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100 thoughts on “If Students Were Honest With Teachers

  1. this would be a disaster if this happened in real life lmao. what would you say to your teachers if you could be honest?
    also, lets plug some stuff. post notifications. like button. all that stuff. love you guys. 💛

  2. if i had to be completely honest with my teacher…..

    oh yuh the reason why i missed, essay #2,3,5,6,8 was because i just didnt want to do it

  3. Teacher*could u stop talking when I’m talking me*could u stop talking when I’m talking

  4. Me .put my hand up if I know sometimes i the a is easy but don't know it put my hand very low teacher yes you me minimum can I go to the toilet

  5. I would tell my teacher "imma be honest im playing games on my computer and hiding it everytime u come to look at my screen so imma just play in peace okay?"

  6. I would say that if studying or lets say by hearting things was so important for us to make our careers……u wouldn't be breaking ur head in front of us….so pls teach us something that would really come into use in our lives

  7. If I’m gonna be hella honest then if my teach said to take notes ima be like

    Me: MmMm…Bro please stfu it’s 7 am lemme sleep for an hour

  8. So my teacher told me to shut up, And the class went OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MISS SAID A BAD WORD then I went and I was like : Wait…. U THINK SHUT UP IS A BAD WORD? then I started saying bad words

  9. Sir ham tiffin kha raha ta so can we continue eating if we were honest but what we say sir no we are not eating with a piece of that thing in my mouth

  10. I will tell my teacher if i don't do my homework 1 i don't want to do my homework 2 i forgot this paper 3 i forgot to do it

  11. Based on a true story I was in English and I was sick so I would cough but the teacher thought I was playing around she said she was going to write me up to the dean's so I yelled man this stupid the teacher said what did you say and I replied with you heard me did I stutter

  12. Kids remember when the bell for lunch rings and your math lesson is not done, and your teacher wouldn’t let you out, what would you say?


  13. Me: would you punish me for something I didn’t do
    Teacher: of course not
    Me: ok I didn’t do my homework
    Teacher: your going to stay after class and finish it
    Me: you said you wouldn’t punish me for something I didn’t do

  14. Me: MS your bad a teaching math
    Me: You taght my dad and you said he was dum at math, and know is an astrophysicist who also study's quantum phisics

  15. Teacher: are you doing your work
    Me: no I’m doing the exact opposite that you told us not to do I’m doing it anyway because I want to do it thank you

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