Imperial College London student stories: Rohan studying Mechanical Engineering
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Imperial College London student stories: Rohan studying Mechanical Engineering

In terms of how I’ve grown as a person, becoming more open in that respect, but also becoming more
independent and more taking things upon myself to get it done in
that respect I think. Also improvement can still be made but they have already grown in those elements. Hi, my name is Rohan Karthik and I’m
studying Mechanical Engineering and I’m from Leeds. I thought the course itself was quite appealing. Imperial has some prestige aswell, it’s got a reputation I obviously had a look
at the course, what was being offered and I really liked the modules that they put on first year I knew somebody a couple of years older who
went to Imperial, he had a great time. The course was really good, London itself was a big appeal for me so I thought If I can do Mechanical Engineering somewhere in London, especially at Imperial that would be great. I applied and it all went well with the application. I thought personally that one of the other reasons why Imperial was so
appealing to me was my interview at Imperial was actually really nice. My interviewer, we had a really nice chat about some thermodynamics, fluid dynamics. It was really casual. Honestly it just felt like a conversation. I thought if I get an offer from here, it
would be great. The interview was something that differentiated Imperial from the other ones. It was a really nice interview. So the biggest thing for me, I would say about moving from Leeds to London is the size of everything. London is obviously a lot bigger than Leeds, there’s so many more people, it’s a
lot busier. I really enjoyed growing up in Leeds, Leeds is a really nice place but
there’s definitely a big shift in the atmosphere here. In terms of the location,
London is obviously a capital city there is a lot of things to do here which is really nice. I think that is a stark difference in the sense that, we have Wednesday afternoons off at Imperial, so a lot of people do a society or a club of some sort. Or you could literally
go out and explore some part of London which I think is a really nice thing. For people who are thinking of applying from northern areas, if they have reservations I’d say; don’t think about the distance because
once you get to university it really becomes, it’s not something that’s on
your mind. Your attention is so diverted by everything else that you’re doing you don’t really think about it. You don’t have time to be homesick, if
that makes sense. If anything I would encourage people from Leeds, from northern cities to come to London because it’s actually an
amazing place. You might have some idea, it’s the capital city and it has some standard and I think it really does live up to that. Overall I’m loving it here so far it’s been very hectic, it’s been very busy. The biggest challenges are balancing life, social life, work life, getting things done. But I think that’s just part of the experience and this new sense of freedom is really nice to have. You can do what you want, when you want. All your responsibilities you take on yourself to get things done. You just feel like you’re living life on your terms which is a really nice thing
to do. One big thing I thought was that everybody on the course would be
mega, ultra academic there would just be work, work, work. There wouldn’t be much of a social life, everyone would be so highly academic that that would maybe be sacrificed. But then when I came here, everyone’s a human being. Everyone likes that. Everyone wants to go out and enjoys doing other things, people are so varied here. You get to meet people who are into all sorts of things which is really cool. So this idea that you come here and it would just be work, nothing but work that was one of the biggest things that I thought which hasn’t necessarily happened. Which is really nice to see. I think it’s really nice to see that people are driven here, people are motivated because that motivates you. It makes you reflect that and do the same. But also, people want to go out, people get involved in activities, in clubs and societies. So that element of it is really nice and it was nice to see
that it was here aswell.

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