I Made Giant School Supplies
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I Made Giant School Supplies

hello I’m Tarn a producer here at nifty back-to-school season is upon us I wanted to do something I’ve always wanted to do as a child today I am going to be making giant school supplies I’ll be tackling all the classic essentials the goal is pretty simple make them big when I asked my manager how big exactly she said the size of a giant back-to-school I ordered the largest piece of cork board I could find I cut it in half to fit the size of the table top I am working on will save the other half for later I measured the label in the center of the notebook and did a little math to see how big my label should be I didn’t stick exactly to dis number but it was a good guideline for my template I also use painters tape to block out the binding on the side and a tab at the bottom then I just went ahead and paint everything black listen to some podcasts some music afternoon well spent [Music] my friend Ashley is also doing some back-to-school makeovers around the same time so on the off chance that some of these things I make today end up in a real classroom I have given myself another challenge of giving everything a functional purpose [Music] once dry I went in with a smaller brush to create random white shapes [Music] if you’re feeling adventurous I recommend dipping your paintbrush in white paint and flicking the head from a few inches above the surface to create random patterns and go in and make them all different shapes and sizes [Music] to create the binding I just use black painters tape then I use some paint markers to write out two small details I prefer using paint markers because they’re easy to use if you don’t have super steady hand plus the color comes out really vibrant next I tackled the line paper I used the leftover cork board and just painted everything white my arms were so tired by this point so I just had fun with splattering paint everywhere and using a paint roller to completely cover the court no regrets here I was actually inspired to create this video because I saw a picture of a giant pencil and Pinterest it’s from amber at dam as love I’ll leave the link to her DIY down below one thing I remember my third-grade teacher doing was he put a mail box in our classroom so the students can send him notes about things that there might be too shy to say in person like whether they’re struggling in math class or shows how much they love his jokes so I’m going to make this pencil that kind of mailbox while the paint is drying I made sure to check that the tube can still be open I also really wanted this pencil to be able to write so I cut a small hole in the tip of the paper cone and inserted a black crayon into it now I know the paint shop still looks pretty rough but as you can see here it was the end of day one and I was starting to lose it I have paint on my face I will be back tomorrow to give everything a fresh coat of paint it’s day two in order to get the iconic eraser shape I had to do some light woodworking [Music] [Applause] I painted it bubblegum pink and sketch out big eraser and cursive to give this eraser a function I added some hooks to the bottom so it can be used to hang stuff by the door like keys or Hall Pass finally it is time for the ruler if you’re making this you can use one long piece of wood I’m using three small ones because they were the only thing available nearby plus it’ll be a bit easier to transport [Music] I’ve seen these use as height markers for a child throughout the year so that’s something that you could do in the classroom another function of this giant ruler dough is that it actually gives a very good visual of how long something is in inches versus centimeters which is something I find myself struggling with a lot as someone who didn’t grow up in America I mounted all the giant school supplies to the wall with removable hanging strips another hack for damage free hanging is using painters tape and glue gun so there you have it five giant school supplies big and some more functional let me know what you prefer giant version of stuff tiny version of stuff or just normal-sized stuff which is really just called stuff I guess anyways thanks for sticking around if you’re going back to school have a great semester and if you not have a great rest of the year anyways bye [Music]

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55 thoughts on “I Made Giant School Supplies

  1. To everyone who is reading this, i hope you have an amazing day today! You deserve it! Happy Saturday from a small YouTuber! 💜🌸🦄

  2. I would use normal stuff, because than I can use it normally, and it's weird to make that big school supplies, they have no purpose 😂😂💕

  3. I like miniature stuff! But your giant stuff was awesome, especially how functional they were, miniature stuff usually is only jewellery or decoration.

  4. I feel like this is the first time that buzzfeed has actually mentioned another creator from where they got inspiration from and linked it in the bio. I wish they would do more of that, like if they are interviewing some one or featuring something, out the link in the bio

  5. i like the idea but the execution could have been better. i noticed some of the lines were not level or parallel. better measurements would make these perfect!

  6. I love this! I never thought about giant school supplies and I love that you have since you were a kid. ❤️

  7. I Littery cane back home with school supplies because we went shopping I loveere this video, also sorry for watching it a but late

  8. I thought the notebook and paper would actually have big paper… And the eraser would work… But this is alright too.

  9. This is such a cute video and great ideas for teachers that want to make their classroom adorable but still functional!

  10. Nifty, what will you do with this gaint??? Better not throw it away because you're wasting horribly!!! 😡😡😡😡
    Edit: Take your earplugs out before you read it.♡

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