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In the Classroom: Music | Juilliard Admissions Insider

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[upbeat classical music] –Juilliard does a really great job of
incorporating, like, a diverse mix of classes. –I came in to Juilliard with no
ear training background, so I was really thrown, um you know, into the fire and
I’ve learned so much. I did the first two years of ear training, and I liked it so
much that I’m now doing your training 3, which is optional. And for me it has
developed my ears so much. –Because we work on improvisation, really going in
depth with that just how to play chords and what changes to do. How do you do
reharmonization? How do you interact with the group? And it really goes hand-in-hand because when we go to the performance, we already know what to do
and we can expand on that freedom of musicality. –And learning to work with
different conductors, because we have a different conductor for every program
and just learning different styles because everyone demands a different
style, you know, how you’re articulating– how you’re speaking the music. It’s…it
really gives you a lot of tricks to learn for your own projects. –There’s a
broad variety of different things that you can coach in, and there are, like you
said, our acting and there’s…there’s coaching for languages and all sorts of
things and basically that is just the time to work specifically on one piece
of the music, for example for voice. –Coming to a conservatory I kind of was a
little worried that I wouldn’t get as much of the liberal arts background,
because you know you’re not taking a standard college course load, but I’ve
had a really incredible time with liberal arts here. I’ve taken a bunch of
history courses: American history, European history. The core classes really
pushed me to delve into classic thinkers more, and right now I’m taking a climate
change course. –It’s not only one way we
can make an impact on music but there many different ways that we can create and be innovative and to think out of the box. ♫ ♫ ♫
[upbeat classical music]

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  1. I see instructor Flagg & Marsalis in the background which is awesome support!..Would definitly take ear training for #vocals hoping that Jazz Vocals really happen guy's🙆🏿🎙🎶🎵

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