In This School District, Health and Wellness Start With Teachers
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In This School District, Health and Wellness Start With Teachers

(lively music) – [Man] That’s a killer. – [Woman] It is. – [Man] Anything with a squat. (R&B music) – Five or six years ago, I
was coming out of college and was struggling with some issues, depression being one of them, anxiety being one of them. I felt like the medication
wasn’t really doing what it should have been doing. And I started surrounding
myself with people that I knew could lift me up. (rapid footsteps with hip-hop music) It’s part of my journey and my story. – The adults are role models
in the school district, and if we’re gonna say that we value wellness among our students, social emotional health,
the physical health, nutrition, the adults have
to sort of lead by example. – [On TV] Come on. – You want to exercise with us? – Come on. Come do it with me. – Put your knee up. nee up.
– Knee up. – There you go. (laughing) – When we started to get
our quote for our upcoming increase in health care costs,
and they were astronomical. We realized that when
you look at some of the increases we had in things like diabetes for some of our staff members. When you start to look at the increase in some heart disease, the data was there. (cheering and music) We started the North
Allegheny Marathon Challenge really as a way to get
folks to take their health and wellness maybe a
little more seriously. – [Aimee] So I heard about
the marathon challenge, went to my colleagues about it, and I said, hey want to
sign up for this relay? At this time, none of us
had ran or been runners. Alright, so we came to
our first water break. This is my friend Christa. How are you feeling?
– Hi. – Good, real good. – [Aimee] Within a year,
I had lost 35 pounds. My confidence came back. My energy, my motivation
for life came back. Alright, we are little over 10
miles, less than three to go. Feeling kinda tired,
but we’re not giving up. – Nope. – We’ll see you at the finish line. Now I’m living happy and
free and off of medications, just because I started
changing my lifestyle. – Our core business every day is kids. That’s what we do. That’s why we got into education. That’s what we love. But it’s taking care of those adults who are impacting the
lives of those students each and every day.

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3 thoughts on “In This School District, Health and Wellness Start With Teachers

  1. College professor sees huge gap in Tech Worker wellness compared to teachers and creates GoFundme to fund better breakrooms at schools.

  2. A very powerful message; we must take care of ourselves in order to best take care of others we love and care for!

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