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(door opens) (footsteps) – We need to talk. (rhythmic music) And that’s it. That’s it, we’re done. Things are clean. This is the last time
I’m gonna be in the classroom for a long time. It feels really weird. I’ve been here every workday for the last decade of my life. I wanna show you
guys this really quickly. Ryan Holiday helped
us get a classroom set of “The Obstacle is
the Way” for my students. And that really
meant a lot to me. He helped push the Donors
Choose campaign on his Twitter and got us funded, I think,
within two or three hours. We got a
classroom set of the book. I think it was really
meaningful for the kids. It’s really cool to be
able to bring something that means so much
to me to them as well. Probably one of
the biggest highlights of my teaching career. So that was kind of weird. What was really
weird about that was, I kept sitting there thinking, like I need to be
nostalgic about this, or I should be more upset. I’m just not. The thing is, I just
don’t have any feelings about it at all. It’s not bittersweet,
I’m not angry, I’m not happy, nothing. Stoicism, I guess. And I feel weird, kinda bad, that I’m just out,
just outta there. But the thing is, it’s just, I feel very
stoic about the whole thing. Like this is not
good or it’s bad. It’s just what’s happening next. And it’s not you,
it’s not me. You know? It’s not personal with my job. It’s none of that stuff. It’s just time. I feel like this should be
a long, poetic video, right? This should be something serious about why I’m leaving teaching and all of that other stuff. I just don’t have the
bandwidth to care anymore, not about teaching or about
kids, or anything like that, I don’t have the
bandwidth to look back. I’m so focused on going forward and the future, and my clients, and what’s coming next, which I’ll tell you guys
about in maybe 30 seconds. But I just don’t wanna
pay any mind or anything to bad times I’ve had,
bad memories, or frustrating things
that have happened in the past that have led me to
start side businesses and led me to switch schools, and led me to now just
wanna leave teaching. I’m gonna finish
this when I get home. I’m pretty sure
what I’m doing right now is not only unsafe
and possibly unethical, but illegal in
the city of Chicago. For the final time ever, (clicks) Ta-da, success. We did it.

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  1. The reason for the dysfunction of education in the inner cities – Liberal Demoncraps' policies! That's all.

  2. I ran into an old teacher of mine from High School a few years back. He recognized me with a smile on his face. Shook my hand and asked if I had a moment to catch up with how I was doing in life. He seemed genuinely interested and I knew that that was the kind of teacher he was… and I for one was grateful for being his student. This teacher looked tired. Beyond his years in fact. He thanked me and my fellow classmates for being such good kids to him and the rest of the staff. We made his job easy and enjoyable. With that being said…the conversation went downhill. He was frustrated with the gradual decline in the behavior in students over the years and said my class and the class after mine was the last time he really REALLY enjoyed his job. Year after year he saw kids come and go that were unruly, disrespectful and didn't have a care in the world to receive an education. Sure, he still had some good students that out shined the bad ones, but it wore him out nonetheless. I felt pity on him. He made going to class fun and we looked forward to it. I wished him all the best. I haven't ran into him since…I hope and pray all is well.

  3. Ayeee this video a year old and I'm just now seeing it but Wassup Brendon I remember you working at Epic Academy

  4. I must admit that single mothers can get a bum rap as well. Well, I was a single mother. I was married for 19 years and when my marriage was over, I raised my children alone (no step father required). My children are grown and are 36, 32 and 23. My eldest son is a programmer, my daughter is a mother but has a degree in forensic psychology and my youngest is studying to be a paramedic. Some single mothers do the best that they can.

  5. I quit after two years. I was invited to teach under a community expert clause because I didn't have a teaching license. I can't say I'm any sort of expert, but I can say the schools will undergo big changes soon or fail all together.

  6. A friend of mine this was last year was her first full year of teaching she quit she was an English teacher in Ohio she quit because of the students the parents nobody wants the parent anymore no my daughters 23 and I'm going to be honest with you she was actually a pretty decent kid but she never disrespected me I think she knew not to disrespect me and I never disrespected my parent or my grandparents and my grandfather would he bust that ass my grandmother would bust that ass if you stepped Outta line with them you got lit up but I could always go to them and talk about anything that was bothering me didn't matter what but they wasn't my friend they were there to make sure I was on a path that I needed to be on and I thank them for that now if more parents would be like that we have teachers that wasn't quitting

  7. It looks like the only people who want to teach are the ones who want to have sex with the students…😨😝😒🙁

  8. Teaching is a crappy job… most jobs are.
    Administrators in education are incompetent and incapable. Most private sector bosses are.
    Parents are ignorant aholes. Most customers are.

    Suggestion… do not pour your life into your work unless it is your own business.

  9. The crisis in the publics is the nonsense called” education theory”. These experts clopping around in their cheap suits and stupid high heels, sporting a bs Ed.d doctorate earned on the taxpayer dime are what is wrong. They have NEVER done anything meaningful in their lives. They bullied kids for a few years, got their asses handed to them by a precocious 10 year old too many times , and rushed pell mell to administration where they could bother and bully bright college educated teachers.

    Seriously, bright folks either remain as teachers or ditch education in its entirety. Those who promote themselves out of the classroom are first class losers who have no other options . Seriously, they went to a local high school, attended a mediocre no name college and then hauled ass right back to a middle school for kids that were not quite adults, but not youngsters either. After 3 years they had been mentally worn down due to their low 80’s IQ. With nothing else even possible they rushed off to earn theirEd.D.

    In summary, contrary to the past 10 year bash fest on teachers, the best and brightest either remain teachers or get the hell out. Those who promote themselves are absolutely the least talented and capable.

  10. I think incompetent parents is part of the problem.  It is horrible parenting to buy your child who is under 16 a smart phone.  That's a good way to mess with their identity, their social and family relationships, and it causes many kids to not pay attention in class because their brain has been used to getting endorphins from the constant stream of "endless" social media.

  11. Malcom X on the wall. Can't imagine why he doesn't want to discuss why he's leaving teaching. So, what's the point of the video? Going to assume he just doesn't want to be called RACISS!

  12. Stoicism or burn out? I am a dinosaur in public education, having taught special education for 20 years. I quit several times and went back. To quote Ben and Jerry, I know it is my calling because pretty much everything else is not. I quit several times in frustration but always returned. My ex used to say, how many times are you going to try that? I still love teaching students. What I do not love is being micromanaged and overworked and disrespected. I am one who though Mr. Hollands Opus was tragic in that he had to neglect his family in order to be considered a good teacher.

  13. What is the point of this video? Why make this if you're not going to talk about the problems with education? It's just a vacuous video journal entry from a random person.

  14. I retired 3 times. My last gig was teaching high school for 15 years. I learnt a lot. I was retired and didn't need the money, but thought I could help kids – so I got certified to teach school in Texas. School Boards are scammed by the federal government with required brain washing training. The administration buildings are loaded with waste. Education Region Centers are full of socialist. I had 6 bosses all at the same time supervising my work. The list includes the School Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum Director, Social Studies Director, Principal, and Assistant Principal. These bosses could come into my classroom at any time for supervision purposes. I worked in a predominately black high school for a couple of years. The school assemblies never played the National Anthem, but always played the "Black Anthem". The Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, Texas was out of control. I had eggs thrown at me in the classroom. I had rocks thrown at my car. Upon my retirement in Texas, social security took 30% out of my social security because of an off-set penalty for teaching school in Texas. The federal government can go to hell. I'm a disabled combat vet scammed out of my government worthless Veteran Affairs care too. I'm very happy in retired life. Eaglegards…

  15. I don't know.. Done with work everyday at 3 and only working 185 days per year sounds like a good deal.. Find a good school and a teach a difficult subject (ie one only smart kids can handle) and I'd imagine you'd be golden.

  16. 15 years and I walked away in April last year. I was done but tying to finish out the year. An administrator thought putting me down one day was a good move. Walked out called in sick for the last 100 days and got a whole new career.

  17. Los últimos 3 años fueron tremendos: estudiantes, padres, administración y ¡YO misma! Amo a los estudiantes, preparé lecciones y al final era una babysitter ó referee.

  18. I quit teacher after 10 years. The students are so out of control and unsafe here in Ontario Canada that the risks are way to high to continue this type of career.

  19. Boring. Try making an interesting or 'politically incorrect' video next time. Maybe one where you talk about teaching blacks 🙂

  20. First off, awesome editing mate. And yeah, agree just look towards the future.
    I was also wondering If I missed the part where you said why :/ lol
    Subbed, hope you're following your path!

  21. The trashification of the American family the last fifty years finally setting in…..really, really sad.

  22. Hey, I quit teaching after forty years. I love teaching, but it is not the same anymore. I would love to do some substitute teaching just to stay in game a bit. Too dangerous. Too many social justice warriors in the ranks of the students, parents, principals, senior administration at the district level who are looking for ways to be offended at the drop of a hat and file a complaint. Teachers who now survive are adept avoiding the political correctness landmines. Teachers who have to prepare their students for standardized tests are content to play the game of sorting the children into various levels of winners and losers. If your district leaders are staunch supporters of standardized testing, you will immediately know that those administrators are totally incompetent and that very little of educational value is happening there. Stay away from teaching if you are serious about teaching. Brendan, best wishes in your future endeavours.

  23. Want to know the REAL reason I quit teaching? Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC4S9kqyMVM&index=10&list=PL_DO6_8ffPG5wJ3GcCRbujjZ_O_nO65pj&t=0s

  24. Basically you are a loser who abandons anything that doesn't go his way,
    or you are completely faking your teaching credentials to post racist commentary.

  25. Hello it's my second year and my first with 11 yo children and I can't wait to leave. Sometimes they are in good mood and we work together but there are some days when they don't want to do anything. Really I'm so frustrated. Thanks for this video.

  26. I had an economics teacher who was poached by a private school and when he was asked why he was leaving he simply said "because they're going to pay me twice as much" fair play, when your income can go from £30k to £60k and be teaching better students in a nicer environment who would turn down that offer. Unfortunately he was the only good teacher in that department (And was also head of it)

  27. I see the comment board full of people assuming he quit because of the issues associated with teaching inner city youth. People are reading way too much into that pic of Malcolm X in his classroom. Here's a clue: He taught psychology, sociology, and some "experimental" government/home economics class, at a charter school. He wasn't at one of those inner city public schools that are the easy target for your (often racist) vitriol. Most charter schools can, and often are, very selective. They aren't forced to put up with all the disciplinary issues, and they have many tools they can use to get rid of under-performing kids who will bring the school's success rate down. This may not be the case at his charter school, but it very much is the case in charter schools here in NYC. So his experience was nothing like that of other teachers who retire and tell horror stories about having their treasured white knighthood squashed in the concrete jungle of urban education. He has no clue about any of that and it's obvious. All that being said, his own reasons for quitting teaching are still valid. The nigh-Lovecraftian layers of bureaucracy, inefficiency, and lack of proper funding of our education system here in the US are major issues. Teaching pre-university level in the US offers only a subsistence level income and garners little respect in our society, by and large, yet requires paying for a Master's degree. Granted, as Master's degrees go, it's small potatoes.

    Do I think he'd have a different outlook on the whole thing if he had worked at an actual public school in the Bronx, Harlem, or Washington Hts.? Hell yeah. But they don't teach psychology and sociology at those schools. They're too busy trying to teach high school seniors how to add and subtract. That borrowing and regrouping stuff, y'know. Super complex.

  28. When I started teaching (back in 1973,) we (our graduating class of educators) were told the average teacher lasts 4 years in the field.

  29. I just retired after 22 years. I'm 57 but it wasn't worth it I wasn't teaching but babysitting. Bought a cheap house about 10 years ago and paid it off.

  30. Hey Brendan saw you over on one of Russell Brunsons videos and wanted to come over and check out your channel and say Hi and support! Looks like you are on to the next chapter on your journey! Look forward to seeing more of your videos !

  31. so many amazing teachers have left the field in these last years. Sad. I feel as though I can´t be full time anymore. It´s just that change is needed at times. Good luck with the future!!

  32. A ton of teachers in the US and UK are flocking to China because pay is great here and pressure is much lighter. Our family paid off $55k in school loan debt while here! Contact me if you're interested in teaching in China. I can give advice and connect you with great places to work <3

    I would suggest it to both teachers who want to come to teach forever and those who want to dabble in it before deciding. Teachers who are passionate will be able to teach other teachers. Peer teachers are thirsty for best practices to reach their students, who actually care and who want to learn, supported by parents who invest in their kids. It's so different. There's a huge understanding that children are the future.

  33. Today I had quite a conversation with a clerk at a Game Stop store. Come to find out, he said "I use to be a school teacher". Now, next time, I'm going to ask him just why.

  34. I tutor maths at a community college & get the best of all worlds: helping people learn, ZERO bad behaviour, mature students, a lot of holidays (we can choose our schedule and semesters/terms to work ahead of time), & all students get my undivided attention. I'd never want to deal with all the craziness & bureaucracy that being a /real teacher/ has. One downside is I need to have multiple streams of income to make up from them unpaid holidays & limited hours I get. But the job itself is great.

  35. The vast majority of us will quit the field. The average career lifespan for a teacher is currently 7 years. In my state of Arizona, it is 3.5. Why? We went into it knowing that it would be hard, but having worked a plethora of jobs in my life, I can honestly say that I got more respect from angry retail customers on Black Fridays. If you want to know why we are quitting: look at the parents, look at admin, look
    at the politicians feeding you the lie that we work part-time and get summers off. It isn't worth it for many. Heck, Taco Bell recruits at Teacher's Strikes because it knows that the Assistant Manager positions typically pay more than a teacher's salary.

  36. uberlib teach trying to help the yoots instead received sum " cultural enrichment" but you still don't get it

  37. Liberals, many of them teachers, have ruined public schools. In order to learn, you need discipline.

  38. I quit after 12 years of being a teaching assistant. Feeling weird as well. But I definitely needed to leave. It was extremely toxic and unhealthy. On to new things and I'm ready to learn some new skills.

  39. Wish I had the guts to quit my teaching job. I already dread this year, and tomorrow is just the first day. This is my 11th year teaching.

  40. I taught for 32 years. In 2011, I was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement because someone I help get hired in, allegedly slept with the superintendent and his boyfriend. I was called into HR to sign and agreement after they demanded to tell what I knew. I thought the agreement would protect me, but it didn't.

    I worked for Grand Rapids Public Schools in the state of Michigan and it's one of the most corrupt school districts in the state. Incompetent people run the school system. They obtain their job through nepotism, cronyism sexual favors, and to fulfill affirmative action quotas. Sadly, a lot of the administrators were poor teachers and are even poorer administrators. If they feel threatened by you, they target you, to get rid of you. This is what happened to me.

    It's just one giant swinging culture in the administration. Certain teachers join the swingers club, to get further ahead within the system. Some teachers sleep with other administrators, just to get a positive evaluation. I had more dignity than that.

    I would have liked to worked for a couple more years, but I got tired of working for stupid and vindictive people. I'm glad I'm out of the school system and enjoying my retirement and my pension.

  41. This test crap has taken my straight A student to hardly passing Mark's because the teacher isnt teaching anything. my kid is too smart, shes been playing the teacher and taking advantage of how frazzled she is because shes bored. My child had the same teacher for 2 yrs and advanced beyond her grade a whole year during that time. but you want to tell me her poor Mark's are her fault? How about the teachers too busy with tests and assessments she cant teach, kids see weakness and pounce.

  42. I have been teaching for 30 years and I can not stand teaching in the public school system. My first five years I taught in a private school and I loved it. I can’t stand the leftist politics, administrators who act as if they know more about teaching than the teacher, the teachers union that support every cause I don’t and every cause I do support they don’t, parents who are convinced their child can do no wrong, teenage attitudes, etc… I wish I can get out.

  43. It's only getting worse. Parents can't or more often won't discipline their kids. The school says push them through no matter what. Teachers aren't allowed the authority to control their classroom. Yes good teachers are leaving in droves and kids are failing basic reading, math, and writing skills and most have no grasp on history or civics what so ever. Shut down the Department of Education immediately and let school return to local control the way it was meant to be.

  44. Administration puts all the burden of discipline on the teachers. Unruly students are not dealt with they just sent back to class

  45. I taught for 2 years in LA unified school district and let me tell you that it was a blessing to be laid off and never looked back

  46. After I did my practice teaching, I realized that I wasted the four years of my life studying Education. I hated it! Now, I'm looking for an another career.

  47. Everyone should get to teach in the worst school for a day and see if it's what they wanna do before they waste an education.

  48. Liberals have ruined the education system. They abhor discipline, bring race into everything and would rather teach about LGBT and race issues than math, science or social studies. Get liberals out of education and watch test scores soar.

  49. I’ll send some stories I found on the internet after I finish working. I found one story from California that claims 75% of black males can’t read or write. Anyways, I’m a little short on time right now. Also, I’m not quite sure how to send links in the comment section so I need a little bit of time to figure that out.
    Talk to you again soon. Can all this be explained away simply with white racism?

  50. Keep voting the way you do Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and you will end up like Detroit.

    Your cities and the voters are the definition of Insanity. But you will continue to do what you do, because your pseudointellectual ego keeps you from admitting you are ever wrong. You will follow the same path towards chaos, a path that has been laid for you to follow, trending towards exponential decay. You are well over the slippery slope.

    "Order out of chaos" is their mantra. The weak minded and those bereft of critical analysis skills will easily sell out there liberty for a sense of security, a false since of security. If you think these chaotic, disfunctional, illogical, counterproductive policies of these education systems is a result of short mindedness or negligence, you are sadly mistaken. The systematic destruction of the American education has been all by design.

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