In China they go beyond their product to educate the market
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In China they go beyond their product to educate the market

Today we visited Tencent, iCarbonX and UBtech. Tencent, most of you know from WeChat but actually they’re one of the biggest
gaming companies. What they thought was so amazing today was that they use their gaming and gamification in a way to actually educate people on their new products and especially their books, libraries where they have all their IP (Intellectual Property) so there’s, a lot of things in China happening. It’s not just about selling products it’s about using what you can to actually get other products or other markets educated. We saw the same thing at iCarbonX.
A company that is primarily doing health management. So a software company, but instead of just building their sofware and selling it they’re building all kinds of hardware they’re building all kinds of hospitals to show how the software should be used and that is an investment that has nothing to do with their original product, but they think it’s important. So my insight for today is really that those companies in China are primarily going beyond their product to educate the market. The last one UBTECH the biggest humanoid robotics company in China is educating little kids with lego blocks of robotics in order for the kids to learn how to appreciate robots. How to build them. So later on they could start loving these robots and buy of course, more robots from UBTECH. So for me it’s all about educating the market using not only the products you have but anything you could think of.

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