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100 thoughts on “I Made A Fake Twitter Account Of My Teacher

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  2. this is fake cause why would the cops show up at your house if you just made a twitter account for your teacher?

  3. That punishment wasnt fair at all. They did it outside of school, so its none of the schools buisness.

  4. Before I Wright this , everyone is different , ok , I would tell the cops that it was Sarah's idea because everyone is different I'm that type 'o person who has the GUTS too say stuff like that and last of all


  5. well i did this and i never got suspended cause i was honest but i had to go to the principals office.I didnt get detention Ethier!

  6. Do you guys know a teacher following or sending a friend request to a student on social media could get them fired so next time don't trust any friends you think you can't trust

  7. I did this last year bout ended up in jail cuz bunch of tinder girls where going to my teachers house they tracked my phone 😂😂

  8. My cousin's wife majored in psychology and she said that the way she worded the story and different aspects of her voice imply that she was the genuine culprit and wanted to play as the victim for the sake of her own conscious. Idk

  9. So the next day I made a fake phone with twitter on it and shipped to school and then 1 hour later school called me and said did you make a fake phone with a twitter app on it and the school people got mad 😡 and ripped it

  10. my 2 friends and i made an fake account and we used another person picture as our profile we were trolling everybody but only as fun then somehow the teachers found out they still dont know its us but im scared they might call the cops

  11. Haha 1:26 is funny that teacher sticking lots of coffee in the background. It's like he can't handle kids so he needs lots of coffee for the day to survive with them

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  14. Me: * Gets catfished and nothing else to do other than report it even tho they’ll get away with it since it’s not illegal *
    Story: * Cops arrived at house *
    Me: How come that never happened to me when I try to get rid of catfishes?

  15. "I'm bored, what should we do?"
    "Let's make a Twitter account for our teacher 😀"
    Me : Out of billion ideas, your gonna choose that one? ReAlLy?

  16. Ok I don't get why the cops were needed yeah they made a Twitter for there teacher but didn't post anything dirty or even talk to anyone pervertedly heck all the pictures were something you'd put on a Twitter so why was it so bad also how did they even know it was her and her friends

  17. How did they find out that it was her out of everyone in the school and how come the one day that happened they decide to check her phone what about the rest of the girls in the whole school how did they know it was her??

  18. Why would I do that for that's a Donald trump monet there😡😡😕😕😕😤😤😤😒😒😒

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