i Threw a Chair at my Teacher…
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i Threw a Chair at my Teacher…

I’m not kidding.. This actually happened.. Let’s take a trip back to when i was in
second grade… It was a normal day.. i woke up, did everything
i needed to do before school, and then i started to walk to school.. now i’m 16, and this
happened when i was 8 so… i don’t remember all of it, but I remember most of what happened..
and you guys are going to hear about the time, that i threw a chair at my teacher.. If you think this video is good, click that
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my sister never really got along with each other back in the day… I remember we argued and hated each other
every single day back then. and because my parents are deaf, they never really heard
us arguing, so we never really got told to stop. so i think me and her were arguing the morning
before school.. it was probably Dumb like she was telling me to turn my YouTube volume
down and I refused.. So me arguing with my sister had me in a bad
mood already and I still had to go to school and I hated school so this day was already
horrible.. I walked to school because I live right next
to my elementary school, went inside and ate breakfast. no I don’t know what time of day that this
incident happened but we’re just gonna act like it was around the middle of the day. now when I was in elementary school we loved
to color and stuff like that. The year before I was in first grade and that’s
pretty much all we did we never really worked but second grade was when it got hard and
couple weeks after school started we started to do actual work and the young Dj did not
put up with that.. I was telling my teacher that I really wanted
to color and I did not want to do this work. I bet it was like 3+3 and like how to spell
car but I was not in the mood to do this. to this day I still don’t really like doing
work in school. I’ll do it because you have to do it but
I’ve always been someone who hated rules.. do you guys hate rules too ? comment down
below! so my teacher was telling me to do my work and I was refusing to do it. I kept refusing and she kept ordering. now you guys know those little color boards
that teachers used to use for behavior and you had like a popsicle stick with your name on it? if you were bad then you would go down a level
and stuff? I was that cool kid that never really cared
if I went down a level but in this particular instance I didn’t just go down one level,
she launched me down that board… if I went down the level I was like who cares, if I
went down two or three levels I was like OK I’m kind of pushing it, but if I ever went
down five levels and I was on black level, that would mean a short trip to the principals
office.. and when I would go to the principals office she would make me write hundred word
pages… once my teacher move me all the way down to Black level, I knew it was over.. I was thinking in my mind I’d much rather
do some addition then write papers, but it was too late.. I feel like the teacher was being rude and
she just jumped to conclusions by putting me on black level. because of this, I got so mad I grabbed my
chair and threw it at her.. Everyone screamed, and right after I did it
I immediately regretted it. they called the intercom to the principal
and they had somebody come get me and that was that. now honestly I don’t remember if I even
hit her with a chair, but I feel kind of bad like she was just asking me to do some simple
addition, and then got a chair thrown at her.. it was one of those really small chairs because
remember I was in second grade and like 3ft 5 inches tall my mom had to come get me and I was suspended
and when I got home they took my games and that was one of the first times that I’ve
ever gotten punished. my parents have always been pretty chill and
low-key about stuff but when their son throws a chair at a teacher you know they’re gonna
do something about it. i was so bored at home and, i definitely learned
from the situation. i never was going to throw a chair at my teacher
again. all in all I probably should have just done
my work and then called it a day but instead I got really mad, got put on black level,
got suspended,and threw a chair at my teacher.. that’s all for this episode of actually
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