I’ll BUY ANYTHING you can ROLL Challenge For BACK TO SCHOOL!
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I’ll BUY ANYTHING you can ROLL Challenge For BACK TO SCHOOL!

– Hey, guys, and today
we’re gonna be doing the whatever you roll challenge. – Our dad will buy for us, part two!
– Oh no. Here we go again. You guys keep getting
me on these challenges. – Hah. – [Dad] But you know what? It’s gonna be a little
bit different this time. – What’s gonna be the difference? – [Dad] It’s gonna be back to school. – Oh, okay. – But what happens if we land
on, like, a clothing store? – [Dad] If you land on a clothing store, then it’s gotta be clothes that
are appropriate for school. – Mm, okay. – [Dad] Understand? – [Both] Yes. – [Dad] All right, so
who’s gonna go first? – Me!
– No me. – [Dad] All right, go
rock, paper, scissors. Let’s see.
– Okay. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissor, shoot. (bell dings)
– Yeah, ow! (both laughing) – [Dad] Okay, Evelyn, you go first. – So we are going to
take turn rolling a die, and whatever number we
land on is what paper we are going to pick. – And the papers will tell us the store that we get to go and shop at. – The time limit. – And the budget. – Make sure you subscribe for
more fun challenges like this and also to be a part of the E Squad!
(bell dings) – And make sure to ring that
ring-a-dingy-dingy bell, so that you are gettin’
notified every time we post a new video. – [Dad] All right, Evelyn, you’re first. Good luck! (dramatic music) – I got a three! I got a three. Let’s see what the three is. Hm. This, number three. The Children’s Place, two
minutes, five seconds, $40. – [Dad] Wow, you did good. – Yay. – [Dad] First shot. – I haven’t been to Children’s Place in, like, way more than
years, so let’s go! That’s the boys. O-M-G, that’s a big pile
of clothes! (laughs) I like this. It has a butterfly on it, so
that means I have wings now. And I can fly. Okay, I like this. Guess I’m gonna get it. Oh, this dress is pretty. Will I be able to wear it to school? Okay, guys, so I ran out of time, and this is what I found. A nice sweater with a butterfly on it, so that I could fly, and then
this really pretty shirt, and a, this shirt, and a really, really pretty dress. – Okay, now I’m gonna roll my die, and I will get a, (dramatic music) ooh, I get a six. Pretty good start. Okay, this six is the one I’m gonna pick. – [Dad] Let’s see if it’s lucky. – Barnes & Nobles, five minutes, and $45. I mean, five minutes
is a pretty long time, compared to what Evelyn got.
– And that’s a great store. – Yeah.
– That’s a good pick. Good for you. – Okay, you guys, so we’re
at Barnes & Nobles now, and I have five minutes to spend $45. And I think school
supplies are over there. So I’m gonna start the timer. We’re gonna go. Are these… They have cute notebooks. They also have bookmarks. (gasps) Aw, these are so cute! Do they have Pusheens? (gasps) Oh, Mom, I have, oh no,
I’ll get these ones on here. Look how cute these are! ‘Kay, I gotta run. Aw, I wish I could get this one and this one. Actually, I wish I could get all of them. And I’ll get this one, mmhmm. Daddy won’t notice! (metal clangs) I’m also gonna get a Pusheen pencil case. Technically, Pusheen
is not a school supply, but look at this pencil case! It’s so adorable! Okay, let’s go find some more things. I have two-and-a-half minutes left. Books are school supplies, too, right? Yeah. Ooh, pens? I like these, $7. So from Barnes & Nobles,
I’m gonna get a book, pens, bookmarks, and Pusheen. Now, let’s go pay. – [Dad] All right, Evelyn. You killed it in the first round. Let’s see what you get this time. (dramatic music) Number six! (gasps) – Number six! – [Dad] All right, Evelyn. Pick your number six. – Number six.
– You’ve got two to pick from. – [Evelyn] Lucky number six. – [Dad] Pickin’ that one, huh? – Yeah.
– What is it? – Target, three minutes, 35 seconds, $35. Guys, we’re, like, in the biggest Target in the whole wide world. This Target, you can fill,
like, a bunch of stores in it. And it’s, like, it’s three stories. And they have a whole, like, big section just for school supplies. The school supplies
have their own section. And I have three minutes and $35 to get some good school supplies. (tone sounds) Oh my gosh. Almost everything is sold out! It’s so hard to find something. Ooh, oh, it’s open. What about the world’s best pencil? Let’s try these out and see if they are the world’s best pencil. But where’s the price? Are they the world’s best pencils because they don’t have a price? ‘Kay, I need index cards, and I need a box for them because I like to spoil my index cards. (laughs) Do I need a disco ball for
school to make me distracted? I’ll totally get more work done. I won’t. (upbeat disco music) I only have, like, 37 seconds. I gotta go! And get crayons. Crayons! Also, I need a thermos. Yup. Thermos is good. Check, oh yes. I like this backpack, but I already have a backpack for school. Pretty Post-its. Okay. Okay, guys, my time is up. This is what I’m getting. I think I did pretty good. And also I’m going to spoil
some index cards today. (laughs) I got a thermos, (thermos rattles) which has something inside. And I got super sticky Post-its, and I just realized that
they’re super sticky. (laughs) Not super sticky. Just kidding, they are. But they’re in a packaging. And I got the world’s best pencils. But they’re probably
the world’s best pencils because they don’t have a price. And we got the index cards, and that’s not all for the index cards. We something to spoil index
cards, their own box! (laughs) Then, I got crayons because I need crayons because they’re cool,
and I can draw with them, and I could color with them. Yeah, and that’s all I got. – Okay, I really hope I get
a clothing store this time because clothes are cool. – [Dad] Whoa, number one.
– One. Hm, who knows? Maybe it’s a good number. Okay, I’m gonna pick this. – [Dad] Middle one? – Yes. Abercrombie! – [Dad] Oh no, not again.
– Two minutes and 15 seconds. That’s not the longest time in the world, but it’s still some time. And I have $45 to spend. I will definitely spend all those $45. – [Dad] Well, remember, it’s
gotta be school appropriate. – Can it be, like, weekends
during the school year? – [Dad] What? No, only for school. (groans) Good luck. – Okay, so I have two
minutes and 15 seconds to spend $45. In Abercrombie it’s
kind of a tight budget. I can only buy, like, two things. So, let’s go. (upbeat music) I wanna pick up this. It’s my size, as well. That’s good. We have to check the price of this skirt, just in case I don’t go over my budget. It’s $30. I only have $15 left. That’s $40. Maybe I’m just gonna get this one. I’m just gonna get this. Okay, guys. So I’m gonna get this romper. And I really like it. I can wear it with a
white top underneath it. I already have that white
top, so it’s good for school. Now, let’s go pay. – [Dad] Okay, Evelyn, you’re next. – Okay, I gotta back up. (dramatic music)
– [Dad] Good luck. – [Evelyn] Oh! Two! – [Dad] Number two.
– Two, yeah! – [Dad] Pick your number two. – [Evelyn] The middle one. Oh, it’s the only one for
me, so I’m gonna pick it. Claire’s! One minute and two seconds and $30. – [Dad] One minute, two
seconds and $30 in Claire’s. Okay, I’m sure that–
– Yeah, for Pusheen! – [Dad] Wait, wait, wait, Pusheen? – Yeah.
– No, no, no. It’s gotta be for back to school. – Easy. Pusheen backpack, Pusheen pencil case, Pusheen pen, Pusheen
pencil, Pusheen notebooks. – [Dad] Okay, fair enough. – Pusheen blah, blah, blah.
– Let’s see what they got. – Pusheen everything! (laughs evilly)
– Let’s see what they have. – Okay, guys. I have $30 to spend and
one minute, two seconds, to spend it. So let’s go. (upbeat music) Oh! Bunny! But how much is it? ‘Kay, this is $21. So that’s almost my whole budget. I don’t see anymore
school supplies that’s $9. I have the same backpack. (vocalizing excitedly) ♪ Kitty cat ♪ ♪ Kitty cat ♪ (loud music) Oh, no. (laughs) Okay, my timer just went off. So I only found this bunny journal, notebook, journal notebook. (dramatic music) – [Emily] Got a four.
– Number four. There’s three to choose from. I wanna pick the middle
one because the middle one is always the lucky one for Evelyn. CVS, one minute and 55 seconds, $15. – [Dad] (laughs) There you go. Now it’s turning in my favor.
– Can I get, like, candy? – [Dad] Oh, come on, it’s for school. – What am I supposed to get for school? – [Dad] They might have some pens there. Could be some pencils, maybe a ruler. – (scoffs) I want food.
– Pencil sharpener. – Food?
– No. – Back to school snacks. I can get any food I want!
– No, no, no, no. It’s gotta be back to school appropriate. – Fine.
Okay, I only have $15 to spend and one minute and 55 seconds to spend it. So I’m a start. These Sharpies actually look really cool. And they are $8 minus 20%. ‘Kay, so I’m a get Sharpies. And I’m also, wait, how much were these? I forgot already. Oh, they were $8. Hm, maybe I should get these highlighters. They are… Okay, so they are $2 because they’re 50, oh, that’s if you get two of them. So they are $4. So four plus eight, that’s $12. I have a super good idea. I’m gonna go get a school snack, but I’m gonna eat it right now. Aw, (laughs) mom is shaking her head. I can’t do that. Okay, I think I’m just
gonna go and pay now because I only have, like, a minute left, and also I kind of spend
almost all my budget. I have $3 left. So I’m just gonna go and pay. – [Dad] All right, Evelyn, your turn. You guys are doing really
well on this challenge. Good luck! (dramatic music) – [Evelyn] I got– – [Dad] Number four.
– Four! Four’s the four. – You only got two fours to choose from. Pick wisely!
– Well, I wanna pick this one.
– This one, okay. – Typo! I got Typo, and I have
30 seconds to spend $20. – [Dad] Typo. That’s awesome. That’s an awesome store. – They have, like, these cute backpacks with, like, French bulldogs on them. And they’re, like, $30. – [Dad] Ha ha, you ain’t gettin’ that one! (upbeat music) – Okay. (dramatic music) A five. Number five is the only one
with three choices left. I’ll pick this one. Target, five minutes, and $40. That’s, like, good because
I have a long time. And I have $40.
– Yeah, but the aisles are really big there. – Yeah.
– So you gotta be quick. – And there’s lot of aisles. – [Dad] There’s lots of people there. So you gotta hustle. Good luck. – Thanks. Okay, so I have five minutes to spend $40. I’m gonna start. Okay, let’s go. (upbeat music) Okay, guys, this journal
is super adorable. So I’m going to get it. This is $9. I can also, Ooh. Sticky note set, also $9. So nine plus nine, that is $18. Still have some money left. I’m also going to get this
mini pack of highlighters. I’m also gonna get paint ’cause they have a lot of pretty colors. So how much is paint? $2. All right. I’m gonna get the color rose, $2. I’m a get three paints,
and then I’m gonna go pay. Okay, so this is what I’m getting. I’m getting these three paints. And I think they are super pretty together And then I’m going to
get this rainbow journal, rainbow highlighters, and rainbow sticky notes. Now, we are going to go pay. – [Dad] Evelyn, this is your last roll. Good luck. (dramatic music) – [Evelyn] (laughs)
That was kind of random. – [Dad] Number three.
– Three! Three, they look like chicken feet. (laughs) ‘Kay, I am gonna pick one of these threes. This time, I’m gonna pick– – [Dad] This is your last one. – Justice, three minutes and 10 seconds to spend $60. I can get, like, two rompers with that. – [Dad] No, no, what? It’s gotta be
school-appropriate, remember? – Okay, guys. Let’s spend $60 in three
minutes and 10 seconds! (upbeat music) I’m gonna find, like,
clothes or something, or, like, a lunchbox. I need to find an E, these are so cool! E! There. It’s super cute, but I only have $40 left. Ooh! Cute kitty lunchbox. This lunchbox is, lunchbox is $15. These are so cute! But how much are they? (girl chattering) (sighs) They’re $25, and that’s how much I have left to spend. Look at his cute T-shirt! I think I like it more
than the headphones. So I’m gonna get this, but it’s $17. And that means I only have,
like, $7 left or something, so. Okay, guys, so I only have $8 left, and I can’t really find anything that’s for school that’s $8. So I’m gonna get this cool notebook or journal, I
don’t really know, I forgot. And then this lunchbox and a T-shirt. (laughs) (dramatic music)
– ‘Kay, last round. – [Dad] Good luck, Emily. Make it count! Number… (upbeat music)
– [Emily] Three. – [Dad] Three. – Ooh, let’s go pick a three. Okay, I have one number three, and I really that it’s
actually a good number three. Apple.
– Apple? – One minute,
– What? – Three seconds.
– One minute, three seconds? – And $12, no, just kidding, $1,201! – [Dad] What? – Yeah, it says it right there! – [Dad] It’s gotta be a mistake. – It’s not a mistake. Well, you can’t change it now because I’m going to Apple.
– Your mother must have put it in there. She’s put that in there. – Yeah.
– She always does this. – Good! Okay, guys, so I’m at Apple, and I have a really good budget. But I only have one
minute and three seconds. So I’m just gonna have to see, like, whatever I can find. And hopefully it’s in my budget ’cause some of the stuff
here is too expensive, so. This is super pretty. I also like this one. But I don’t know their prices. Also, Billie Eilish. Okay, I can get this! It’s one, 1,100, so I can get that. And also, I don’t know
if I should get this one. It’s the same price. Okay, guys, so I really like this color. And I’m gonna go find a
salesperson, and I can get it. And here’s the proof that
I actually can afford this. (melodic fanfare plays)
Oh, that’s the timer. Okay, now I have to go pay. This was a super fun challenge. We got lots of new things
for back to school. – And also birthday presents for me because I’m turning two today! – Yeah, Mango’s two.
– Please comment in the comments, “Happy birthday, Mango!” And some confetti emojis. (both laughing) – Mango really wants you to send her a happy birthday.
– And she got a birthday cake toy and a little sushi toy. – And she loves them. But anyway, don’t forget to watch one of our videos down here,
and thanks for watching. – See ya’ next time! – [Both] Please subscribe and bye! – Bye, bye!
– Happy birthday, Mango.

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