I Created An Anonymous Gossip Blog At My School
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I Created An Anonymous Gossip Blog At My School

Hi, I’m Lucy, and I’ve created an anonymous
blog where I reveal the secrets of people from my school. I just wanted revenge on the girls that bullied
me, but it quickly got out of control… Let’s start with a little bit of background:
I was 15, wearing braces, and had HORRIBLE acne on my face. Not a big deal, right? Yeah, right, but the older, popular girls
were CONSTANTLY mocking me for it. They would even laugh at me when I passed
by them in school, and it hurt because they were pretty and everyone liked them. I told my older sister, Ashley, what was going
on. We went to the same school and she said not
to worry, because those girls had awkward secrets and they only made those jokes because
they were insecure. She told me all about them – one of them
once made a very awkward video of herself covering a song, and it was so disastrous
that she eventually deleted it, but some people (including my sister) still had it in their
“possession.” It was pretty awkward, but not super bad. But another girl, on the other hand…turned
out to be CONSTANLY lying about herself. Like, she would say her hair was naturally
red, but it wasn’t true, and she would say that her parents were rich but they weren’t,
and she would tell all of these crazy stories about her life, while in reality she was living
a very ordinary life. Once she even came up with a story that some
man assaulted her but she ran away, and she was describing it in detail, but it was 100%
made up. My sister was also watching this pretty old
show called “Gossip Girl” where a girl creates an anonymous blog where she revealed
rumors and horrible truths about the other characters. So, naturally, I came up with a plan. I created an anonymous blog where I made several
posts about those girls. I would write them in a very snarky and sarcastic
manner. I even found that infamous video of the girl
singing. I shared it in our school Facebook group,
and the results were GLORIOUS. It turned out that a lot of people disliked
these girls because they were so full of themselves, and it was really awesome to see how everyone
reacted. Now, everyone was giggling and whispering
about those girls and not about me. And the girls… they were extremely angry
about it. Basically, I felt like a hero. The right thing to do was to abandon this
blog right away, but… I wanted MORE. Besides, other students started texting me
different secrets about people. So I kept on doing this blog, posting stuff
about people who deserved to be exposed. And then I would walk through school like
a queen, although nobody knew it was me. But soon… I started to post almost anything “”juicy,””
even about people who clearly didn’t deserve to be exposed or talked about in school. And the popularity of my blog rose, so it
was affecting people more than when I began. Most of it was innocent enough, but sometimes
I exposed secret relationships some people had, and those posts were by far the most
popular, but it often damaged the reputations of some good people. I wasn’t a hero anymore, I was a villain! And the consequences finally came. I got a message, “”I know who you are.“ It was terrifying. I started to look around, trying to find someone
who was looking at me… a little differently. I was extremely paranoid and was sure that
a lot people were looking at me… weirdly. Besides, teachers finally found out about
my blog. I even decided to make a post about myself
to remove any suspicions around me, but I couldn’t do it in time, because something
else happened… Later that evening, when I was at home, someone
threw a stone through our window and broke it. My Dad and Mom were mad, thinking some vandals
did it. But I knew that wasn’t true. And my sister also realized what was happening. She came to my room and asked if I was the
gossip girl and if it was someone “”getting revenge.”” I knew that I couldn’t lie, so I said “”yes.”” Ashley said that I should immediately stop
doing this blog and confess to my parents. I promised that I would stop doing the blog,
but I didn’t want to tell my parents, but she said that if I wouldn’t confess myself,
she would do it instead. So I caved in and told my parents everything… They were mad and grounded me, limiting my
access to the internet. And with that I thought that it was finally
over, but it wasn’t… A week after I ended my “”career,“ my classmate
Joe came up to me with a smile and said, “”I’m glad you stopped doing this.“ I was shocked! I asked how he knew, he giggled and said,
“”I didn’t, I was watching you and you kinda changed right after this blog started. I wrote you a message to see how you would
react, and you completely changed after you received it.“ I was impressed, but then I asked him, “”…but
why did you throw a stone through my window?“ He was confused and said, “”I didn’t.”” Then WHO was it!? The truth was soon revealed. Those two popular girls posted a long post,
revealing the identity of the gossip girl. Only… they said it was Ashley, my sister. They thought they “”figured out”” who could
possibly know their secret in such detail and probably turned against each other at
first, but then realized that my sister knew about it AND that she was into the “Gossip
Girl“ show. It was them, or maybe their boyfriends who
threw a stone at our house! Ashley wasn’t even denying it, she was trying
to protect me. She took the blame and was facing detention
and hatred from the entire school. I was afraid, but even more, I was ashamed
of how my actions had affected my sister. And all of this just because I felt insecure
about my acne and braces! So I had to do the right thing. I made a post that, in fact, I had created
this blog and everything connected to it. I went to my teacher and also told her the
truth. People… started to hate me, yeah. And I got into a lot of trouble because of
it. The popular girls continued to mock me, and
almost everyone in our class stopped talking to me. But there were two people who stayed with
me. Ashley was extremely proud of me and said
that I did the right thing and that she was proud to have me as a sister. And the second person, surprisingly, was… Joe. For some reason, he wasn’t mad at me for
doing the blog, he was very understanding, and said that he actually enjoyed trying to
figure out who was it. And now we’re friends! Recently, I got my braces removed, and of
course people started to forget what I had done over time. Now I try to concentrate on my self-esteem,
because while I was doing the blog, I noticed how many people had problems similar to mine
– acne and stuff like that. It wasn’t a big deal, it was me who was
afraid and ashamed of myself. And it lead me to do some bad stuff, I mean,
I was trying to get some revenge instead of just being normal. Well, at least it was exciting! Like this story if you found it interesting
and, well, think that I deserved what happened to me in the end. And don’t forget to subscribe!

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  2. This proves once again
    How powerful a tool the internet is. Please don’t post stuff on social networks that can come back to hunt you down the road.

  3. as a kid going to middle school im going be aware. in fact im gonna write something down in the school paper about. like this comment if u agree I should do it

  4. Youre a super hero to me bullys and cheaters should be exposed you go girl! Ill be your friend c: people don't realize the harm they can do just by saying a few words but when it's all the time and every day and different insults on a daily basis it really does get to your mind and focus so I think they got what they deserve cuz they're bullies too so if you dished it back I'm not mad

  5. In sixth grade (just last year) There was this kid at my school. And I think my friends said on Instagram they had an account where they expose people. I mean not like really badly! But if two people are dating he would put that on the page. And like say who some peoples crushes were. Idk if they still do it because I don't have instagram sooo yeah. Idk what else they would put because that's all they told me.

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  8. In my school we dont care about people being ugly

    Everyone wants to prepare for finals listen the lessons and go to home

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