i graduated from uc berkeley :’) | college graduation vlog 2019
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i graduated from uc berkeley :’) | college graduation vlog 2019

hello my friends welcome to my graduation vlog?? i guess?? i’m currently studying for my final my final final exam for the rest of my life it’s 11:40 pm i was gonna sleep earlier, but i was like i should probably study and by study i mean actually write things down in a notebook rather than just look at the powerpoints because writing does help the information stick in your brain so that’s what i’ve been doing for the last 2 hours anyway, i’m gonna continue studying tomorrow i don’t wanna sleep at midnight by the way i am graduating from uc berkeley spring 2019 class of 2019 i graduated from high school in 2015 so it’s been 4 years that i’ve been in college very fortunate to be ending it all within 4 years anyway i will see you tomorrow ow that hurt this is my final final exam i’m hoping that i do okay but at this point i’m just over it i’m so tired i studied this literally like 5 times now if this isn’t enough, i’m suing every person on this planet i think i’ll do fine honestly the exam’s not even that long it’s like an hour and 20 minutes oh no ew i got my grade for my final exam this is disgusting i don’t wanna see it this is too early why is she putting it up i don’t wanna know i’m scared to press it HUH? this is probably wrong this can’t be right i don’t think this is right this isn’t right hello excuse me ok but she can’t put a wrong grade in apparently i got 205 out of 200 on my final exam there were definitely extra credit points but i didn’t think i- i don’t know how to interpret this how did i get- ok i need this energy for my other classes i already have way too many points in this class i mean ok i guess that’s cool ok well i’m gonna get back to studying i changed the quality of my camera honestly the exam, it wasn’t as difficult as i thought it would be i definitely studied way too much for it, i think at this point all i can do is just wait for my grades and hope that everything went well i mean i think i did ok but at this point i’m done i’m done i’m done it’s been a lot it’s done every time i think about it i’m about to start crying well that’s done i guess now all we have left is graduation there’s literally nothing i can do at this point except just wait for my grade and so being stressed about it, being anxious about it is kind of a waste of my energy kind of a waste of my time so hopefully i can just chill out now finally focus on graduation i don’t even know what i’m going to wear that’s finally all i get to worry about anyway i’m gonna go we’re almost there graduation let’s go! good morning it’s is 6:20 am i’m gonna get my makeup on now this is what i’m wearing it’s a dress shirt and i’m also wearing slacks because it’s frickin 60 degrees today and it’s raining now i’m gonna get my makeup on i haven’t worn makeup in a week so it’ll be nice to freshen my face i already moisturized and everything for this commencement, we have two this is the campus-wide commencement and then on wednesday i have my major or department graduation which is smaller because it’s like 150 students including me but this one is like 5000 students so we’re not walking the stage obviously wow the magic of concealer i’m not gonna do a whole lot with my makeup i’m just doing my everyday makeup basically because it’s also raining i don’t know if my face is going to wash off but hopefully not there we go because i realized this is a get ready with me so i might as well bring you closer to my face just putting primer on for my eyeshadow thank god my skin’s not going crazy today i’ll bring you in closer i don’t think you guys have been this close to my face i always do grwms but they’re kind of far away but then i remembered i have a zoom option make sure your eyeliner dried first before you do mascara otherwise your eyeliner’s gonna come off ok that’s done now i’m gonna do my lips i’m just gonna put on my favorite color it’s this 3ce velvet lip tint in the color “daffodil” this is my go to color i literally haven’t seen my face with makeup in so long yay actually no i have to clean it and that’s the completed look this is just my regular everyday makeup ok now it’s time to get dressed so this is my current outfit gotta tuck it in a little better it really makes my butt look poofy which i like because otherwise i don’t really have anything down there but here we go, this is my gown i don’t really care if you can’t see the outfit under no matter what you wear, you can’t really see it anyway because it’s like this berkeley! this is it i don’t know if i’m supposed to zip it or not i’ll find out when i see everyone else this is gonna ruin my makeup this is not the easiest thing to wear this is the look we’re ready to go i am back the light in this room’s just too much hello? why’s it so bright? well we are back i feel like this video’s kind of like a week of graduating so my next graduation ceremony’s on wednesday and hopefully that should be sunny but yea that is it for this ceremony i guess i will see you in the next one! wow i am so tired i have to probably raise this up a little bit it looks like i’m naked i have a dress on but it looks like i’m naked don’t mind i’m frickin tired, omg my eye i have like 15 minutes to do my makeup i want breakfast but we don’t have time for that by the way today’s my actual graduation yay i need lip balm oh my eyes we now would like to recognize religious studies ALRIGHT NINA!! nina yu 🙂 please move the tassel from the right to the left turn one more time to face your families and congratulations to the berkeley class of 2019 we have finally graduated!! graduation is finally over and there’s a fly in my room omg wait i see the fly i have to get this fly how am i gonna get it, oh shoot why do flies make literally the worst sound when they fly that’s disgusting ok well i caught the fly but like, i don’t know what to do now i caught the fly folks give me one sec anyway i am officially done i still haven’t gotten back my grades you guys haven’t heard the last of that i don’t know when my grades are gonna be up they’re due today, so i assume i’ll be seeing them tomorrow by the way i filmed this video about a week ago and i took my final exams weeks ago so i finally have my grades and they’re good i don’t know why i freaked out so much about it i literally made a huge deal about it on twitter but it’s all good i graduated, it’s official anyway back to the video i’m way too tired to talk about my college experience in this video i’m sure i will make a video related to that in the future you guys were there for most of my college career and now you got to see me finish so strange *crying emoji* i hope you enjoyed this video i hope you enjoyed my college videos and college related content but this is now a new chapter in our lives and i’m excited for all the content and ideas i have that i’ve been planning for months this is to our future! that will be it for this video thank you for watching and thank you for being part of my college life and i will see you in my next video as a college graduate that is so crazy for me to say but yea i will see you in my next video let’s bring it in for a hug!! thank you guys for everything :’) i’ll see you next time 🙂

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100 thoughts on “i graduated from uc berkeley :’) | college graduation vlog 2019

  1. I didn’t watch this Video until now. It’s really happy to see you graduated. I actually cried when I saw your graduation ceremony. Anyway words are plain, I sincerely feel happy for you. Congratulations!🎊

  2. I just watched this video since I was caught up with graduation and my school ended today finally I can watch all your videos I’m crying, ITS OVER.

    …not completely

  3. I finally took the courage to watch this vlog. I'm emotional throughout the video, I first subscribed to Nina when she posted the spring look back in April 2018(?) and now seeing her close this chapter in her life makes me so proud of her 😭💓 this is soooo late but congratulations on your graduation, neen. Can't wait for the new journey that's waiting for you. Ily.

    💜, k

  4. congrats, there's me being proud of you somewhere in Russia

    and I don't care it's July STILL PROUD

  5. Ninaa i just knew you this week yet i feel so proud of you! I'm currently on 2nd year and watching this inspired me a lot. Iloveyou♡

  6. hi nina! I stumbled on your channel about a year ago and whenever you upload your study with me videos, I actually get motivated to study harder. I graduated college last April (I live in the Philippines) and I am actually thankful that whenever I feel really lazy on my school works, I always visit your channel and rewatch your study videos. Congratulations on graduating and good luck to both of us in the real world 😂

  7. I'm crying. Thanks for sharing this PRECIOUS stage of your life with us :(. I graduated from high school in June. I'm getting inspired by your videos. Thanks a lot!

  8. omg it was my birthday when u graduated and it's so cool to know while i was stuffing my face with korean fried chicken u were on the other side of the world thriving!! i love u nina and i'm so proud of u!!! <3

  9. Am I the only one who felt that it was a short film created by Nina ?? But yet it was beautiful to watch 😊😊 love love❤❤

  10. 205/200
    this can't be right. how could she put a wrong mark? I've already got too many points.

    WOULD YOU PLEASE THROW A PARTY AND CELEBRATE??? I MEAN WOOOW. you can never have too much points tho…

  11. CONGRATULATIONS Nina!! this is the cutest thing ever. I just graduated myself and this video just really hit me in the feels <3 'ohyesnina' indeed hehe

  12. wow, im just a new subscriber from july and i cant believe this made me cry more than i never did (cry) during my own graduation. kinda late but still congratulations to all graduates batch 2019!! still tearing up while typing this dang piano bg music

  13. omg we literally have the same age, graduated at high school at the same year and now this year we're both graduating at the same topic 😱 shocking and we both stan bts, that's cool

  14. I’m right now in my final year of degree and currently struggling with my final year project. Watching my experiment failed so many times really makes me wanna give up on my FYP but thanks to this video, you’re making me feel hyped again and wanna do better for my final year. Really can’t wait to graduate like you Nina. Thank you so much for this video.

  15. I discovered your channel a few months ago. You have such a warm and welcoming atmosphere around you, and watching one of your videos will always cheer me up when I'm sad or calm me down when my anxiety gets to be a lot. This video honestly made me cry. I'm so proud of you!! Thank you so much for what you're doing, Nina. I can't wait to see where your journey takes you! <3

    p.s- you're also so pretty?? like honestly how do you do it

  16. This was so cute!! I’m in community college right now in a study transfer program. Will definitely be sharing my journey on YT

  17. Graduating in 2020. Huhu I'm so over it right now but after watching this I'm so ready for this coming year even though it might not be easy.

  18. I binge your videos for a while now and I finally got into this vlog and I wanna say, CONGRATULATIONS Nina! You work so hard on it and more power to your future and to your YouTube Channel as well (:

  19. i am so behind, i’ve had this video in my watch later for months! you’ve made me cry so hard to this neen, all the piano music only made it worse 🥺😂 i’m about to start my 4 years at university in two weeks time, you’ve inspired me and shown me that i can develop as a person while learning and experiencing new things through those years and i am excited for them, thanks to you 💜

  20. Nina, I was just skimming note-taking videos, and thank goodness I found you. I NEVER watch videos that more than fifteen minutes long, but you somehow kept me engaged, and I even watched this entire graduation video, too. Am I the only one crying?! Haha. What an absolute sweetheart you are! You are so very genuine and inspiring, Nina! Congratu-FRIKN-lations!
    Sincerely, August.

  21. This is beautiful, I just wanted to cry lol
    It feels so good to work hard for ending like this, actually graduating. I was never able to finish a whole year in uni, I am proud of you!

  22. I am just now watching this but I am literally crying. It’s so strange how I just started watching your videos, but I feel like a proud sibling watching your graduation and growth through these videos! Congratulations!

  23. I graduate next spring so I was not expecting the ending to make me cry as much as it did. It’s so crazy how time flies in a blink of an eye.

    I know I’m late but, congratulations Nina :’)
    You gained a new subscriber.

  24. nina not going to read this but i just got tired of my studies rn, and i came here. i just made the best decision after all. it feels good to know you nina, it feels like having a big sister.

    from the deepest of my heart, nina, thank you very much :')

  25. this motivates me to go thru college this is so beautiful when i make it and get my diploma ima cry bc all of my hard work.. best of luck for all y’all.. congratulations nina

  26. I know I'm late but congratulations, Nina! I was actually avoiding this video since the day you uploaded it because I knew I'm going to shed tears. And I did. Because I, myself is a university student and I'm already halfway through it and everything becomes more exhausting as the day passes by so yeah that's the reason why I couldn't bring myself to watch this as I'm always doubting myself if I will get through this and graduate one day. I knew I will be sad. But you are my inspiration. I want to be successful like you. I want to graduate too yet managed to have fun and enjoy life. I know I will graduate too one day. But yeah. The challenges along the way that makes me keep doubting myself. After watching this, I cried because I'm hoping that one day I'll go through the same thing. Congrats once again, Nina! Good luck on your life! Lots of love💕💕💕

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