I Survived On A College Food Budget For A Week
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I Survived On A College Food Budget For A Week

(upbeat music) – My name is Matt. I’ve been out of college for seven years. And one of the main things I’ve noticed is how much more money
I spend on food today than when I was in school. I don’t have the strict tight budget that I had in college. I went from ordering 5-5-5 deals to probably spending most
of my money on meals. And so I’ve wanted to
revert back to square one, and that’s college. (cheerful jazz music) Three for a dollar. Even though I ate like such shit, I just want to see how
eating like that again would affect my day to day life because I gained 35 pounds
my senior year of college from eating this exact type of stuff. Part of me’s kind of
looking forward to this. (upbeat music) – Just finished my softball game and literally all I wanna do is Seamless some food right now, but… College diet. (pot banging) Cheesy delicious magic. – (Voicover) Ew. Ugh. I’m actually going to employ a little trick I did in college. I heated my food up with a blow dryer. (blow dryer whirring) So a cup of noodles is still quite actually delicious. But the whole time I was eating, I was wondering why does this not seem healthy? And then I checked out
the nutrition facts. I just had 50% my daily value of sodium. This is also gonna be my dinner. I was actually thinking about it and all the junk food that I’ve had this week has been like
genuinely delightful. I actually am getting a
little too used to eating it. So, I ate like a college
student for a week. I had mac and cheese
three nights for dinner, like six cup of noodles
over the course of the week, I saved close to $180. I was like, holy shit. I do not think it’s a
sustainable way of living just because I felt like
a lot more lethargic. Already feeling a little
bit like poopy in my tummy. As much as I don’t love healthy food, I will admit that it does
make you feel a little better. So I actually brought food from home. But I’m gonna pay more attention to my Seamless orders and I will try to cook more often, I will try to actually grocery shop. I will try to just be a
normal well-adjusted adult instead of an overgrown college kid with more money to spend.

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99 thoughts on “I Survived On A College Food Budget For A Week

  1. My fridge currently only has alcohol and condiments in it.
    And yes, I share this fridge with other people

  2. I would save up in middle school and high school so that I would have plenty of money for food and other things in college.

  3. Saving $ 180 a week? Wow!
    During my best work year I spent an avg of $ 80 per week on grocery food (excluding non-food items being $ 20) and about $30 to $40 per week primarily on In-N-Out and Chick-fil-a and I thought that was living large.

  4. Take the Ramen – ½ it – add an egg (Just crack it directly into the "soup") Add some green peas and maybe a little sweet corn… A lot better and healthier – and only costs a little bit more.

  5. Who else saw the green cross at the beginning and thought about stimpacks or rad-x or rad-away?? LOL

  6. Re-watching this now that I'm actually in college… I… Don't eat anything like what he did. I barely eat ramen noodles instead I buy cheap groceries and make simple food. I research sales and deals to get actual food not.. Junk.

    AKA it really isn't that hard to live on a college student budget if you know what to do.

  7. There is this thing called cooking, some people might even say it has the magic ability of saving you money…
    Srly though, 180 Dollar a week? Why?

  8. I also did this challenge this is what i ate

    ✅Ramen noodles (monday)
    ✅Ramen noodles (tuesday)
    ✅Ramen noodles (Wednesday)
    ✅Ramen noodles (thursday)
    ✅Ramen noodles (friday)
    ✅Ramen noodles (saturday)
    ✅Ramen noodles (sunday)

    What i lost

    My life
    My iq
    My consciousness
    My virginity

  9. I don't understand why people don't research cheap food. I'm in college and I eat fruit (dried if I'm in a money crunch), eggs, and actually good instant noodles. I go to China town every month and buy like 5 packs of 4 Japanese style instant ramen. Amazing and only about £2 more expensive per pack. Plus the sodium count in the pack I get is only around 10% of the daily recommended amount. Works for me!

  10. Why not make tacos? They're pretty cheap and pretty good for you, better if you do refried beans than bad quality ground beef, or even just healthier with beans anyway maybe

  11. Just put primary foods such as starch like. Rices noodkes or beans like, then choose veegis, then choisde meat n fruit cool to save

  12. It is not hard to spend less than $50 a week and buy quality food. Anybody who says other wise hasn’t really tried

  13. my food budget is $25 and I eat twice more than that plus food from the pantry😂😂 I just had spaghetti anf enchiladas this weekend

  14. I love how propagandistic buzzfeed is. Here let's just help everyone normalize being broke when in college, or you just in your 20's in general. I mean why just "college." Because of college tuition?

  15. I'm in college and I can only spend $150 a MONTH on food. that's about $5 a day. I have celiacs disease too so I can't eat ramen or mac and cheese without paying for much more expensive gluten-free alternatives. I basically eat rice three meals a day

  16. Mine was tortillas with hot dogs and cheese popped in the microwave. Also: cold cereal; pop tarts; bagels; air popped popcorn and other wonderfuls such as an endless chain of sandwiches.

  17. i’m in college and i can only afford to eat once every other day it really is awful

  18. Im not a college student but i love frozen dinner and frozen food and especially frozen pizza. I love tuna sandwiches. I love ramen noodles
    I dont get why ppl hate it

  19. Or for $180 a week buy some jacks pizzas, a couple cans of spam which will fill you, and 72 cent great value 2-liters

  20. College diet= dollar store 5 pack of ramen and bag of chips and liter of soda. Or roommates left overs. Or dollar value meals like Wendy’s 4 for $4. And or Mac n cheese

  21. I did this for three months, someone doesn’t live off ramen because it’s good. You live off of it if you are broke or starving

  22. Potatoes
    Frozen veggies
    Easy, cheap and easy to keep in the fridge. Meals can be expensive if you make them expensive.

  23. I just buy a pack of potatoes for like 5 bucks and pack of eggs for like 3 bucks (in my country their cheap) and vegetables for 1.5 bucks..

  24. If you have a Lidl /Aldi in your country shop there. I bought a pretty large pack of spaghetti for about 85p and a jar of sauce for 90p. most things in those shops end up being less than £5 and it's mediocre quality. My brother is in University (college) and he usually shops there. You don't have to live off instant noodles and crappy mac n cheese to live as a "College" student.

  25. I wont ever have that college experience because in my country there are universitys and the one i want to go is so close to my house and there are no dorms i will lice af my parents home and will eat my mommys food thats one good thing

  26. $180?? Thats suppose to be cheap or expensive?? At most I spent $40 for 2 weeks of food. What are you buying?? hahah im buying bare essentials baby, rice, beans, lentil, potatoes, tomatoes, PB & J, bread, broccoli, cauliflower, tofu, teriyaki sauce, pasta, garlic, onion, hummus, soymilk, bananas, carrots, bell peppers, boulion cubes, olive oil badda bing badda boom

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