Inappropriate Texts Between Students And Teachers
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Inappropriate Texts Between Students And Teachers

In second grade I used to think miss Barton was actually really attractive. It was very weird. It was like the first time. I thought a teacher was attractive anybody else have a problem with that. I know how to feel about it. I would say it. Just felt really awkward these texts are really awkward, and you’re watching reaction time valerie accidentally text her teacher. Hey needs your help, which one is the answer the five point two on the biology quiz Valerie this is Miss Usshure your biology teacher. Oh, this is not how it looks like no problem the answer is C Thanks. You’re welcome Now you owe me ten bucks. WHAT!?! To be honest about t if my teacher Told me that answer I would be suspicious that they gave me the wrong answer on purpose just to get back at me for trying To cheat, but the teacher didn’t even care But they want $10 yes welcome to reaction time like I said before we were looking at the most awkward Teacher-student text there’s gonna be some tension, but after they do. Hope you enjoy it Let’s just jump right into it Hannah the teacher has your phone *FACEPALM* Emily, I want your phone as well bring it to the front of the class honestly How stupid guys emily is not the brightest of the bunch Okay, she texted her friend Hanna after Hanna’s phone was confiscated by the teacher So obviously who’s gonna see it the teacher because she has her phone guys. We need to pray for Emily *Holy music* Emily, you were so stupid Hey Jack, this is Hanna’s teacher we met at the conference yesterday, and I would like to get to know you better um mrs. Wells Yes this is Hanna I Thought you fill out your parents phone number on the sheet. Oh whoops. See you Monday. Oh That’s so awkward. What the heck. Can you guys just imagine that your teachers trying to hit on your dad? But she accidentally texted you I would probably just go along with it and just to see like where it goes as a joke and they just show all my Friends it’ll make no you’re kidding I be like. No. I’m not that’s her number. Hey mr.. Smith I was wondering if I could retake last week’s test. No you cu*t Mmm Did he just say that to his student. Okay? Um what Oh I mean can’t autocorrect. I’m so sorry mr. Smith Auto crack uses the most frequently used word So when do you want to take that test? *Laughs* Mrs.. Smith, no you cu*t sorry Bella I only guys who know how to spell idiot and use the correct form of to dumbass Oh Carolyn, Caroline, Caroline I don’t know could be both. I have never been prouder. Oh mr.. Fresco. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry. You’re my new favorite student. Oh wow is mr.. Fusco to try to get it all in Caroline That’s gonna be fresco Caroline get it on oh Sorry, that’s inappropriate guys guys. Do not have sexual relations with teacher. Okay, that’s very bad If he gets caught he could go to jail second of all it’s just weird even if she’s young and she’s hot cuz you know what happens get out Zeke you realize you are not supposed to text in class I wasn’t texting in class ma’am. No one looked down at their cross and smiles. Hey Zeke Uh, it’s better that you think I was texting. Let’s just put it at that Sh*t Think someone has a little little enie meenie boner all right moving on. Hi Jan. Are you coming to the meeting at four? I’ll be there great. Please meet me in my office at 3:30, so we can have a brief cunnilingus beforehand Excuse me, sorry. I have no words I typed conference and my phone changed it. I am so sorry Wow Wow So the homework is due for Friday right sure do drop it on my desk. Oh my god Kelly your stupid friend keeps texting me still can’t wait for a special time tonight Wait Kelly isn’t my best friend Kelly. I want an a on all future assignments and good reports. Okay. Thanks. Bye Hey guys Let me question this before we end here my teachers never gave out their personal phone numbers unless you’re like in like elementary school they probably gave it they probably gave you like a Syllabus with their phone number for your parents to call them if they need anything But like one of your middle school in high school I never received the teachers actual phone number And I couldn’t even find it on the websites if I needed help or something so this is kind of strange I’m just saying but if you guys don’t check out more Just like this one if you want to see it first link in the description takes you to all the very awkward text messages between Students and teachers. Hope you guys enjoyed This is a very fun compilation of text message fails Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video and in the meantime check out the second channel or subscribe to this one if you Haven’t already Check out some awesome videos if you have any more video ideas reaction time videos to I love taking your video suggestions, and hopefully I’ll make a video on what you guys suggest I’ll see you guys soon Have a good one have fun with your teachers and peace out wait. That’s not weird don’t have fun with your teachers

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100 thoughts on “Inappropriate Texts Between Students And Teachers

  1. I got my teacher's email so I can send her presentations
    And ms. Duvall if your watching I'm creating a new one about space

  2. Omg my English teacher is mrs wells and there's a girl called Hannah in my school that got her phone taken off her bru that's weird lol

  3. I almost got every teacher's number in my school maybe cuz in class I m like the "normal" one and the teachers can really trust me cuz I always get high ass grades and always complete my assignments and all plus I don't really get into much drama in school

  4. My teacher texted me a video about a girl talking about how good sex is for her and I just stopped answering cause that was so creepy he's 40 I'm 16

  5. Teacher:James
    Teacher:dont speak to me like that James
    Student:yea I can u ait my mum
    (My name is not James bye the way)

  6. I was texting my friends on ROBLOX when my class was split up. The teacher thought I was looking for my glasses, but I was playing games! XD

  7. Did anyone else realize that during the Emily texts, the person that would be the on the phone which was “Hannah” was texting lHannah”

  8. If you go to your schools staff directory on
    google you can find your teacher
    Full name and there email. I have
    all my teachers email addresses
    and I email everyone of them😊

  9. If a girl lets me grab her ass everyday, hug her and call her thick and cute and she smiles at me and i dry humped her and got her corny and didn’t care what i did and i also grab her ass about 50 times that day. Would you say she likes me?

  10. Teacher:don’t text in class
    Zeke:I’m not texting
    Teacher: no one just looks at there croch and smiles!
    Zeke:… I think it’s better you think I’m texting……..


  11. Sorry but how do you text the wrong person? Ive message up messages with auto correct and voice to text but never messaged/ called the wrong person. I do mark my contacts so i know where there from though lol

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