i pulled an all nighter on a school night
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i pulled an all nighter on a school night

Hi guys, good morning, and hm well, it’s 10:35 at night. So good night. Here’s the deal I took a five-hour nap today, which I’ve made many bad decisions in my life, but this is by far one of the poop I don’t know why I did that. But I also don’t know why I do a lot of things So now it is 10:35 and I can’t go to sleep. I have school tomorrow and I’m kind of a #me$$ I thought I would vlog this experience so that I’m not alone and lonely Today we’re gonna have a lot of one-on-one quality time and we’re basically gonna be having like a little sleepover together So anyways, we’re gonna see where the night goes where it takes us Who knows what’s gonna happen might get a little crazy up in here and I’m gonna take you guys along for it So I’m in my bathroom doing some um… Bathroom activity and I was on Twitter and I saw someone post these Halloween cookies These are the super popular sugar cookies that everyone makes but the thing is I have never had them or tried them I thought it would be the perfect idea to pass some time and I’m gonna go to the store and buy some cookies And I’m gonna make some cookies and then I’m probably gonna eat them. So let’s go to this store Best-case scenario, there’s no one at the store I don’t have to see anybody because that terrifies me this lighting and angle is also terrifying. So happy spooky season. It’s 10:55, so it’s about to be eleven o’clock These ladies are gonna be like, what is this girl doing but jokes on them because I don’t know what I’m doing either here I go. I don’t know who’s gonna eat these cookies with me because I don’t have friends. However, I have myself So I will probably eat it by myself. Where’s the bangers at. LEAVE ME ALOOOONE!! HAHAHAHA…Eww Turn me up, and she gon pull me up Why are there so many people on the road go home! it’s not a date I have safely made it to the store The only thing I’m worried about is that I forgot that I’m literally in my pajamas and I look like I don’t have pants on I do Hopefully I don’t see anyone in there because I’m wearing these pants, but you can’t see them Safeway is the safest way Ew I hated that. Got the goods. Ew I got my little cookies. I was the only person in the store and there was only one worker. She was not very Happy to be there. So that was kind of painful, but I got the Pillsbury pumpkin shaped sugar cookies I’m so excited to try these also I just want to let you guys know Most importantly we got the goods. I am so excited to eat these I don’t know if you can eat these raw? I think you’ll get like salmon vanilla (salmonella) ? I love cookie dough, I know it’s bad for you But the things that you like the most are probably the worst for you I’m not the best at cooking but the only instructions that I have to do is heat up the oven and that’s kind of hard to mess up. Although knowing me I probably will find a way to mess it up They’re so cute they’re so tiny they’re like little cookies I ate two in the car, raw, which you’re not supposed to do, but I did it anyways and it tasted really good So I’m excited to see how these turned out Look how cute this little like the water thing is it’s like a little Halloween Sippy cup just for size reference. This is the size of my hand and this is the size of the little water bottle And it’s so cute I feel like I could drink this in one sip I’m gonna do it. Oh my god. These are my little pumpkins, I’m gonna put them in the oven I probably will eat these all tonight We will see. Oh my god, they’re so pretty I just poked into these to see if it was ready to be taken out and literally look there’s a freaking hole Oh, they’re so cute This is the first one I’ve ever tried like cooked because I eat some raw which you’re not supposed to do Oh yeah. This it folks. I ate my five and the thing is. If you already know this around me I am lactose intolerant These have milk and eggs in them. So my stomach is not happy with me. But my mouth is. Other than that, though This is one of the best ideas. I’ve had in a while. It’s 12:15. I’m still not tired. So that’s good Hi what’s up, it’s 2:00 o’clock. I’ve just been on my phone for the past hour and I am NOT tired I don’t know what to do. I never really know what to do. At this point I am just looking worse by the hour. One of my friends texted me. God knows why she’s up at this hour She was like, hey, did you homework for a blah blahs class? I forgot I had homework, so I am ready to produce quality work I am not ready for this. You know what I’m gonna do this is really gonna set the mood really gonna change things up. I recently spent way too much money on these fall candles from Bath and Body Works This one smells like boy, which I appreciate and then this one smells nasty, but because it smells kind of nasty I kind of like it Why is it popping? I should not be holding fire this close to my face. I just finished my worksheet I used big words like a assuage and infer
so I’m really doing the most I don’t understand how people do this I remember watching Emma’s video because I think she was the first one who did this. Shout out. Love you girl I was like, how do you pull an all-nighter? I will not do that But here I am right now I’m watching White chicks and I’m having a really good time by myself watching this. It’s really funny. It’s an American classic I don’t even know what time it is. It’s like 2:00 or something, but I normally wake up at like 7:00 for school I don’t know why I do this to myself. Oh my gosh its 5:15 in the morning right now I have to wake up at 7. So mission failed I’m going to go to sleep. It’s not even considered going to sleep I’m basically going to take a nap. I already know this isn’t gonna go well So hopefully no one talks to me at school because my claws will come out. I’m so sorry. I can’t do it I can’t finish it. I can’t just stay up. I don’t know how people do this. I’ll see you in the morning It has been two whole days since that incident. Still recovering a little bit probably won’t do that again Maybe I don’t know you never know what’s gonna happen If you stayed to this point the video first of all, you’re amazing cuz I wouldn’t have in second of all comment down below ‘Chicken” Love chicken. Also, here’s today’s babe of the week Thank you guys three support you guys mean the world to me and I love you guys the most if you’re not subscribed you should do it. Just do it. Please help a girl out?

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  1. I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE LIKING THE VIDEO HEHE ;)) also if the time is "off" in some clips that because I was filming clips for another project but it was supposed to be earlier than it was so i changed the time LOL

  2. It is 6.30 am and I haven't slept. I am scared of my parents finding it out. I have my earbuds on listening to music starving. Imma not sleep anndd hopefully no one finds out

  3. Literally all these youtubers do this and all of us viewers and subscribers have literally been doing this easily since elementary😂😂👏 (or at least I have)

  4. the one all nighter I ever pulled consisted of me watching all the toy story movies back to back while being half asleep

  5. Being lactose intolerant is not great beacuse every time you eat something with milk or just lactose your stomach hurts sooo bad😤😂 but then theres mee no matter the pain IM EATING THEM COOKIES BITCH

  6. i want to pull an all nighter on a school night but i share the same room with my mom and she'll kill me if i did

  7. Dose anyone get to the point where there so tired that they forget there tired and get hyper 😂 (this is ligit my mood rn☹️)

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