I’m 23 And I’m Still In High School
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I’m 23 And I’m Still In High School

Hey! I’m Adam, I’m 23 years old, and I’m
still trying to finish high school. My family has always been caring and loving,
but we barely made enough money for a comfortable living. My Dad worked several jobs just to keep us
afloat, and my Mom worked a lot too. I didn’t even have time to think about my
grades or school. I decided to find some unofficial work. I still went to school, and afterward I would
work small jobs like loading crates or helping my mom with her janitorial work. I tried a lot of different jobs during this
time, all the while my teachers would get angry at me for being far behind with my grades
and assignments. So I decided to not bother them anymore and
to just drop out school. I had enough money to help my family and even
had a little left over for myself. As soon as I turned 18, I found a job at a
metal factory, and since I already had two years of work experience under my belt, I
learned the job fast. I worked hard and didn’t talk much. A perfect worker. Soon I got so useful that my boss let me browse
through my phone while there was nothing to do. It was a big privilege. During my free time I would hang out with
my friends, many of whom were musicians, so at a lot of concerts, and well, bars. My only passion was soccer, I would watch
every game and championship very closely, and that was my escape from my life’s troubles. Sadly, my Father passed away. We were at the hospital, me, my mom, and my
siblings, we were all crying and trying to make sense of everything. I promised to bring in as much money as I
could, but my mom suddenly stopped me and said, “Adam, don’t ruin your life, this
is not what your Father would have wanted for you. Go back to school, I’m begging you!’. I… didn’t want to, but I realized that
my Mom was right. So I returned to school, reducing my hours
at the factory, instead of quitting altogether. My first day at school was… weird. The teacher introduced me in front of the
entire class, and everyone was just staring at me like I was an alien. She asked me to tell everyone a little bit
about myself, and I said “hi…I’m Adam and I’m old.” Some people giggled, but most of them were
still just staring, weirded out. During my first few days, nobody would talk
to me, and I was okay with that, I would just stare out the window during breaks. One day, a group of guys and girls came up
to me and started asking me why I was going to school at my age. I answered with cheesy jokes, like “Oh,
I just forgot about school one day and then was like oh yeah, school, I should go there.” People giggled, and started asking me a lot
questions about my jobs and stuff. I guess I got kinda popular. TOO popular. One girl in particular liked me and tried
to sit with me during any subject we had together or in the cafeteria. She was asking a lot about me and I answered
with my usual cheesy jokes, and she’d laugh way too hard at them. I didn’t want any problems, so I tried to
sit away from her and limit our chats without hurting her feelings. But every time I sat away, she would find
me and sit right next to me, like a Yo-Yo. Work sent me a little curveball too. At my usual late shift my boss came to me,
patted me on my shoulder and said, “Adam, how about a raise?” I said, “Yeah, that would be nice!” and
he told me how much I could earn, and then he ended with, “…of course you’d have
to return to work full time.” I said I couldn’t do that because I had
school. His smile immediately changed to a frown. “Okay, then you can’t use your phone during
your shifts anymore”. Uh-oh. My grades at school weren’t great, because
I had to balance it with work. So I was failing everywhere – at school
and at my work. I was waking up, going to school, then to
work right afterward and I only slept for like 3-5 hours every day, even on the weekends. I couldn’t pay attention in school or at
work. Teachers were understanding of my situation,
but they also noticed how much this girl was clinging to me and they were suspiciously
looking at us every time we sat together. Also, every time I saw my boss at work, he
would say something like, “you’re getting slower, Adam… you should be grateful that
I’m still letting you work here.” After the hundredth time of him saying something
like that, I stood up and said, “Okay, bye then.” As I was walking away, he followed me and
was saying “come on, Adam, you know you won’t find anything better, you should be
grateful for what you have…” at this point I snapped and shouted at him with…and not
with very nice words. But his words stuck with me, like how he said,
“You know you won’t find anything better.” I took it too close to heart and stopped going
to school too. Instead, I was spending a lot of time alone,
and I’m shameful to say that most of this time was at bars. My friends started tried to get ahold of me,
because at one point I disappeared for an entire week. One day, they came to one of the bars I frequented,
I guess I was pretty predictable. It was the best bar for watching soccer. They started asking what I was doing and why
I wasn’t answering my phone. I told them everything, I said that I didn’t
see any future for myself. They showed me the screen and said, “How
about that?” I said, “What do you mean?” They said that I know soccer better than anyone
else, and maybe I could make a career out of it somehow. I thought about it and remembered that I had
wanted to be a sportscaster for my entire life. It was then that I decided that I wanted to
finish school and study journalism, and I wanted to specialize in sports. I talked about this with my Mom and she was
so happy to hear that I finally saw a path in my life, and that Dad would be really proud
of me. The only thing he wanted for me was to be
happy and to not have a life like he did. When I returned to school my teachers were
mad at me and I was called to the principal’s office. She asked me to not just disappear like that
again. I told her everything, about work, and my
sleep cycle and even about the girl that was making it difficult for me. She listened and was very understanding. She said that I could work as a janitor at
our school after study hours, and that everybody would help me with it, but I HAD TO show up
and actually STUDY. I agreed. It wasn’t easy, but I studied hard and cleaned
the school afterward. I got much more sleep and kept okay grades. I kept doing it for two years with mixed results,
but I never missed a day of school, even when I was sick. And I… I’m almost finished with school now. I can’t believe it. Everyone is very supportive of me, and is
trying to help me find a good college. My message to you is to keep believing that
everything will be alright, even if it’s really bad at the moment. Don’t give up on your life. Share this story with anyone who’s ever given
up on themselves or thinks there’s no solution – nobody should ever give up!

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100 thoughts on “I’m 23 And I’m Still In High School

  1. Share this story with anyone who's ever given up on themselves or thinks there's no solution – nobody should ever give up!

  2. here's my advice stay in school work and study hard achieve new things when school is done you can get a job

  3. Ur boss sucks sknskskwns!!! Idk why but having the ur boss say that u can’t go on ur phone just because u can’t do full time pisses the cheese balls out of me…

  4. Hey if you "Adam" are reading this! Well done, keep going you will make it!!! You know what you want and how to get it! Am proud of you.!! Blessings

  5. Going to school while working is just a normal part of life these days. My graduated with a bachelor's degree in education in 2005. While she went to school; she was married, raising 2 kids, and working a full time job and she was still able to graduate cum laude. She had been a teacher's aide while going to school and after graduating became a teacher. She retired from her job in 2017.

  6. my story is similar too your story. I am already in second grade at high school and turning 20. i am the oldest in my class. everytime i go school i got always bad marks and don't know what i should do.

  7. I’m 11 and I’m still in Middle school actually happened wait wha- I’m in 7th grade actually had to skip one I was smart now I hate school

  8. Now unlike you I am having trouble in school for another reason but knowing what age you were in school makes me feel like even though my grades aren’t the best and some teachers don’t believe I just have to try harder

  9. At our School its okay to be underaged or is That what you call them our teacher said theres a new student at grade 5 and he’s about14 or more older, our teacher said font bully him cause may be he has his reasons and our teacher said that he lives with his aunt and his parents are dead. Thats Really sad, its okay if your still in school at 23 well for us its completley normal. And im a filipino 11years old grade 6

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  11. This is a great story and all, but you really need to stay home from school when you're sick. It puts everyone else at risk

  12. Age doesn't matter when you want education. You are a good example for those people who are giving up. I will surely share your story. Thanks for sharing because I know some people whose watching it especially people who are giving up at this moment can have inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward and don't give up. 😊😊😊😊

  13. I'm 10 and I'm in 3 grade but I'm going to 4 grade next month i didn't double my grade I just have class d'acceull it for peoples that don't understand French alot it means I don't actually know how to say it in English…….wellp bye have a great day

  14. Oh and my friend she's 10 like me BUT she's going to 6th grade CRAZEEEY🤯🤯🤯😳😳😳…..right 😅

  15. You should definitely be proud of yourself for doing what you did for your family and for yourself. You did a good thing by leaving that toxic job he should be grateful he has you for a worker not other way around.

  16. In my school district….if you are over 18 they put you in a specialty school based on your needs. They don’t want adults with children

  17. If I was you and I was 17 I will go to school every single time and then you’ll get a better job than your family will be rich then you have a lot of steps and you’ll have a girlfriend that girl has white hair she’s so ugly and she’s so a stupid so I will have a longer house and a long long long life

  18. my mother in law graduated high school when she was 22, nothing wrong with that, giving up is when you fail, he has good friends, and mother, and the school , they all helped him realize that, which is awesome.

  19. You got this, dude. I failed out of two high schools and only got accepted to the 3rd because they believe in family support and my brother was already accepted. I took the extra classes instead of electives. I had to do a make up American history course, Algebra II, and Freshman English. I made friends throughout the school, everyone knew me and liked me, it was my favorite and best year of high school. My boyfriend had to drop out at 7th grade because of life stuff involving his dad (bad dad), but he went back and got his GED (the main reason was because I told him I wouldn't marry anyone without a GED or high school diploma at least). Its never too late to go back to school, its never too late to finish it. All our lives have their own paces, their own paths. You're on yours. You got this!!!!

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  21. I am in turkiye and i dint have a frind and i am always being shy and i am in the school beacuse they taught that i dont know any thing beacuse i am afghan i hate them so much i dont want to live in here bu what should i do 😩

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