If College Freshmen Were Honest On Move-In Day
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If College Freshmen Were Honest On Move-In Day

Hey! Do you guys want to come grab food with a big group of people terrified of eating alone. Hey I’m your room mate. Please don’t be lame as shit. We’re gonna be best friends, until we find people we actually have something in common with. Oh I care way more about getting fucked up than going to class. I’m trying really hard to seem cooler than I was in high school and… It’s not working. My side of the room is way cuter than yours. Our room’s going to smell like weed… a lot. I’m politely offering to switch beds with you although we both know I’m not going to do it. Oh I’ll do anything I can to avoid confrontation. We’re going to be spending an unfortunate amount of time together. Hey, our parents already left so we’re acting like hot shit. Come on! Once we start rushing frats I’ll definitely stop hanging out with you. I’m only being nice to you because you have a fake I.D. This is my first time away from home and I’m actually terrified. I checked you out on Facebook, and your sister is really hot! I will hit on her when she visits. I’m trying to sleep with every girl I meet this week. We’re going to hook up once and then we’ll avoid eye contact for the four years. I am never going to clean this comforter. Maybe if I puke on it but probably still not. This is my boyfriend. We’re going to sex aisle you all the time. I’m going to resent the fuck out of that. I’ll never tell you when somethings bothering me, but I will be extremely passive aggressive about it. Hooking up with you will be the first mistake I make in college but definitely not the last. This room is kinda miserable but I’m 18 and absolutely anything is better than living with my parents. Oh I’m on scholarship so I’m only paying 20 grand to get fucked up. Remember what I look like now because I’m going to gain 15 pounds. I’m going to bring back a ton of frat boys and I don’t really care if you’re in here. I’ll pretend to be sleepin and hate every second of it. Also I’m huge ‘N Sync fan… No Strings Attached changed my life. Hi! I’m going to pursue you sexually.

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100 thoughts on “If College Freshmen Were Honest On Move-In Day

  1. Hahahhaha I'm litteraly starting college this year and this just enlightened me . I can relate with the one about living away from my parents XD

  2. When I was in high school, this barely made any sense. Started college last year, went back to this video somehow, and now it's so relatable and I hate it😭😭😂

  3. I do very much hope that American college students aren't exactly like these lots, behaving so crudely and boorishly 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. omg i’m debating whether or not i should transfer during the winter semester bc i’m gonna be one of the only people that are new and ill feel like an outcast… should i wait till the next school year?

  5. LMAO I regret not going to a community college that’s 10 minutes driving distance from where I live … 🙂

  6. Thank God I never had to live in dorms. 😂 I would not have survived living around people like that. 😫

  7. Why can’t people just say what they mean? I get that honesty can sometimes come off as offensive, but it’s better than being comforted by an empty lie, isn’t it?

  8. I’m not a freshmen I’m actually a junior and 27, going back to school after a 2 year break and I’m moving into dorms and I feel terrified! :/

  9. Me: graduating this fall
    YouTube: suggests a buzzfeed video about freshman in college
    Me: well look at the memories I never made because I was a commuter going to school from my parents house that lame me still lives in to save money

  10. YouTube recommendations:
    2014 – Nope
    2015 – …
    2016 – Hell no
    2017 – Hmm na
    2018 – You heat that?
    2019 – WATCH THIS NOW!!!!

  11. I was about to flex and say: the first thing I told me roommate was "I think you'll like me, I don't play my music loud, aand I'm a pretty quiet masturbator."

    And then I realized I said that to my junior year roommate.

  12. As a senior in college who’s been to two different colleges….this is horrifyingly accurate! 😂😂😂

  13. maybe the reason why this video was only recommended to me after i graduated college is to confirm that most of it is accurate lol

  14. "I will never tell you when something is bothering me but I will be passive aggressive about it."

    HA! so glad I'm out the dorms now

  15. “Once we start rushing frats, I’ll definitely stop hanging out with you” why was that so relatable 😂

  16. Why is this showing up in my recommandations now…. in 2019…. a month before I start college?

  17. Hey ryan:
    why are you not investigating mysterious unsolved murders or hunted houses???
    Buzzfeed unsolved fans.

  18. Baby Zach in his Buzzfeed days! I can't believe this was recommended in 2019. And it's amazing to remember that it was common to have videos less than 4 and even less than 2 minutes long.

  19. 3 of my sister's 5 freshman year roommates at college are gonna be her bridesmaids at her wedding 9 years after they met on move in day so there's still some hope lol

  20. I was nothing like this in college. And most people I knew weren't like this. But I'm located in Asia. Maybe the this video is specific to the West.

  21. "I'll never tell you when somethings bothering me but, I will be extremely passive aggressive about it". The world

  22. I’m glad I’m great with confrontation cause if a girl brings back a boy and I’m about to fall asleep you bet your ass I’m gonna get up and tell them to do it somewhere else

  23. I SWEAR i'm a college freshmen who's gonna starting out in 1 week and those vids started popping on my recs. WHAT'S YT TRYIN TO TELL ME

  24. you cant find any real friends people are fake flakes that say shtt their not about collage especially

  25. I lived in co-ed dorms and my roommate probably hated me because I used to smash the girl next door to me like almost every night. Honestly, sleeping with girls was the easiest in college.

  26. I communicated 4 hours a day to get to college, and I'm honestly glad… I hate college dorm culture. It's high schoolers who don't have anyone telling them what to do. Drink till your puking, then have class the next. Try new drugs, eventually doing coke. Because they dont have parents tell you to do your homework, eventually not doing well in class where you either drop school or switch to major that can't get you a job. Having crazy amount of sex, either getting raped or getting a STD. Like I know not everyone is bad but I know too many people who just go to college to party and not to learn…it's honestly trashy.

  27. Watching this even though my college years are behind me. Yet…. I have no idea why this showed in my video suggestion.

  28. Get a private dorm and 90% of those problems are solved. Can’t afford it then apply for scholarships, tellin ya it’s a life saver

  29. There are a lot of comments from then Freshmen when this video came out. I want someone to comment or reply how it was for them

  30. It’s sad that people have no idea how to live away from home at such a old age. I went to boarding school since I was 14, dorm life is a breeze

  31. Thank God I live at home 10 minutes away from campus I have my own single dorm it's called my room forget it having a dorm mate I have a me mate

  32. Everytime I watch one of these videos im so glad I dont live in america. You dont even get your own room. Even in the absolute dirt cheapest dorms in germany you at least have your own room!
    (Also no tuition can I get a wahoo)

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