Important Maps They Didn’t Teach You At School
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Important Maps They Didn’t Teach You At School

– [Narrator] Everyone knows this. The world map. The one you’ve known
since you were little. But throw in some colors and some symbols and this old map can show you the world as you’ve never seen it before. So let’s take a look. (whimsical music)
– Amazing! The most popular sports in the world. See all this green? That’s soccer, or football if you’re
from the rest of the world which you probably already
knew is the most popular sport in the world. By far. There are fifty countries in the world with professional soccer leagues and an incredible 3.4 billion people tuned in to watch the 2018
World Cup Final in Russia. And the red? That’s cricket, which spread
around the British Empire along with tea drinking and good manners. Other mentions are purple, China’s obsession with table tennis, cream-colored Mongolia’s
taste for wrestling, Canada and Finland’s ice hockey habit and rugby’s domination of New
Zealand and Papua New Guinea. But mostly it’s just soccer. 2016 Olympics results. So if we’re talking
sports, who is the best? Well, here we can see prowess
at the greatest sport meet of them all, the Olympics. The United States took a
comfortable first place getting gold in a staggering 46 events, ahead of the UK with 27 and China with 26. And the worst country? That has to be India, who only had a silver in woman’s badminton and a bronze medal in woman’s wrestling to show for the efforts
of 1.3 billion people, the same number as the Bahamas, with less than four
hundred thousand people. Map of imperial units. The United States is
indeed a special country. In fact it’s so special that
it’s one of only three places to use the imperial system of measurements instead of the metric system. The only two other countries
using pounds and feet instead of kilograms and meters, are the paragons of progress
Myanmar and Liberia. Worldwide driving orientation. At least the US is in the majority when it comes to the rules of the road. This map shows that most of
the world drives on the right, as they should. As well as Japan and Indonesia, it’s mostly the former
countries of the British Empire that are driving in the wrong lane. Monarchies in the world. The British Empire also
features strongly in this map, showing the remaining
monarchies in the world. At one point the British Empire governed almost a quarter
of the world’s people and land area, here shown in red. In fact the blue in this map
shows all of the countries invaded by Britain at
some point in history. But since the pop super-group
Queen went out of fashion, well, queens have really
gone out of fashion. As you can see blue Australia, New Zealand and Canada are yet to grow up and cut ties with their mother country and it’s only the few red countries in which the monarch has
really any real power. Educational backgrounds of world leaders. Speaking of leaders, this map shows the educational
backgrounds of world leaders. What are the light purple countries? Those are the places
where the head of state has a background in economics or business. The second most common
category are the lawyers, shown in yellowy-brown. You can also see the soldiers in red and the scientists in blue. How welcoming to foreigners. This map made by the World Economic Forum shows how countries welcome foreigners. You can see the lands of
open arms in soothing blue and the countries of cold
stares in hostile red. Surprisingly, famously friendly America ranks somewhere in the middle, behind the three most
welcoming countries, Iceland, New Zealand and Morocco. In deepest red are Bolivia,
Venezuela and Russia; the three places that really
don’t want to see you. Freedom of press. Here we can see that much of the world isn’t very welcome to journalists, either. The black and the red countries show the places where the
press certainly isn’t free, and the orange shows where
there are noticeable problems. It’s only in the yellow
and white countries where the situation is
satisfactory or good, which includes countries like the United States and the UK. Average height for males by country. Here we can see the world by height, with the Nordic giants in a healthy red and the more vertically challenged people represented in blue. Prevalence of obesity. After height comes width, and here we can find out
by the most obese countries in the world, which are shown in red. Twin North American
fatties, the United States and Mexico are joined by
a helping of South Africa and there’s lots of bad cholesterol
in North Africa as well. Part of the reason for them is increased sedentary lifestyles
and higher fat intakes. Opposite them Asia has slimmed right down, ready for beach season. Speaking of gluttony, here
we can see the hotbeds of sin in the United States. Everything is bigger in
Texas, so it’s no surprise they have the most fast food restaurants. California and the
Northeast look pretty greedy with both plenty of wealthy people and many living below the poverty line, while Florida and the
Southeast are envious of the wealth around them,
with high rates of theft. They’re also pretty wrathful,
with high rates of violence. Slothfulness is evenly
spread, with lots of places spending plenty on entertainment and recreation relative
to employment rates and then there’s the pride belt all the way across the South, the aggregation of all the other sins because pride is the root of all sin. Global distribution Of atheists. Zooming back out, you
can see China rejects all this moralistic thinking all together, being by far the most
atheistic country in the world, with Japan and parts of Europe being only slightly more keen on religion, with ten per cent or more of
people identifying as atheist. World map of social networks. If you thought Facebook
was taking over the world, you were right. This map shows the
difference in social networks from 2009 to 2012. The parts of the world where Facebook is the biggest social network are in blue, though don’t ignore QZone
in China, VK in Russia, and everyone’s favorite Iranian social networking site, Cloob. I wonder how its changed since. Map of the most common surnames in Europe. Zooming in now to look at
the most common surnames in Europe, you can see
some interesting things. You have the Joensen, Jensen, and Johansson’s stretching
across Northern Europe, and the Nowak, Novak
heartland in the middle. And what is Borg doing
down there in Malta? In proportion to population. You might enjoy this map, in which each square
represents a million people. Asian giants China and India are, well, ginormous in proportion
to the rest of the world. Total fertility rate map. If it sounds like there are
too many people in the world, spend a moment on this map. Though you often hear of
the impending disaster of over-population, here
you can see fertility rates around the world. The purple bits aren’t growing at all, and the parts in red
are actually shrinking. Map by births and deaths. But still, there are a
lot of people being born. 360,000 a day, 15,000 an hour,
250 a minute, four a second, to be exact. So, there’s this map, charting births and deaths in real time. World air traffic. Also in real time is this
rather beautiful map, showing all of the flights in the world over the twenty four hectic hours. Notice that as evening approaches, the traffic is predominantly
from the US to Europe and when daylight comes, the traffic switches, and it’s predominantly
from Europe to the US. Most photographed places. Or you can see the world
lit up by flash bulbs in this map showing the world’s
most photographed places. Eight of the ten most
photographed places in the world are in Europe. We just can’t stop
taking images of Europe. Lightning intensity map. If that didn’t energize you, this might, because it shows where in the world the most lightning strikes are. Would you have guessed the
middle of Africa gets more than anywhere else in the world? Shocking. That concentration in central Africa is explained by the fact
there’s a higher frequency of lightning over land and on the equator, where its the hottest. Land heats up faster than water so there’s greater
atmospheric instability, leading to the formation of storms. World map of national IQ scores. According to data by, here you can see the
bright sparks of the world, by average IQ. Here’s another map by
authors Lynn and Vanhanen in their 2006 book IQ and
the Global Inequality. You might be surprised to see that the US and Canada are, well, exactly the same, but both are comfortably
outsourced by China and Japan. At the top of the class, Singapore and Hong Kong have an
average IQ 10 points higher than the United States. Lactose intolerance. You might also be surprised to learn that much of the world
doesn’t do milk very well. In fact about 65% of the world’s adults are lactose intolerant. The dark blue countries are ones where more than 80% of people
are lactose intolerant. The fifteen biggest
milk drinking countries are all European, hence explaining why
people from these nations are tolerant of lactose. Finland is the world
champion milk guzzler. The average Finn consuming
almost a kilogram each day. Interestingly, 15% of the world’s milk is sourced from animals other than cows, including goats, sheep, buffalo,
camels, horses and donkeys. Vegetarians and vegans by country. What India lacks in Olympic sportsmen, it makes up for in vegetarians, with more than any one in 10
Indians going without meat. In fact, among those that are carnivorous, most don’t eat beef, which is why you won’t
find a Big Mac in India. They have the Maharaja Mac. Fossil fuel energy consumption If you care about the environment you might want to avert
your eyes from this map as you can see the world
in which we live in isn’t very green. It shows countries by
fossil fuel consumption, with everything from orange to red getting over half their
energy from burning fossils. Israel burns brightest, getting more than 96% of their energy from fossilized plant matter that they pull out of the ground. Nuclear energy percentage
of total energy use. An alternative to burning
carbon is nuclear power and this map shows countries by how much of their electricity is nuclear, while here you can see
every nuclear power plant in the world, all 450 of them. Number of nukes. In a slightly less crowded field, here we see the nuclear
powers of the world, with heavy hitter Russia
blowing the roof off the world with its hoard of more
than 7000 nuclear weapons, ahead of the United States and far ahead of the UK and France who have a pitiful tally of
less than 300 nuclear bombs. Billionaires on the planet. As you might expect, the US has more billionaires than anywhere else on the planet by a lot. There are around 540 billionaires
in the United States, according to Forbes
magazine, and almost 300 more than their closest rival, China. Thank goodness it’s a Communist country. Map by sunshine hours. If you want to live the good life, this map shows where to retire to find your place in the sun. If you hadn’t heard, the
Sahara desert in Africa is great for sun lovers, while in Northern Canada you might want to leave your sunblock at home. Where to be born index. And finally, the world is a big place, so where would you want to be born? I would suggest choosing one
of the blue parts of the map which are the parts of
the world that provide, the best chance at a good life, according The Economist magazine. They factor in wealth, life expectancy, political freedom, job
security, climate, security, community and gender equality to estimate the best
opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life. The red parts, well, let’s just say that it might be better
to gasp your first breath in Norway than Nigeria. Do you like or dislike any of these maps? Did any bend your mind or give you a new way
to look at the world? Let me know in the comments
section down below. And thanks for watching! (soft music)

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