longing for Preeti. My dear Tara. When I give you money do I tell you to adjust? No. So why are you telling
me to adjust with your gals? As it is, I don’t kill my wishes. Go and call Preeti. Did you study all this? Look. This is very important. This is definitely going to come. Answer it. Answer it. Come here immediately. Avinash sir is waiting for you. Let him wait. I told you.
I will work hard and score marks. I won’t come for your tuitions. Is that so?
Tell me. Who will give you marks? I am your college’s
head of the department. You might not come for classes.
But you will come to college. Where will you escape? That’s why I am telling you. Come here quietly. Stop your nonsense. Or else I will ensure that you fail. Do whatever you want. I won’t come. And don’t call me again. What happened?
Is everything fine? Yes. Why didn’t you go for
Tara madam’s tuitions today? What is the use of going there? The same teachers who
teach in college teach there. It’s the same. But there must be something special. That’s why all the girls in
Tara madam’s tuitions are toppers. I wish…my mother could
also afford tuition fees. Don’t worry. We will study
at home and score good marks. Definitely. Okay. What were you telling me? Preeti. Preeti. Preeti. What happened, papa? Whatever we do for her is less. Tara madam had called up. Why aren’t you going for tuitions? Your parents are doctors. That doesn’t mean
that money grows on tree. Papa…I don’t want to go for tuitions. I want to study at home. What great feat did you achieve by studying at home last year? You scored only 90%. Your mom is a neurosurgeon. I am a heart surgeon. And your brother is a topper
in London’s medical college. And you…with 90% you cannot
be a surgeon in any field. You have disgraced us by
getting such poor marks last year. If you score less than 98% this time,
I won’t spare you. Did you understand? Go. Go for tuition. Go for tuition. I will go home.
Okay? Take care. I don’t want to hear anything.
I want the rent today. Give me two weeks’ time, Mr. Banerjee. I will pay your rent. Even if I come after two weeks,
you will say the same thing. I don’t like this clash every month. If you don’t want to pay rent,
stay in a charitable home. Vacate the house. Mr. Banerjee, please. I beg of you. My daughter is in medical college. Because of her fees the household
expenditure has increased. Have pity on this poor lady. Once my daughter becomes a doctor she will do your treatment
for free all your life. Please agree. Mother, don’t cry. Give us only two weeks. Please. Only two weeks. If you don’t pay the rent, I will throw
your belongings out of the house. Mother, don’t worry. After four years when
I will become a doctor we will never face shortage of money. How will I pay for your
education for four years? Your books are also very costly. But some college students
get scholarship, right? Yes, mother. But girls who take
tuitions from Tara madam score the highest marks. Don’t worry, mother. I will work hard and study
at home and get scholarship. Don’t worry. Preeti. My darling, where were you? I was waiting for you since a long time. You are the hottest girl in college.
And my favorite student. Come on, Preeti. Don’t do this drama. I know you enjoy all this. Please. Please leave me.
Please. Fine. As you wish. I will leave both of you alone. I will close the door. Enjoy. Thank you. Preeti. Let’s start. -Please, sir.
-Come on. Don’t feel… Sir, please don’t do that.
Please. I request you. Sir, I have already compromised with you. -Please, sir. Don’t…
-Just once. You have already done terrible things. Please leave me. I cannot live without you, Preeti.
Just once. -Sir, please.
-Preeti, just once. -Sir, please.
-Once. -Let’s do it.
-Please, sir. -Preeti.
-Please, sir. Here. So much money. Did you rob a bank? It’s nothing like that.
I have sold all my ornaments. With this money you can
join Tara madam’s tuition classes. -But mother, your…
-Nothing doing. I had saved the ornaments
for your wedding. Just see, mother. I will work really hard. I will work really hard.
And be a topper. Promise. Why are we studying? The more we adjust with Tara madam
the better marks we will score. What is the use of studying? When we will become doctors our patients won’t get cured
by adjusting with Tara madam. We will have to study for that. Girls. Meet your new batch mate Jyoti. Look. Exams are going
to start from next week. All of you have to help Jyoti in studies. Okay? -Yes, ma’am.
-Good. -Take your seat.
-Thank you, ma’am. You joined tuition classes.
And you didn’t even tell me. I decided last night. So I didn’t get time to call you. What was the need for you to join classes? You are a brilliant student. For scholarship. Preeti, if I don’t get scholarship I will have to leave the college. What are you studying? Show me. Madam, you had ordered almond milk. Yes. Along with studies,
good diet is also important. So I have ordered almond
milkshake for everybody. Go and give it to everyone. Jyoti. Almond is good for brains. Drink it. Thank you, ma’am. Jyoti! Jyoti! Ma’am. Ma’am, what did you do with her? Jyoti, please open your eyes! She is the new gal. Come on. Everybody get up and go out. Come on. Jyoti! Jyoti! Jyoti! Ma’am, please don’t
do anything wrong with her. She is a decent girl, ma’am. Please. Is that so? Aren’t the other girls and you decent? Come on. Get out. Ma’am, please. Ma’am, please. I won’t leave her and go. Ma’am, please. Fine. As it is, your presence
makes no difference to me. -Ma’am, please.
-Hey, melodrama! Keep quiet. Leave quietly. Or else you will fail. You know what your family will do to you,
don’t you? Leave. -But…
-Come on. Leave. -Ma’am, please.
-Get out. -Ravi, handle her.
-Jyoti! -Jyoti!
-Come on. Jyoti! Ma’am. Ma’am, please. Come on. Jyoti! Ma’am! Hey! Jyoti! Jyoti, what happened? You dozed off during the class.
Are you fine? Yes, ma’am. Wonder how…I dozed off. I am really sorry, ma’am.
I am really sorry. No. No. No, dear. It’s okay. It happens. Because of exam pressure
these things tend to happen. Go home and rest. Okay? Okay. Thank you, ma’am. What kind of mark is this? -Hello.
-Hello, Jyoti. Are you fine? Yes. I am fine. But why didn’t you bring me from class? I dozed off.
And you didn’t even wake me up. Well…you were tired. That’s why. I am still tired. I don’t know why. I am feeling very sleepy.
And my body is also aching. Everything will be fine. You take rest. I…I will hang up. Fine. Bye. Goodnight. So girls. Today is college’s first exam. Are all of you prepared? Did you study well? Don’t be nervous. Okay? Come on. All the best. Do well. Distribute the paper. Sir! I am done! If you send a mail… -Girls!
-Good morning, ma’am. Good morning.
I have great news for all of you. Exam papers’ checking has started. Do all of you know? In the staff room the
teachers were discussing that all the girls
in my class have topped. Jyoti, you…you have scored highest marks. Just concentrate on viva. You will get scholarship. I am sure. Thank you, ma’am. Thank you so much. But ma’am… Weren’t you going to
give scholarship to me? I adjusted whenever you told me. You cannot give her scholarship. Please come out with me. I want to talk to you urgently. Yes, ma’am. How dare you talk to me in a raised voice! I am sorry, ma’am. But I want scholarship. Otherwise my family
will discontinue my studies. You had promised me. You cannot break your promise. Why? Why can’t I do that? Do you think I am a so-called
saint that I cannot do that? Look. Jyoti is new. And her demand is high. I will have to keep what sells more. Fine. You can keep her. But I won’t keep quiet. I will go to the police station
and file a complaint against you. Fine. Go and file a complaint. No problem. See this video once. What happened? Didn’t like the video? Listen to me carefully. If you tell anyone about this place -I will go to prison.
-No. But your video will become viral. You can imagine what
your family will do with you. No, ma’am. Please delete it, ma’am. Please. I beg of you, ma’am. Please delete it, ma’am. -What happened?
-Ma’am, please. Your anger has abated? It has vanished. Don’t try to act smart with me again. Don’t even think of threatening me again. Did you understand? Ma’am, please. A teacher is greater than God. Even today in our society
a teacher is considered to be God. But what’s disgraceful is
that there are teachers like Tara who are a stigma on teachers. Hello. I am Amit Pachori. You are watching ‘Crime Alert’. In today’s episode we will show you a tragic story of two girls. Preeti and Jyoti. Preeti belonged to a rich family. But her family was
pressurizing her so much to be a topper and a
doctor that she was compelled to sell her body to get good marks. Jyoti belonged to a poor family. She wanted to be a doctor so that she could give her mother a good life. She must have never even dreamt that she was being given sleeping pills and a serious crime
was being committed on her. Preeti knew this. But she was unable to understand how to get her friend out of this problem. Your written exams are over. Now it’s time for viva. I am thinking of giving
everybody viva notes. All of you do the preparations properly. Okay? Baby. Let’s go. Yes, Avinash. What do you want? Preeti. I want her. Yes. Preeti, you wanted to
clear some doubts with Avinash sir related to bone anatomy subject, right? Go and clear it. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go. Preeti. No, ma’am. You know what your family will do if you score poor marks even
in a single subject, don’t you? Let’s go. So, girls. Let’s talk about the notes. I have viva notes. Distribute it among yourself. -Excuse me, ma’am.
-Yes. -Can I use the washroom?
-Okay. Here. Sir, please.
Sir, please don’t do that. Sir, please. Sir, please leave me. Sir, please don’t do that.
Sir, please let me go. Sir, please. Please. Sir, please. Please. Please. Preeti, you will enjoy.
-Sir, not this time. -Sir, please.
-Preeti, please. Try to listen, baby. -Sir, please. Please. Please.
-Preeti. Come on. Don’t spoil my mood. I gave you the marks you wanted. Now give me what I want. Sir, please.
Sir, please don’t do that. Preeti. Preeti. Preeti. Preeti, open the door. -Preeti, open the door. Pre…
-What happened? Tara madam,
Avinash sir and Preeti are inside. Wonder what Avinash sir is doing.
And I can hear screams. -What?
-Yes. Avinash sir and Preeti. What will they do, Jyoti? Nothing. Preeti wants good marks.
So Avinash sir is helping her. That’s it. -Look.
-Tara. Preeti. Preeti, are you fine?
Why are you crying? And why are you sweating? Say something, Preeti. And the screams… Don’t you feel ashamed to
do all this despite being a teacher? Not at all. Do you know?
It’s good you found out everything. I was also fed up of giving
you sleeping pills everyday. You are right, Tara ma’am. Shall I say something, Tara ma’am? I used to feel like I
am sleeping with a dead body. Unless the girl screams, shouts and cries I don’t enjoy it. Right? -With me too…
-Of course. Professor Avinash and Ravi know how many moles are there
in your body and where it is. I won’t spare you people. I will hand you over to the police. Preeti, come with me. They have our obscene videos and photos. If we go to the police station,
they will post it. Preeti. Preeti, don’t worry. We will find a way. Just come with me. Come. No, Jyoti. I cannot take that risk. Preeti is right, Jyoti. Look. Showing bravery
will get you nowhere. Everybody has to adjust in life. If you adjust here for 5 years you will lead a comfortable
life as a doctor. If you don’t adjust now, you and your mother… will become homeless. Madam. One is supposed to
fight with circumstances. And not adjust. Don’t you feel ashamed to
do all this despite being a teacher? Not at all. Preeti. Come here. Yes, papa. How is your exam preparation going on? Good. You should get good marks. If you don’t get good marks,
I will get you married this year itself. Yes, papa. Go and study. Why are you calling me? Hello. Hello, Jyoti. I don’t want to talk to you. -I am so sorry.
-Sorry? You knew, didn’t you? You knew Tara madam
is giving me sleeping pills. But you let it happen. You didn’t say anything. I told her not to do that. She threatened me that
she will make me fail. You did a deal of my honor for marks? What kind of friend are you, Preeti? The girl who can’t
take a stand for herself how will she stand up for me? A girl who is such a coward
that she sold her body for marks. She can never be a good doctor. Never. Don’t call me again. No. No, Jyoti. Jyoti. If you want to raise
voice against injustice it’s important that
your family supports you. If Preeti’s parents
had not been strict with her today her story would have been different. On the other hand,
instead of being ashamed Tara was engrossed in executing
her greedy and evil intentions. Come on. Let’s see that
after seeing Preeti’s fate will other girls raise their voice or will they endure crime? Hello. Why have you called me? So much of anger? I called just to ask your wellbeing. I felt really bad when I heard
about your friend Preeti’s death. Stop this drama. Did you understand? Preeti committed suicide because of you. You killed her. Speak. Speak as much as you want. But if you speak nonsense
in front of the police or anyone else I will upload all your
photos and videos on internet. And also ensure that you fail. So keep your mouth shut. Don’t you feel ashamed? Preeti committed suicide because of you. And you are concerned only about yourself. You have again started
your moral science lecture. Just do what I say. Got that? What happened, dear? Nothing, mother. I am tense about studies. Does it mean you will throw the phone? If the phone had broken,
from where would we have got money to buy a new phone? Sorry, mother. If you have any problem,
talk to your Tara madam. You didn’t go for tuition today. Mother, I don’t need classes. I will study at home and get good marks. Are you mad? Are you in your senses? After paying so much money, you are saying you will study at home. Look, Jyoti. Listen to me. You have to score good marks. I sold all my ornaments to pay your fees. If you don’t get scholarship,
we will become homeless. Jyoti. What happened? Why are you so scared? Come. Sit. Come. Come. Professor Ravi. What are you doing? I am welcoming my student. Okay, Jyoti. How many chambers
are there in a human heart? -Four, ma’am.
-Good. Correct answer. Okay, Jyoti.
Give me names of the skin layers. Ma’am, upper layer is called epidermis. And lower layer is called hypodermis. Great! Correct answer. Nice. Quite impressive, Jyoti. Tara, seems like Jyoti
has memorized the book. Right, Jyoti? Okay, Jyoti. Tell me.
How many bones are there in a human body? 206, ma’am. What? What did you say? I didn’t hear. Come closer and say it. 206, sir. I didn’t tell you to scream.
I said to come closer. Jyoti. Won’t you heed your teacher?
What is he saying? Ma’am, ask me any question you want. Even the most difficult ones.
I have studied everything. Ma’am, I need scholarship. Really, ma’am. Yes, Jyoti. I can understand. No need to worry. I know you need scholarship. And only I can give it to you. But I also need money. And the professors pay me money. They need your love. Give it to them. Simple. Everybody will be happy. Look, Jyoti.
You are five steps away from me. Each step you come closer,
I will give you 20 marks. And 100 marks for sitting here. Professor Ravi is so supportive. Look. Ma’am, I cannot do this. I don’t like all this, ma’am. You cannot do it? Whether you can do it or not,
whether you like it or not it makes no difference. You need to adjust in life. Get up and come here. Get up. No! Stop. Stop. Stop. -I want to talk to all of you.
-About what? I need everybody’s help. What Tara madam is doing
with us is really wrong. It’s a crime. I know she is very powerful.
And she has our photos. But if we keep quiet,
she will take advantage of all girls. We know all this. But what can we do? Alone we cannot do anything. But if we raise our voice together
we can surely do something. She cannot make the entire class fail. If we go to the police
station and file a complaint they will definitely believe us. What if our families find out? What if this plan doesn’t work? We will be left with nothing. Yes. As it is, we have been
enduring it for so many years. A few years more. It will also pass. But we cannot take the
risk of failing in college. -Come on.
-No. -Sana.
-No. Listen to me… What will I do? Sana, you? Look, Jyoti. I want to help you. But nothing should go wrong. Or else my family will make it difficult for me to venture out of home. Nothing will go wrong, Sana. I have planned everything. -Just come on time.
-Okay. Sana, I have reached the classes. Stay on video call and
show the police everything. I am going inside. Yes. I have also reached
the police station. I am going inside. Don’t worry. I will be there on time. Look. We took her name and she is here. Come. We were waiting for you. Tara ma’am, please don’t force me. The money that Avinash
sir and Ravi sir give you to sleep with us, I will give you that much money
after I become a doctor. Not a bad idea. Right? Tell me something, Jyoti. When I can get the money now why will I wait for 5 years? I enjoy the money I get
by using the college girls only when I hear their screams. Preeti committed suicide
because of your atrocities. I cannot even do that. If I die, my mother will also die. Ma’am, what you are doing is really wrong. Look. When school
and college students pass what do they do? They give a treat. You also have to give us a treat. And you will become college topper. Why don’t you understand, silly girl? I cannot wait anymore
to make her a topper. Both of you do one thing. Go out. Ma’am. Ma’am, please. -Where are you running?
-Who? Arrest them. -Hey!
-Who? -Leave my hand.
-Leave. I saw your video. Video? What are you saying? -What video…
-You see, Tara ma’am. Live telecast of your
dirty deeds was going on. I told you. You should fight with circumstances. And not adjust. Now all of you can adjust. In prison. Take them. Come on. Take all of them. Come on. Where are you going? Come on. A criminal often thinks that
he will escape after committing crime. But no matter how much you hide the truth someday it is revealed. With this,
I, Amit Pachori, bid you farewell on this episode of ‘Crime Alert’. See you again with another true story. Till then, remember. If you want to dodge crime,
you will have to be alert. Crime Alert. Voice against crime.

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