Idaho SAT School Day Accommodations Overview Spring 2019
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Idaho SAT School Day Accommodations Overview Spring 2019

good afternoon everyone thank you for
joining us for the Idaho SAT school day accommodations overview webinar this is
a continuation of the high-level overviews the College Board and the
Idaho State Department of Education are providing for Idaho educators in
preparation for the SAT school day in spring 2019 I’m Eddie Pawlawski director of outreach and implementation and one of the College Board Idaho field team
members joining in webinar today is Melanie Jones from the Idaho State
Department of Education and Sharon Cowley from the College Board please note that
this webinar is being recorded and a link will be provided after the webinar
is completed all right again today’s agenda includes an overview of the SAT
accommodations process information for preparing SSD coordinators a review of
common accommodations a review of the accommodations request process and
information about additional resources and support materials as a general
reminder all 11th grade students attending public schools in Idaho are
eligible to take the SAT the SAT without essay is the default registration for
all students but Idaho students have the option to take the SAT with essay as an
Idaho page choice and adding the additional essay to their SAT
registration is an individual student choice students who wish to take the
essay must register for it between January 28th and February 4th 2019 by
10:00 p.m. mountain time bulk registration for the SAT essay is not
available students may add the essay to their registration through their online
College Board account or by calling the College Board s
and SAT with Si scores will be available to Idaho SD for Idaho assessment courts
the school day version of the SAT will be administered on the following dates
the primary test date is April 9th 2019 the accommodated testing window is April
9th through to April 22nd and the makeup test day for the SAT school day is April
23rd 2019 next two slides provide key
implementation dates these dates were sent to test coordinators district test
coordinators and SSD coordinators and earlier communications will pause for a
few moments to review slide virtual school food students will be
participated in the SAT at a different time for those schools please refer to
the key dates document you received earlier a couple of call-outs on this
particular slide will be the accommodations request deadlines for the
April school day testing from the March national administration and the May
national administration potentially for virtual school students bulk
registration window a student essay opt in window again you’ll receive a copy of
this presentation so you’ll have these things at your fingertips second series
of implementation key dates include the test dates the makeup test dates in the
return materials dates let’s talk quickly about staff roles and
responsibilities as a wave and overview and also a reminder to better align
roles across college board assessments roll titles have been updated for 2019
our responsibilities have not changed the role are now titled test coordinator
SSD coordinator proctoring monitor and hall monitor you can see a description
next to each role it is a quick reminder of that these roles test a staff to not
be involved with paid coaching or paid as a tea preparation test a staff could
not have taken the SAT within 180 days of the administration date test a staff
should be certified employees at the school district any school member
including the test coordinator who I have access to Testaments for test day
have a child or a member of their household living under the same roof
taking the same College Board test in the same window at any test site in
small schools test a staff may serve multiple roles
we recommend the test coordinator who remain in the test room and have
additional test staff serve as the hall monitor and in large schools we
recommend the Proctor’s be in the testing rooms with appropriate numbers
of ring hall moanitors the test coordinator can then float
around the school assist inless questions and resolving any issues that
may arise specifically about the SSD coordinator the SSD coordinator is
responsible for being the school’s the a is on with the College Board’s services
for students with disabilities office for submitting accommodation requests
for all students who need them it is rehearse tool for accessing and printing
the non-standard administration report or the NAR and assisting the test
coordinator in determining rooms and staff required for administering the
test with accommodations also partnering with the test coordinator to reconcile
accommodated testing materials and administer the SAT to students who are
testing with accommodation schools may have more than one SSD
coordinator where one person will be identified as the primary SSD
coordinator who will receive the communications from College Board the
test coordinator and SSD partner to support students with disabilities test
coordinator is responsible for planning all administration activities while the
SSD coordinator is responsible for applying for accommodations that will
support students with disabilities test coordinators enlist the help of the SSD
coordinator to assist with the planning and administration for students with
disabilities the College Board accountant is required for all system
access each user creates their own account at College Board org to allow
for a single sign-on to College Board tools including the SS the online system
and the others that you see listed here access codes allow users to link their
professional account to each system access codes are valid for one school
year there’s specific for each system that they’re useful with the first name
of all Gator access codes you typically provided via
email and will not it will only allow you to link your College Board account
to the specific system that’s identified in that email SSB coordinators use the SSB online
system to submit requests for accommodations and the e L 50% support
on behalf of their students College Board will then determine the
non-standard material orders to be shipped to schools for test day based on
these entries schools can have multiple SSD coordinators but only one should be
listed as the primary coordinator who will receive the communications from
College Board SSD online will provide the following reports to assistance as
the coordinators the non-standard administration report ordinar and the
eligibility roster the NAR will provide a list of students approved for
accommodations and provide which accommodations have been approved for
testing which materials are needed and when students will test while the
eligibility roster is a listing of all students at your school or AI with
accommodations u.s. D coordinators should go to bed JW
College Board lrg to create a college board professional account if you don’t
already have one we encourage you to complete the SSP coordinator form found
at or gene slash SSD provide the information about you and your school
attain your principals signature and then fax the form to College Board with
where the instructions are on the form an access code of MB since you
approximately two to three days after the receipt of your form please note
that if you’re the SSD coordinator for more than one school you’ll need to
submit a separate form for each school you work with but you should only create
one professional login account let’s do a little deeper dive into accommodations
and supports for spring 2019 College Board offers these accommodations and
alternate test formats for the SAT school day supports that are available
for all students include repeat directions time remaining notifications
and calculator for with calculator sections standard test format supports
include extended time additional breaks modified settings reader scribe large
block answer sheets and permission for meds food and drinks alternate test
format supports include Braille large print mp3 and assistive technology PL
supports include translated test directions use of approved or toward
glossaries and 50% extended time testing College Board is committed to making
sure the students with disabilities can take the exams with the accommodations
they need and will consider all requests to ensure that we measure student’s
academic abilities regardless of their disabilities all requests will be
entered in the College Board ssp online system and there are two
types of college board accommodations students with college board approved
accommodations will receive college and scholarship reportable scores once
approved for accommodations with limited exceptions a student remains approved
for all College Board tests eligible ELL students can receive 50% extended time
for college and scholarship recordable scores when requested in advance these
requests must be submitted for each state administration so let’s look at
some common accommodations terminating accommodation is the accommodations that
schools request your students for the SAT should be consistent with the
accommodations listed in their IEP or 504 plans for instruction and assessment
in other words students should already be familiar with the accommodation we’ll
be using we recognize that some terminology using the creation of an IEP
or 504 may differ from the College Board nomenclature for example if a student
typically has assessment to read aloud in school omission they wish to request
a reader or mp3 audio format or oral presentation of the assessment the
school can determine the best option in consultation with the student and family
because more accommodations that follow are examples of commonly requested
accommodations the College Board provides many types of accommodations
and will rule you all requests that are made they consider us your timing
accommodations please keep in mind that the student must use the entire time for
which they are approved they can’t move to the next section or in the assessment
when they’re finished even if they’re only the only student testing in that
one so we’re going to pause on the next few slides and look at the screens so
that they can view common accommodation requests on this screen for example
you’ll see requests related to timing type of accommodation the number of days
needed for testing and what to know about these accommodations so for
example a student who is seeking a 50% extended time for math accommodation
you’ll see that it’s a one-day accommodation and you’ll see what you
need to know about that particular type of accommodation versus a 100% extended
time for reading accommodation that would result in a two-day accommodation
along with what you need to know about that particular accommodation on this
screen you see requests related to breaks including extra breaks extended
breaks breaks as needed and permission to test blood sugar on this screen you
see requests related to presentation providing specific information that the
use of an mp3 audio or the use of a reader again please note the combination
of accommodations that will occur in the case of an mp3 audio the student
automatically receives 100% extended time for the writing and language test
and this student would test over two days a student he tests with a reader
will automatically receive 50% extended time and extra breaks on all sections
that will likely test on one day nation and that presentation include
details about the use of assistive technology compatible or ATC devices
Braille and American Sign Language because they don’t need an accommodation
for recording mixers you can see on this screen the common accommodations
available to a student including the use of a wider or ascribe use of a large
block inter sheet and the use of a computer for the essay if the student is
participating in the optional SAT SAT with Si section it is even an
accommodation relative to setting common
accommodations include small small group testing home hospital testing
preferential student and permission for food or medication please remember that
a copy of this presentation will be available for all Idaho SSD coordinators
so you’ll have this information at your fingertips now let’s discuss the area of
English Learner Oriel supports DL students may use the 50% extended time
support for SAT it is offered as an option for ELL students who receive
extended time as instructional support students taking the SAT will test over
two days scores will be scholarship and or college reportable and must be
requested for each state administration advanced request is required through the
SSD online and the u.s. learner support dashboard or tour glossary lists will be
expanded to approximately a hundred glossaries or spring 2019 use of
groceries does not require an approval by College Board the approved list is
available at College Board at the College Board website that you see
listed here it will also be available to you on the SDV website translated test directions will be
available in PDF format schools must print the directions for students no
printed directions will come with the test materials directions will be
available in the following languages that you see on the screen and the
College Board will also support on-the-fly translations of the
directions by district decree translators use of translated test
directions does not require an approval by College Board translations will be
available in February 2019 to print from the College Board website the website
that you see in the fiscally so let’s chat briefly about how to prepare this
is the equal manner should begin managing accommodations by accessing
your SSD online account at www.hsn c online and using the dashboard you
submit requests to monitor status into print reports if your school will be
administering the SAT school of a during the April of 1920 19th April 9th 2019
administration the deadline to submit or change accommodations request February
19th 2019 as you see a blue box in the lower right corner the SSD coordinator
should identify students who will be testing this year and confirm
accommodations you’ll use the dashboard to look students up want to print the
eligibility roster the roster provides all students approved for accommodations
at your school for new students or students who need accommodations that
have not yet been requested you will be asked to submit and requesting SSB
online which students would previously approved accommodations you should
verify the accommodation is approved match the students current identified
IEP or 504 accommodation needs that the student information is received such as
name birth date and graduation days and that they are correct and
the student is receiving the testing accommodation on school and district
assistance for any students no longer at your school you can notate the
information on the eligibility roster we can then fax that roster to the
number that you see on the screen eight six six three six zero zero one four to
have students removed from your dashboard and from reports majority of
students with a current IEP or 504 plan will have those same accommodations
automatically approved allocations requests again will be submitted through
the College Board SSD online system the entry of those common accommodations
will go through one of two paths the school verification most requests will
be approved automatically through the School reification system the SSD
coordinator verifies that the student needs College Board eligibility criteria
and the student has documented documentation on file such as the IEP or
in a pool filled with documentation review some requests require additional
documentation such as extended time for more than 100% different types of
assistive technology and software large print test book sizes greater than 20
point font and other special requests these exceptions will require additional
documentation for further verification clarification documentation that includes the
following information is most helpful in the review process the state specific
disability is diagnosed the current documentation if that potentially
bearing based on the disability or documentation providing relevant
educational developmental history describing the comprehensive testing
techniques if applicable describe the functional limitations describing the
specific accommodations and establishing the professional credentials of the
evaluators the documentation that was used should be sent to make this
determination even if it’s out of date with any current information about the
student and please note that schools are not required to have students retest to
support any documentation requests in an application can be resubmitted if it is
not approved with additional documentation for consideration
even after the SSD submission deadline if documentation is requested it should
address of what the how and the why the what being providing the students
documented disability the how describing the functional impact in the degree of
the impact and the why showing the need for the specific accommodation being
requested so let’s talk a bit about the tools and resources that are available
for SSD coordinators exciting tool that we’ve developed is an on-demand training
module for SSD coordinators the D module includes topics such as an overview of
College Board accommodations details on commonly requested accommodations a
step-by-step tutorial of the accommodations request process and other
common activities performed in this as d Online and tips for preparing for
testing including accessing Bernard new coordinators can review the training
in its entirety which is approximately 40 minutes or you can choose specific
topics as a refresher or a real-time job aid a link to the SSD module is
available on SAS de s website and this link will also be made available to SSD
coordinators the future communications from college board and it’s going to be
sent along with the link to this particular presentation some additional
reminders that we want to make you aware of particularly submitting a new request
in SSB online and a few steps to submit a new request in SSD online the SSD
coordinator will log in to the College Board SSD online system and click Submit
accommodations request in the upper right hand corner accommodation requests
should be submitted for all students who will participate in the SAT school day
administration to submit a request for 50% extended time for ELL students
please remember that this accommodation is Annie College recordable support it
requires an advanced request this support must be requested for each state
administration 50% extended time for Al students may be entered at SSD online in
the dashboard beginning January 25th 2019 a quick note
the non-standard administration report or the NAR Vanara is invaluable tool for
SSD coordinators the NAR lists all students approved for accommodations the
great students that must test on the primary test day and those who may test
in the accommodated window it includes the test book color and the script name
the student should use and it includes students who will be testing with al 50%
extended time examples can be seen on this screen I apologize for them being
so small but you’ll get a copy of this presentation so that you’ll be able to
see them a little more closely the management arm please remember the
following the NAR will display students who have been approved for
accommodations at your school we’ve also been pre identified in the bulk
registration pre ID process the SSD coordinator can review the list of
students appearing on the NAR and other students who will be testing with
approved accommodations for example students who transfer to your school
after the pre ID file was completed can be added steps review the list and match
students in steps for creating Minar can be seen on this screen

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